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  1. Golf Pirelli

    Nice nice. It's been a while since I've been away from this forum....probably because I have been so busy enjoying my new car. Yes thats right new car but not the Golf Pirelli as we all know those cars are like gold dust or they either have a low spec that comes with some silly vw dealer trying to fob you off with one! So I got the new shape Audi S3.....OMG the power is fantastic and the Quattro..beautiful :-) I love driving it :-) I have full top spec, everything such as bose system, multifunction wheel, parking senors, GSM mobile prep, DVD Sat nav, full leathers with bucket seats, rain senors, cruise control, and the list goes on and on. The only additional things I did was put my private plate on it, tinted it out and drove that baby like a dream :-) So I guess its goodbye to the Pirelli and this thread and hello to meaty sexy Audi S3 and Audi S3 threads. Thanks for you advice guys.
  2. Knocking noises when driving

    The noise went away but now it has come back and its proving to be a pain now. It only happens when the steering where is turned like when I am moving off from a parked position or parking up. If I am driving straight then the noise is not there but is a turn a corner or full lock the wheel the knock noise happens. My car has been in the garage since saturday as it went in for a service and I mentioned that the noise went but recently came back. Any idea's anyone?
  3. Golf Pirelli

    Ok Ok. I just spoke to VW head office and they confirm they stopped making the Pirelli from 14th August. Guess I'll have to find another car to buy :-(
  4. Golf Pirelli

    I'm absolutely livid at the fact that the car I wanted was in the system to be built but now I'm being told it can't be built because its not coming into production....... I have never been so disappointed to receive a car deposit back :-(
  5. Golf Pirelli

    That doesn't make sense because 2 weeks back I went to a VW dealership to buy the Pirelli having spec'd it up online. The sales guy said they weren't making them but they had ones already build and that he would find a close match. All the ones he showed me weren't even close to the spec I wanted e.g no highline computer of Xenons when thats standard on the current car I have now. i don't se why I should pay thousands of pounds on a new car when the spec is absolutely crap! Anyway, the poor sales guy tried his luck by trying to sway me towards the R thanks...nice car but a petrol drinker. I eventually went to a different dealership of VW to be told by another sales person that he a Pirelli on order with my spec plus more. I was so over the moon. We discussed figures the car and then he said he has to check if it was coming into production. Only to receive a phone call so say "Sorry, its not coming into production". What a complete let down! If the car was on order...why not build it for me..someone help me out here...or have I read into wrong?
  6. Golf Pirelli

    Oh no. No more Pirelli. I was looking to get one as well. What's the deal with VW still allowing people to configure the Pirelli/R32 on the sites when they have stopped production and you can only get the car that has already been spec'd up in the UK!! So not fair
  7. Golf Pirelli

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if the Pirelli Golf GTI are still be made by VW because you can still configure them on the VW website? I heard they stop making the Edition 30 which were replaced by the Golf Pirelli. I can't seem to get a straight answer fromVW these days. Can anyone assist? Sam
  8. Knocking noises when driving

    I also forgot to add whether it affect the car's motion?
  9. Knocking noises when driving

    Help.... I'm hearing a knocking noise from my baby polo gti coming from the front of the car. When I put it into gear and gas the knocking noise starts but only for a few seconds. Its recently started making this noise but i'm not sure what it could be. Advice would be appreciated.
  10. steering column prob

    Hi Guys Same problem here. believe it or not im experiencing what sounds like the same problem. When I go to full lock left and right there is a knock noise. I have no idea where its coming from but I guessing its to do with the steering column. I have taken my car yet again to the so called great establishment VW who took it for a test drive and told me my bushes were worn. I had these replaced but still Im hearing the knocking noise. When im reversing and the steering wheel is full locked left - I hear the noise. When driving foward and the steering wheel is full lock right - I hear the noise. Will it ever end!!! Help - can any diagnoise this?????

    Hi I had my car recalled and have had hell ever since. The clutch has been playing up and I have taken it to vw many times who have said there isn't a problem. Some how i wish i never took it. My car is a W reg 2000 with only 30k miles....why should these problems be happening now?? I took it back to vw with complaints and they have just told me fater a whole day in their garage that there are problems with the throttle body.....another problem which is causing my car to jerk, rev and make noises I think im going to take the safe option and sell it as soon as its fixed.