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  1. Hi Ian. I was reading through VW Sharan clutch problems and saw you described problems with your clutch that my car is currently showing. Depress clutch pedal and clutch doesn't seem to engage and sticks in 1st and reverse gear. Did you ever get the problem resolved?

  2. Vw sharan clutch problem

    Please just some advice would be helpful
  3. Vw sharan clutch problem

    Hi everyone I'm new to this. I recently bought a vw sharan 1.9tdi 115 on a 2004 plate with a manual 6 speed gearbox. When I bought the car the clutch was slipping so it was replaced by the dealer. They told me they replaced the clutch and csc. When I drive it now I pull up to traffic lights and when the pedal is completely depressed it feels like it is still engaged. Also sometimes find it hard to get into 1st or reverse gear. Any help would be appreciated.