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  1. Sniff Petrol on Wikipedia

    A while ago someone rather flatteringly created a Wikipedia entry for Sniff Petrol which sat happily on the world's leading source of slightly incorrect information for some time before being cruelly deleted for reasons that weren't entirely clear. Then, just the other week, a brand new Wikipedia entry for Sniff Petrol appeared as if by magic and then disappeared again almost as quickly and without warning or any apparent reason. What on earth is going on here? Was it something Sniff Petrol said?
  2. The Sniff Petrol 2011MY FACELIFT

    So gang, how do we feel the facelift is going so far?
  3. Taki Inoue

    Ah, but has the company that cleans your office ever claimed it's not very good at its job because it has 'toothache'?
  4. 'Crazy Dave Coulthard'

    The truth is a little less specific than that. When Coulthard went to Red Bull after years at McLaren he made a concerted effort to show that he was throwing off the corporate shackles and embracing the laid back, anything goes attitude that Mateschitz's team pedalled at the time. He did this by a) being more outspoken in interviews and b) growing a beard. The whole Crazy Dave character was inspired by this (unconvincing) attempt to be cool.
  5. The Sniff Petrol 2011MY FACELIFT

    Carcoat Damphands is BACK! Crazy Dave Coulthard is BACK! Detective Inspector Mark Blundell is BACK! At this rate Roy Lanchester will return to Sniff Petrol before the week is out. Except actually, he won't.
  6. The Sniff Petrol 2011MY FACELIFT

    Hello Sniff Forummerites, I bring you big news. The brand new, facelifted Sniff Petrol is here, bringing with it a small amount of new content including Land Rover design developments, a brand new Schumachers pic and fresh adventures from Troy Queef. It's all to be found here: Sniff Petrol More to follow in the week including Proton's plans to hire a celebrity design consultant and details of an exciting Red Bull gift to design robot ADRIAN N3W3-Y. That is all. Sniff
  7. April Sniff hoves into view

    Hello you, Although when I say 'you' I really should add 'two people who still look at the Sniff Forum'. Anyway, just for you two, the April Sniff is out now: Sniff Petrol That is all. Sniff
  8. The March Sniff is out now

    Hello gang, Yes, the March 2010 Sniff Petrol has pulled unexpectedly into the pits for fresh tyres but not fuel because that's not allowed: Sniff Petrol Hope you like it. Also note that if you go to Sniff Petrol's Facebook fan page there is an alternative attack on the Aston Cygnet that did not make this issue. Oh yes. That is all. Sniff PS Does anyone actually use this forum any more or am I talking to myself... self... self... elf...lf...f?
  9. The first Sniff of 2010

    Hello there, Now you might this hard to believe but there's actually a new Sniff Petrol out now, and it's packed with lots of things, mostly about Toyota recalls and SAAB. And Alonso. And US F1. And... actually, you can just see for yourself: Thankyoo Sniff
  10. An December Sniff

    Hey Sniff Forumists, Crikey blimey, a new Sniff has sneaked in just before the new year. Whooda thunkit? Yes, it's a bit half arsed but surely it's better than nothing. Actually, maybe not. Oh well. Sniff Petrol Happy Christmas everyone. Sniff
  11. The August Sniff Petrol is here at last

    Ooops. Fixed now.
  12. Hello gang, Yes against all the odd, and probably quite a few hopes, the new issue of Sniff Petrol is here featuring American scrappage scheme, MG Rover report, the real reason for Schumacher's neck injury, lashings of fake ads, Bernie as a National Socialist and that picture of Mike 'n' Ralf THREE times, all spread across TWO pages in an issue that maths fans will immediately notice is TWICE as long as normal. You can find all this stuff and nonsense by DOING SOME CLICKING HERE That is all. Sniff
  13. Sniff April 2009 is here

    Hello gang, So the April Sniff is live and, if you will, kicking. PING PONGY All manner of delights in what, frankly, was going to be a very thin cutdown edition but has actually turned into almost a proper issue with some writing and some fake ads and everything. In other news, you might be delighted/dismayed to note that Sniff Petrol is now on Twitter for absolutely no apparent reason whatsoever, except that it allows real time stupid speculation as to the contents of Crazy Dave Coulthard’s SPECIAL FOLDER whenever he’s on the Grand Prix coverage. Oh yea, and there might be some Troy Queef T-shirts soon. You decide. That is all. Sniff
  14. Sniff March 2009 is here

    Hello again, Yes indeed, the new Sniff has hauled its sorry bottom on the interweb for your amusement, or some rough approximation of it. GET A GOOD SNORT OF THIS Ithangyoo. Sniff
  15. Yes, it's here at last. It's very late, it goes on a bit and it's basically rubbish so think of this as a sort of Second Coming by The Stone Roses sort of issue. But without all the guitar noodling. CRIKEY, THAT STINKS C'est tout. Sniff