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  1. looking at a mercedes E320cdi

    [ QUOTE ] Haggle on a Merc? I didn't think they allow it! [/ QUOTE ] They most definately will now. Depends on the car your looking at. When you go in. And if they believe your geniune. But that applies to all dealers. MB dealers will definately haggle. If they give you any BS, tell them you'll go else where. Cars aren't exactly flying of the forecourts right now. Also if your going to PX, make sure you know the trade and retail value of your car. And after the first BS offer, let the dealer know how crap it was.
  2. looking at a mercedes E320cdi

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I would rather have that than the 530d/535d. The inerds of the 320cdi are fantastic! [/ QUOTE ] I wouldn't [/ QUOTE ] Ditto. Would have to be an M-sport though. Ooops I forgot, I'm swarn of BMW's. They've pissed me off.
  3. New Focus - Which colour ???

    [ QUOTE ] Oh i wish..... wifey would kill me. [/ QUOTE ] Kill her first, then you can buy it with the insurance money Unless your one of those rare people who's fond of the wife (all the other TSN'ers seem to moan about theres). I guess you could buy her one as a XMAS present. And swear blind she told you she wanted one If not..... IMO silver and black are the safe bet. Both suit the car and will probably help come resale time. Of the two I lean towards silver because black shows up defects (chips/scratches) too much, and looks alot worse when dirty (i'm not a festidious cleaner). Not too sure on the names, but I've also seen a light silverish blue that was quite nice. And an electric blue, but I think that might be an ST colour.
  4. New Focus - Which colour ???

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I like the orange on the ST. Although I guess it might not look the same on a regular focus, if they do it that is. [/ QUOTE ] I love the electric orange but your right they do not do it for the regular fayre.... would not look right anyways i think. [/ QUOTE ] You've only really got one option then
  5. Best of the Best competitions

    Ok, so it appears they have changed things slightly. I don't believe they previously had the option to select between LHD/RHD. Also they still have the delivery date clause. So i'm guessing if you won a LHD F430 when the premiums were high, you'd have a bit of a wait. Given the current format, I agree you'd have to be stupid to take the cash. Maybe the guy had a dead cert at the races . Or didn't want to tell the wife, and figured he'd take the cash and run.
  6. Best of the Best competitions

    [ QUOTE ] If you read the T&Cs there is a choice of LHD or RHD for each model. Plus you don't have to be exactly on the right spot; the person who got closest wins. I don't think there are any restrictions on selling the car if you win it, plus they even give you an extra £6000 to cover insurance and servicing which you don't get if you take the cash - even more bonkers! [/ QUOTE ] Is this the same company that has the stand at LHR T4. Because last time I checked it depended on the competition. All the more expensive (harder to get cars, i.e Ferraris/Lambos) were LHD only. The others you generally had a choice. Perhaps they've changed that now, because most waiting lists have come down.
  7. New Focus - Which colour ???

    I like the orange on the ST. Although I guess it might not look the same on a regular focus, if they do it that is.
  8. F430 Spyder VS. Gallardo Spider

    [ QUOTE ] Well you will be able to get a good Careera Gt for the same price as the LP640. The trick is with those, dont look for them just in teh UK. Think europe, the spec is the same and there have been lowish milage ones traded for as low as £160k! Someone ive met a few tmes traded his Enzo in for one and loves it. In fact he drives it alot more than the Fezza. However it has a very very low nose and tricky clutch so its not that usable... At these prices the world is your oyster at the moment. The market is saturated with super dooper cars. Pagani's Konigziggs, Carerra GT's, SLR's are all avalible for under £200k if you do some good sourcing. Id take a bit of time, have a bit of fun, test drive the lot, then make a decision! [/ QUOTE ] I didn't realise they were that low now. The last time I checked they were just breaking 200k mark. However, porsche don't give an extended warranty. And my dealer put me of with the projected cost of out of warranty repairs. Plus he warned me a crash would give my insurance company a heart attack due to the CF tub construction. For 160k though, I think it may be worth it. Quite busy right now, so time isn't a problem (wouldn't have much time to drive anything with two seats right now anyway). Think I will wait untill next year, when I have a bit more spare time. Then I can enjoy the test drives BTW, anyone know of any bargain Range Rover sports? My friend had a HSE leaser for a while which has gone back. Now he's trying to talk me into chopping in my run around for one, so he can get a good deal on 2. I drove it around for a while, and to my suprise I quite liked it (HSE spec).
  9. F430 Spyder VS. Gallardo Spider

    [ QUOTE ] 5 to 1. How about a 599? Probably just as fast as the 640 and more usable. I cant help thinking that even though that big lambo is gorgeous and pretty incredible for the money (when compared to the rest of the crop), its still a bit of a lump and you wont be able to park it next to a kerb in London like you do in the Gallardo. Its very wide... [/ QUOTE ] Yeah, I've driven the previous Murci around town and your right, it would be alot harder to live with then the Gallardo/F430. My friends who's car it actually was still cries that it was a dream ruined for him. But there's still something very appealing about it. WRT the 599, as I said before I find myslef more attracted to the Ferrari V12 offering for the first time in ages (the last time would be the Testarossa, still got the model ). But Ferrari V12's make even the most ardent petrol head think of reliability (early production especially) and residuals. Strange, because plenty of other cars I've considered have had the same problems. But with the 575, 599, 612, etc for some reason it pops straight into my mind. Probably because its the first and last thing any reviewer of them mentions. Think I need to work a little harder and then I can get a Carrera GT .
  10. F430 Spyder VS. Gallardo Spider

