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  1. Snot

    What a lovely topic eh? I've got a cold that is dragging on into a second week. I feel just about ok now but am still generating enormous amounts of horrible thick snot that takes ages to clear out. Is there anything I can take to reduce the prodigious production rate? My colleagues are getting fed up of the noise and I am getting nosebleeds from blowing my hooter so much!
  2. Traffic reports

    Is there a quick way to turn off a radio traffic announcement on an I-drive car? While I'm at it, is there a way to have the headlights come on when you unlock the car, like my A3 used to?
  3. Has anyone done this? I've currently got a Leon on PCH that isn't due to end until next June. I've been getting some quite tempting offers through on new cars so thought I'd inquire about ending my agreement early. The quote came through at about 50% of the remaining payments, but it's based on the price they estimate it will fetch at auction. If it makes less the invoice goes up. Seems like a bit of a gamble!
  4. I've borrowed my mate's E90 330d for a couple of days so I can see what it would be like as a replacement for my A3. We're having a baby in August so I would like something with 4 doors. I love the car but I am a bit concerned that the boot doesn't look very big. As we haven't yet bought a pushchair I was wondering whether a normal sized one (e.g. M&P Pliko) would fit sideways in there? Anyone with kids that can advise how much baby stuff you can cram in? Would I be better off with the Touring? Only thing is I don't think it looks as good as the saloon.
  5. My previous house had something like 60 GU10 spotlights which I bought LED lamps for and worked perfectly. I've just moved and the new place has 80 spotlights which I was going to put the LEDs in, but I then discovered they're actually GU5.3 MR16 low voltage jobs. I bought a load of new LEDs to put in them but they flickered horribly due to transformer compatibility problems. The only ones I've found that work OK are some quite pricey Philips ones, but even those have a slight flicker. So my options are: 1. Shell out for the Philips bulbs and live with the slight flickering 2. Replace all the transformers for LED drivers and get cheaper bulbs 3. Get rid of all the transformers, fit GU10 lamp holders and use the bulbs I have from before. Is there anything I need to consider when doing any of that? E.g. can I put GU10s in bathrooms? Is any of those options more efficient electrically?
  6. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Do the extra boxes have ethernet connections? Wireless is horrible in my house but there are network points in all the rooms.
  7. LED lighting options

    I wasn't planning on using the connector block on top of the fitting, I was thinking of connecting the new lamp holder wires up to the block inside the chocbox (or bundle of tape on that one there!) and getting rid of the transformer and wires completely. I guess using the WAGO connectors might save a bit of time but then there'd be 2 lots of connections. I'm going to use the lamps I had from before which are these: Integral LED Spotlight Bulb (GU10 5 W). I don't have any dimmer switches so that's not a concern. I'll probably get some warmer white ones for the living room though as those ones aren't especially warm looking despite being labelled 3000K.
  8. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Same here, I've had to go from 200Mb Virgin cable down to about 20Mb with Sky fibre. I even got Virgin to send someone to survey the area but they said there's no chance of getting cable to my house I didn't really like the TiVo box, I found it a bit clunky. I have Sky+ HD with an extra box now. I would have liked Q but it would have been another £40 a month or so and I couldn't see much benefit other than the new UI. Have they got Powerline networking going yet for the extra boxes?
  9. LED lighting options

    I've ordered 50 GU10 lamp holders to get started with, so will have a crack at it at the weekend. I had a look in the ceiling space above part of the house and if they're all wired up like these it should be an easy job. i.e. snip off old lamp holder and remove, disconnect transformer, feed new lamp holder wires up and connect to mains. Mind you even at 5 minutes per light it will still take ages
  10. LED lighting options

    I had the same experience with the old generation LEDs, they were really dim and the light quality was horrible. The new Integral 3000K ones I got were brilliant though, very clear white light and really bright.
  11. LED lighting options

    Some good advice here, thanks all. I'm not a big fan of spotlights either, I find the light is very patchy. I suspect they've done it this way because it's an old house and the ceilings are quite low. I had a few of these at my old house and they were great, wish I could just chuck a few of those in!
  12. LED lighting options

    I think the GU10 option is my preferred choice since I already have most of the bulbs and it would work out the cheapest. It would take ages though and knowing my DIY skills I'd probably knacker a few of the light fittings and/or ceiling in the process.
  13. I've just signed up for a Sky TV package including unlimited fibre broadband, but now I'm wondering if I should have gone with BT instead. BT would be very slightly cheaper but is 52Mb/s instead of Sky's 38Mb/s. Thing is at my house the estimated actual speed is showing as 33Mb/s so would it make any difference anyway?
  14. First car suggestions?

    So my stepdaughter is 17 next month and her mum wants to get her a car for her birthday. Any suggestions for something round about £1500, reliable, slow and not extortionate to insure? If it was reasonably stylish that would be nice - it doesn't help that her school friend was given an R8 for his 17th
  15. First car suggestions?

    I think it's safe to say she liked the car
  16. Sky or BT fibre broadband

    I looked at Sky Q but went with normal Sky+ with an extra box in the end. I only need one extra box and Q would have been something like £35 extra a month. I don't think the powerline bit is currently implemented so I'm not sure how effective the wifi extender would be. I have ordered the Q hub though as the old Sky hub was rubbish.
  17. Sky or BT fibre broadband

    Plusnet's website says "Up to 1.9Mb upload speeds" on their 38Mb fibre. That can't be right surely?
  18. Sky or BT fibre broadband

    I got free Sky unlimited fibre and just have to pay the cost of the line rental, but then you can get a cashback deal with BT that makes it a similar price. I hate the Home Hub 5 though so I think I'll take my chances with the Sky Q hub.
  19. New Car Time

    I don't think the routing is that good but I find the traffic reports from other users very useful. I read somewhere that when calculating a route it only takes into account the traffic for the next 20 minutes so if there is a big accident or something further along it can often take you straight into it. My main reason for using it is that the display is nice and clear unlike the horrible cluttered Seat nav.
  20. New Car Time

    Must say I prefer to use Waze rather than the built in satnav in my car.
  21. First car suggestions?

    So we went and purchased a 2007 Aygo Black Edition at the weekend. It's got alloy wheels and everything!
  22. expensive numberplates

    The other day I saw the plate W1NES on a Rolls Phantom. Anyone know whose that is?
  23. First car suggestions?

    She goes to a private school because she needs a lot of time off for her acting work, and most of her school friends' families are loaded. It's great when they come to a party at mine and leave £40 bottles of wine behind, but not so much when it comes to comparing birthday presents.
  24. First car suggestions?

    I just ran the insurance quotes again based on her having a full licence - £1195 with a black box or £2200 without!
  25. First car suggestions?

    I've been informed that the insurance is cheap while they're on a provisional licence because they will be supervised at all times. When they pass their test is when it goes through the roof We had a look at a couple of Toyota Aygos over the weekend, because they look more girly apparently. I had hoped my days of trudging around grotty car lots were over but apparently not!