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  1. AJP8 Engine

    Anyone know where I can get an AJP8 4.5 litre engine. I am embarking on a (rather ambitious) project to build a carbon fibre westfield with AJP8 power. Any sensible suggestions welcome.
  2. Cayenne S Tyre Wear

    Hi all I recently met a fellow Cayenne S driver in the queue for new tyres at Micheldever Tyres Services near Basingstoke, Hants. We quickly realised that we were both suffering from the same problem with excessive tyre wear on the outside edges of both front tyres. We are both running 20" Cayenne SportDesign wheels with original equipment Michelin tyres. We had both independently complained to our respective Porsche centres and were told that the wheel alignment was 'within specification' and therefore there was no problem with the car. I had escalated my issue to Porsche Cars GB who told me that the same thing and refused to do anything about it. My Cayenne has done 14,000 and is on it's 3rd set of front tyres. I have owned many performance and 4x4 vehicles in the past and have never experienced front tyre wear from new to bald in 6,000 miles. The rear tyres lasted for 13,500 miles which is acceptable. We both believe that there is a manufacturing setup issue here and are keen to understand whether other Cayenne drivers are experiencing this ludicrous tyre wear also.