    [ QUOTE ] The 640 would be the obvious choise if it wasnt for the size of it. Hudsons have one of the first ones coming through which is advertised at circa 220-240k but I think the general consensus is the waiting time will be no longer than 6mnths so why bother... Its worth a proper try in a 430, my personal impression was its the better car. However I bet you have had little trouble with the Lambo. I cant quite say the same about the 430... [/ QUOTE ] Actually they just changed the clutch under warranty. LOL. But thats a well known problem with the original clutches. The brakes were also changed under warranty, as one morning they decided to stick to the discs . However, they've both been simply fixed problems. And ultimately I've ended up with a new clutch and pretty new brakes for free. I don't really mind stuff like that. Its the recurring gremlins that are the real pain with cars like these. In two years I think the brakes is the only time its been in because of a fault with the car. The clutch was done when the key scratch was repaired (and otherwise would have been done at service).
  11. Best of the Best competitions

    [ QUOTE ] He is bonkers. Turbos go for over 100k and 430s havent sold ever i dont think for less that 110k (with miles on the clock). New will be at least £130k... So yes, he is a total loon! [/ QUOTE ] RHD yes, but if its LHD then its a different story. Especially for a private seller in the UK.
  12. F430 Spyder VS. Gallardo Spider

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] BTW thats the colour I'm thinking about if I buy the Gallardo Spyder. Only with Red or Orange Interior. Like you I'm a bit double minded if its too reserved for the Lambo. Orange maybe? Was thinking about Titanium and Red for the 430. But would probably bottle out and get Red if I go that way. [/ QUOTE ] Hi, I was looking forward to your reply. I take it you have driven both if you are daying the Ferrari is more livly at lower speeds. The noise with the Tubi isnt quite so simple as the Gallardo Spyder apparently (according to Hudsons) has one as standard as Lambo got fed up with customers changing. However there are a few options for aftermarket apparently. None will offer the V8 burble of the Ferrari as the V10 is very clattery in comparison. However I would say alot of people may prefer the Lambo's shriek, but I like the burble. Im surprised you didnt comment on the heavy steering. Do you think it could be different on the spyder? And what are you leaning towards, Fezza or Lambo again~? [/ QUOTE ] WRT the exhaust, all Lambo have effectively done is changed the Exhaust system on the 06+. Thats basically where the extra 20bhp comes from apparently (not engine mods). You can still change it like the original exhaust. Its just that very few have wanted to since most apparently like this one. Seems Lambo listened to the customers. They have always been touchy about customers changing exhaust systems. Which maybe what Hudsons were talking about. As time has gone by they have become stricter on warranty claims if a modofied/changed exhaust could be blamed. Which has meant you really have to get whoever services the car to change the exhaust. They're more expensive, but won't kick up a fuss if you need to make a warranty claim. Since I've been driving a Gallardo for two years the steering doesn't feel heavy to me. The 06 (spyder and coupe are mechanically the same) has a faster steering rack, which makes it feel sharper then the previous models. Neither is heavy IMO. But I guess I can see why you may feel they are coming from the Ferrari. But being 4WD its never going to be as light as the Ferrari. I've only had a short drive in a friends manual 430. Still haven't had a propper test drive. Works been taking up most of my time recently, so haven't moved on much in my decision process. Spyder I'm leaning towards Gallardo. Coupe Ferrari. But I turn 30 next year, and am thinking maybe a LP640 might better aleviate the pain of leaving my 20's behind
  13. Best of the Best competitions

    They may have been LHD. When I've seen the cars displayed at LHR alot of them are LHD. LHD they wouldn't be worth much more then 85k for a private seller. Also people tend to chip in and buy the tickets. Thats why alot of them end up taking the cash.
  14. F430 Spyder VS. Gallardo Spider

    BTW thats the colour I'm thinking about if I buy the Gallardo Spyder. Only with Red or Orange Interior. Like you I'm a bit double minded if its too reserved for the Lambo. Orange maybe? Was thinking about Titanium and Red for the 430. But would probably bottle out and get Red if I go that way.
  15. F430 Spyder VS. Gallardo Spider

    Interesting review. I have been thinking of going the other way to your mum. The Ferrari is more lively at lower speeds. The Lambo comes alive as you approach 30/40, and start to give it some stick. (Its not dull below that, but its not on the edge either. Huge wheels, 4WD, low stance, short overhangs, etc make it very stable.) That can be a plus or a negative. Regular driving most people will probably prefer the Lambo. One of or weekend driving, the Ferrari's lively from startup feeling might be better. The nose is very low on the Lambo. But its not the main useability problem. Since there is a metal plate under the car to protect it from scrapes (thats what your hearing scrape, not the spoiler). Also there is an optional lifting system (might be standard in 07). The majore useability issues are the trunk space and turning circle. I don't find either interior perfect. Lambo's is very comfortable, functional packed with toys. But to much Audi influence for an "exotic". The Ferraris is more bespoke but loses on all the other points to the Lambo IMO. Neither is good enough for a 100k+ car IMO. In convertible form I prefer the Lambo hands down. Too many akward bits on the F430 in comparrison to my eyes. In coupe form I can't really choose between them. I've always liked the 360 design. And now that i've got used to it, I think the 430 moves it on. Not sure about the back end on either car. Depending on the angle I'm looking at them I tend to swing between preferring one or the other. Noise isn't a major issue. If you like the Ferrari blatt, you can always tubi the Gallardo. My main sticking point with the 430 is how much it looks like the 360. Beautifull as it is, being based on a 8 year old design its lost some of that fresh/wow factor for me. Perhaps thats because I spend alot of time in London and have seen 360's regularly over the years. For the first time in a long while I find myself more attracted to Ferrari's V12 offering. Maybe I'm just getting old .