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  1. New Car Time!

    Since I bought my S3 three years ago alot has changed, I've got married and I've got a new little one on the way. So after much talking with my wife, I've realised it time to say good bye to my 3 door and to buy a nice shinny practical family estate car... Yep its time for an S4 Avant ... (I'm not quite ready for the 3.0 TDI converison yet!)... I've got a budget of around £25k and I'm after a post 2005 face lift version. I was therefore was wondering if you have any advance on what to look out for / avoid? Is it best to go for a manual? Thanks Nick
  2. With great reluctancy I'm having to sell my Limited Edition Cherokee Jeep . The spec of the car is:- 5 Doors, Manual, Luxury Ltd Edition Jeep, Diesel, 21,500 miles, Dark Blue, Sat Nav, ABS, AirCon / Climate, Alloys, CD Player, Central Locking, Cruise Control, Electric Windows, PAS, Heated Seats. Grey Leather Interior. Dog Guard and Boot Liner. 2 yrs warranty remining. The car comes with 2 free services worth over £1k at any UK dealer. Price = £16,995. If anyone is interested then please email me ( or call me on 07930 333909. Thanks Nick
  3. After two years of driving my S3, and now being out of warranty, I've been mulling over the idea of trading my S3 in for S4 soft top. I was wondering if anyone has made the same move? Also what is your honest view on the S4 soft top? The final question is whether its worth getting the revised version next year 06 or go for one with is a year old? Don't want finacilly to shoot myself in the foot! Thanks Nick
  4. New S3

    I was at a friends wedding a few weeks ago and had the pleasure of sitting next to someone from Audi HQ. They confirmed that there would be an S3 at some point next year.
  5. Audi S3 Tyres??

    Like Paul I recommend the Mitchelin Pilot Sports. I just replaced all four tyres and after a bit of shopping around found somewhere that did it for £512.
  6. Well I havn't posted in a while but I'm pleased to say that I'm still in love my S3. I had a BMW Z4 3.0 before and the S3 really does kick it arse . The handling, the speed, ability of the road is just in a different world. Anyway to the reason for the post. I've been told that in the next month or so I'll need a new set of tyres for my S3. Anyone suggest any good ones to put onto the car? If so how much are we talking? I live in manchester so if anyone can suggest somewhere then let me know. Nick
  7. chipping and insurance!

    Out of curiosity do you work for either the police, insurance company, or an insurance assesment firm?
  8. Ok dumb question of the week, what is a divertor valve???
  9. Can I retrofit SatNav+ to my S3

    Let me know if you have luck getting it sorted. I've been thinking about having it fitted as well.
  10. And the prize for the correct answer goes to .... steveooo Spent this morning down at the audi garage in london. After they had a look for a while, and after taking the car for a spin, the problem has been identified as a faulty valve. They said its unusal for it to start to go on such a early car (03) plate. I think they said Dump Valve but I might of been mistaken. Just need to get the thing booked in to get replaced now. Always think its a good sign when you buy a used car and something goes wrong within the first week!
  11. Well on Saturday I picked up my new Audi S3 (03 plate) from wayside in milton keynes. I previously had a BMW Z4 2.5 but decided I wanted something a bit more fun so hence the S3 The only problem is I think there maybe something wrong with it. On the first day it drove as I expected an S3 to drive, hit 3/4k revs and the turbo kicks in and you get pushed right back into the Recaro seats. On the second I was driving it and I heard a loud noise. Then suddenly when I hit 3/4k revs it doesn't accelerate very quickly and I hear a strange noise. Sounds something like sometheing between a sucking noise and metal rubbing. There is no pushing back into the seat as it was. It feels like I'm driving a normal 1.8 not an S3. Then I started to think was it always like that. So for the other S3 boys and girls here can I just check that you should really hear the turbo? You should really get that push back into the seat? Has anyone had something similar?? The reason I ask as well is that no warning lights are showning when I drive it. Cheers everyone Nick