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  1. Darren Bent to Villa for £18million

    Howdy Partners :D Keep the banter sweet and all is good
  2. Megs G220 Group buy

    Goddam!!.. Dumbass is a saying from home!
  3. Audis are driven by twats (mostly)

    <font color="blue"> Ladies, Ladies Keep it cool </font>
  4. S3 order signed today, spec attached

    <font color="blue">Blix buddy, add something useful, or add nothing at all. </font>
  5. Traffic Cops

    <font color="blue"> No-one is above the law in my state </font>
  6. Audi RS3 is go go go!

    <font color="blue"> This thread is being watched </font>
  7. Riz, whats news!!???

    <font color="blue"> Keep it cool guys </font>
  8. GTI MK5 is not the fastest. OFFICIAL!

    <font color="blue">Hell yeah, and if it ain't my favourite burritos you're not playing darts on Thursday, sunshine!</font>
  9. GTI MK5 is not the fastest. OFFICIAL!

    [ QUOTE ] Correction, If SPANKIT thought people were getting too serious and causing trouble then SPANKIT would put a stop to it. [/ QUOTE ] <font color="blue">Say what? Get back in the kitchen, son! </font>
  10. The Stig

    <font color="blue">What-ever</font>
  11. A load of my videos

    <font color="blue"> Tell her to talk to the hand </font>
  12. Show us your BHP!

    <font color="blue">Justice Stig, Ford Mercury Cruiser, 239bhp ??? torques</font>
  13. <font color="blue"> I can’t make this either buds, I got me a damn Police Officer’s Ball in Herts to go to. Damn shame </font>
  14. Well the "crisis" has reached West London

    <font color="blue"> And I'm the just the person to do the slapping Can we keep all the fuel stuff in the one thread in General Cars please. A thangyoo </font>
  15. Hello from New Boy

    <font color="blue"> Hello there Kev Funky car - help me out here though - does that mean your wife is called</font> .co.uk? <font color="blue">You all be nice now </font>