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  1. i got it

    Does anyone of a half decent Audi dealer in the North West? Since buying my A6 from Audi Warrington 6 months ago I've been less than impressed.
  2. A6 Clutch

    I bought a 3 year old A6 six months ago on 30k miles, 20k later and the clutch has started slipping. Contacted the dealer to be told the usual story of the clutch isn't actually covered by the warranty but one of the potential causes maybe covered. Catch is that it could cost me ~£700 to find out if the problem is covered by the warranty. The dealer then went on to say that at 50k miles is likely that it is the clutch thats gone. I can't believe the clutch life is only expected to last 50k miles - does anyone know if this is true? I don't know how the car was driven for the first 30k miles but I use the car to travel 200 motorway miles on Monday and the same back on a Friday. The car hardly ever gets used for stop start motoring so I probably use the clutch less than average. Any advise would be much appreciated.
  3. Main Beam Bulbs

    It's my A6 2002 that has the bulb problem.
  4. A6 Wiper Blades

    Thanks to all for advise. Finally changed the wiper blades. Brute force was what was required. Used a screw driver to push the plastic clip back and off.
  5. Main Beam Bulbs

    I can't believe I'm asking this question...... could anyone give me a brief explanation of how to change the head lamp bulb? I opened the bonnet and couldn't see any obvious access point for changing the bulb. The bulbs seem to be going every couple of months and I'm fed up with going back to the dealer and paying them for something that even I should be able to do. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I've got an A6 with a I think a Symphony 2 system (double din - bottom tape head unit - top in dash 6 disc CD multichanger). Does anyone know whether I can get a hard disc or any type of MP3 player to inerface with the unit? Someone told me that you can connect a i-pod and tune it in via the radio. I wasn't too sure how good the quality would be via this approach and I don't fancy having wires dangling round the dash.
  7. A6 Wiper Blades

    Recently asked my dealer to change the wiper blades whilst my A6 was in for a service. They very kindly supplied the blades but couldn't be arsed to put them on for me. I've been trying to get the old blades off but having no luck. I gather you slide the plastic cover back but does anyone know if you have to destroy the old blades to get them off?
  8. Secret Codes

    Thanks for that, I've a A6, also got a Golf4motion - does it work on that?
  9. Secret Codes

    Don't suppose you wish to let me have them?
  10. Secret Codes

    Hi, I read somewhere that the climate control can be set to display a digital reading of the speed etc. Does anyone know what the codes are and how it's done?