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  1. Travian

    Bugga alot are the same, have found a few old TSN memebers but as you say takes too much time to play, am close to loosing my job lol could do with a dual as your in U.S lol
  2. Travian

    does anyone on here still play??? looking to catch up with old and new TSN alliance members, if you do either contact me in game, Khtz on tx3 uk server, or Madjock he is playing as Rainydaze. would be good see catch up with a few from the past
  3. Travian - whos playing?

    Hi i know this post is old, but hope some of you still read this or play it, am looking for the old TSN Alliance members from travian, do you still play?? are you interested in playing again??? Miss the likes of hector madjock etc etc hope some of you still out there, if your on tx3 server am khtz get in touch