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  1. BMW configurator

    White and almost five grand off from broadspeed Its annoying second hand 9-12 month old ones are up for more than I can buy a new one for
  2. 1.8 T FSI 120ps thoughts

    Yeah thats what im afraid of its going to be heavier than my A3 and less than half the power I guess the only way to find out is go for a test drive but i hate having the salesman along for the ride
  3. 1.8 T FSI 120ps thoughts

    Anyone got or tried one of the A4's in the 120 ps variety? I've noticed the majority of the 1.8 TFSI's for sale are the 120 instead of the 160 Just wondering if anyones got an input on how gutless they are or aren't
  4. Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G

    Gamestation are doing pretty good trade ins for iPads at the mo for your 16GB 3g its £450 cash or £500 store credit Used Games For Awesome Trade-In deals! at Gamestation.co.uk
  5. The next project could be a project too far....

    A whole brand new dashboard with i-drive screen ? or a personalised scrolling sun visor that has a picture of every album you own which u can wind to the album you are listening too and pretend u have a sky-drive ?
  6. New BMW 123d M Sport Coupe

    looks fantastic thanks for the pics definately worth waiting for
  7. Landscap photography

    looks like a seascape to me <grin> is that a ship or an island on the horizon ?
  8. The end of HD DVD?

    cant understand why anyone here in the UK was backing Blue Ray with its region locked disks two to three times the cost of HD-DVD's . ah well a victory for the studios and a defeat for the consumer
  9. Apple iMac G5 24” White

    hehe can't blame me for trying it's the only way i could have got it through the front door without having my ripped off if she thought it was a billy bargain good luck with the sale tho
  10. Apple iMac G5 24” White

    you sure it was only purchased 4 days ago ? that model was released in 2006 and superceded in 2007 by an updated model. http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ having said all that i'd still offer a cheeky £500 collected from reading
  11. 16gb iPhone out today

    super sonic device ? or solid state drive ? surely all the flash based iPod touches and iPhones are SSD ? i just succumbed to the lure of the 16GB iPhone if anyones considering it then dont go take a good look at an applestore or you will be hooked
  12. another thumbs up for the wmf cutlery and the Wusthof knives had a few sets off Martin now highly recommended
  13. Where do you buy your HD-DVDs?

    haven't been charged any customs fees yet i believe the threshold is something like £30 pounds before customs fees apply so i just make sure each box set is less than 60 dollars. that being said i'm still waiting for the bourne films to arrive .
  14. Where do you buy your HD-DVDs?

    buy almost all my HD-DVD's from amazon.com much cheaper just takes a while for them to arrive using the cheapo postage option got the bourne trilogy from them for less than they wanted for each individual film at hmv
  15. Linksys Wireless Adapter - WUSB54GS

    if he has a non wireless router and not got one of the plug in adaptors that msoft make then he just needs a long network cable surely ? just plug one end in the 360 and the other into the router = job done