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  1. Thanks all for your comments, much appreciated. If anyone has been able to order in Jan, please post here.
  2. He said the GTi wouldn't be processed until April, due to the restricted right hand drive GTI's/GTD's in production, basically because of the lack of profit in the UK. (weak pound)
  3. Hi all, Tried to order mine on sat and was told that it wouldn't be processed until April for Aug delivery! I might as well just sit on my money for now!
  4. Finally got my S3

    Looks spot on and great spec. I'm liking the facelift Audi have done on the S3! Did you management to negotiate any discount in the current economical climate?
  5. R32 for Sale - West Sussex

    Hey Dan, No that's not me, but i know the one your talking about. Thanks Dan, real shame to have to let it go. :-( P.S Forgot to mention that i saw yours parked with RR a long time back! He said he stayed over the day before a meet. Good to see you've still got yours!
  6. R32 for Sale - West Sussex

    Thanks Mook. Got it up for £10995 and putting it through it's service with VW today. Open to sensible offers.
  7. Steering/Suspension Noise

    Common issue on MK4 R32's. It's the top strut mount.
  8. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I'm a current MKiV R32 owner and i'm also waiting to see what the R-GTi or whatever it's going to be called is like. Love the look of the new GTi so the R version should make for happy viewing! Not in a rush with the current economical climate, but looks like i'm not the only one since i've had 2 calls about the R32 in 3 months!
  9. Diamond Pearl Black Grey Alacantra Leather VW 6 CD Changer in Dash Heated Seats, Washer Jets, Door Mirrors (Winter Pack) Xenon headlights Only used with Shell Optimax/V-Power Non Smoker Good amount of tread on all 4 tyres (Eagle F1's) Golf R32, July 2003. 46k, Full VWSH, MOT until July 2009, Tax Dec 2008. I've been the owner of this much cared for R32 since Jan 2005 with 1 previous owner. The car is complete as the day as it left the factory and un-modified. It's in good condition due to the care that i take with maintaining it. In the process of purchasing our first house, so the R32 has to make way for someone else to enjoy. Please only serious buyers. Drivers license and proof of Insurance may be required for test drive, but i'm more than happy to give a demo. (sorry about inconvenience but you cant be too careful these days) £11495 For any other information please PM me. Advert with pics here at Piston Heads. Volkswagen : Golf R32 July'03
  10. Just had a call from CarData - SCAM!!

    Just listen to the You Tube link. Have to say top working for recording and publishing that. The sooner these companies get closed down the better! Definitely worth sending the recording to Watch Dog!
  11. Just had a call from CarData - SCAM!!

    I just had a call from vehicleworldservices. I hate these companies calling me, complete waste of time! They tried to tell me they were calling on behalf of private buyer! Gave them a fake email address and hung up!
  12. Another goodbye MKiV R32

    Well i just wanted to express how good this car is! I'm so pleased i purchased it when i did and had the opportunity to own such a vehicle. I've not had a lot of cars, but this will be one that defiantly goes down as the best. However it's now up for sale as we're looking to buy our first house so i'll probably get a Golf TDi or something for now, or not bother at all. Wanted to thank everyone here for your help, this is a top forum with a great community. Lets hope it wont be long until i return, but maybe in the boring Diesel category. Thanks Darren
  13. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I was also told by the dealer to expect to see something around Oct time........ Probably see the GTi June next year.
  14. New engine for Mk5 GTI....

    So do new GTi's ordered have the low emissions engine now?
  15. Have GTI sales dropped?

    I was going to purchase an Edt 30 until they stopped them. So for the moment i'm waiting for pictures of the MK6 and hopefully soon i'll get a chance to see the Scirocco in the flesh. I'm also considering the GT as well due to the MPG. But again waiting on the MK6. For now my money is staying firmly in the Bank.