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  1. Thankfully not Paul Daniels (WW)

    what a munta!
  2. Is it possible to crack the housing around your headlights when shutting the bonnet on a Mk4 GtTdi? The reason i ask is a friend of mine has recently purchased one off a garage and when looking at it i noticed the two hinges which hold the top of the headlight in place (with a T15 screw)are broken. He is adamant that he would have noticed if they were broken at the garage. The only thing short of someone kicking the headlamp that i can think of is when shutting the bonnet somehow its caught the housing and snapped it??
  3. Looks like the Stealers are going to get my Anni!!

    [ QUOTE ] I'd love it, but need to get rid of my A4, so wont be in time to help you out. [/ QUOTE ] No problem... Ive got 5wks before completion. So if you manage to sell your A4 let me know oh and good luck with the sale of the Audi
  4. Hi all. Anybody interested in buying an 25th Anniversary Golf Tdi, Its in the classified's section but the only people calling are 'shapers', Car is up for £14700 but am now up for offers. My house completion date is ever drawing nearer and need to sell the Anni before completion!! Seriously, the car is in A1 condition. So anyone interested let me know.. or alas..its going to have to go to the Local VW stealer!
  5. 25th Anniversary Tdi For Sale

    [ QUOTE ] Roops, I had one of these and it was an absolutely cracking car! Good luck with the sale. JT [/ QUOTE ] Thanks JT... Dont want to sell but with a new house its going to be impossible to afford both!! Hope it goes to a good home though!!
  6. 25th Anniversary Tdi For Sale

    Thanks for that Rob
  7. Immaculate Reflex Silver 25th Anniversary Golf TDI(July 02) All Standard Anniversary refinements (recaros,vortex body kit, 18"bbs Alloys-unmarked..and much more) Clifton Avital Maxx2 Alarm system with Tilt/Motion sensor and Warnaway Sensor, Full VW Service history (just serviced) Warranty end of July 05 (extendable to 2 years) Excellent Fuel Economy 500+ miles to the tank avg.50mpg Nokia Comms Kitt Included. Very Reluctant Sale!(new house) £14700 ovno Send me a PM for more details/pics
  8. bumped r32

    ahh.. was close then. Glad u got out with no scrapes bud!
  9. bumped r32

    Im trying to work out which one of the worried faces you are!!.. Edging towards the final pic with the guy wearing black?
  10. Buying a Car....

    Parkers no question!
  11. McGard Wheel Nut offer on TSN

    Thanks Buddy.
  12. McGard Wheel Nut offer on TSN

    SK.. which ones will I need to order for my Anni? (call me lazy.. but i know you'll know off the top of your head)
  13. McGard Wheel Nut offer on TSN

    [ QUOTE ] just here: [/ QUOTE ] doh!!!
  14. Does anyone know if the groupbuy offer is still running on the McGard wheel nuts? I have pm Hotdog but had no reply as of yet.