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  1. 720 Wop

    Stop trying to make it all sound "average", like a normal thing, it isn't normal, you're not normal. Tart
  2. 720 Wop

    You're a fecking tart. Ok, a lucky fecking tart. I'm not envious, well actually yes I am. Why have one, when you can have two, tart.
  3. Help! Shit! Car Insurance, two cars...

    **** that, get BMW to take the old car- or tell them they will have to park the newbie until your ready. Last time I was two cars 1 owner, 1 insurance- they gave a 30 day overlap.
  4. Incoming MT09 (2017)

    All MI5 people have backups...
  5. Football results today

    Nice gesture, just took a snap shot of his awards, staggering what he receieved last year
  6. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Only saw the new shape earlier this month. Grill is quite something
  7. Away days

    Another top half of the table (we are rebuilding / transition) place for your mob of "once upon a times". Have you hit £0.5b spends for you mediocrity since SAF yet?
  8. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Just had my breakfast
  9. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    Light choices- Rules-
  10. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    Storage, storage, storage. Bit of a PITA, but voids in walls seem to be mega popular at the moment. Generic google picture..
  11. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    I need a scan on my fecked left elbow. High grip flooring, rails, dry areas, there isn't really anything you can't take from your work ward / patient side. Parents are getting older, they want functional. Make it look pretty, but not over function (think 10 / 20 / 50 years on). Split the room, wet, dry, storage. Don't underestimate storage. Avoid sharp edges.
  12. Wet car?

    These things work. Just tip some into a plastic container, tupper wear or similar open storage and leave in the car. Don't forget to take them out if you go for a drive. £6 in screwfix
  13. The new steed..

    Smitten used to call them bread vans..
  14. Nots sure what it was

    He gets some right horrible jobs, and turns munters into cars I'd love to own. Took 80kgs of paint and filler off a red 911 a month or so ago, last I saw was a perfect blue shell.
  15. Nots sure what it was

    There's a cool lad called Spike. Look for Spikes Vintages Restorations via net or FBook