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  1. New....Classic

    ....Oooops 2011 2000cc Zetec MNR Vortx RT+ Raceleda Spec (Kitcar, Kit Ca, Seven replica) | eBay, I breached Ebays T's & C's By using the words ''Not Caterham'' in the title. That cost me another £12.99. oh and id love to track but havent got time, poor tyres and brakes look far too new. Kris
  2. As per the title..... 2011 2000cc Zetec MNR Vortx RT+ Raceleda Spec, Kitcar not Caterham or westfield | eBay My car is for sale, im looking for new projects so anyone on here dont be scared to ask for a swap with or without cash for my car. Its been well built and well looked after and is a absolute bargin. Super high Specification. Kris 07929167193
  3. New....Classic

    Guys, my 2011 Lotus seven Replica is for sale. Its the best shape classic car out there and probably the highest spec car for the money...... Ive sold my Fiat 500, Audi A4 Avant and now this..... 2011 2000cc Zetec MNR Vortx RT+ Raceleda Spec, Kitcar not Caterham or westfield | eBay I need a new project to replace all 3, so if anyone has another classic they want to part x let me know. Kris
  4. overboost condition

    My 2002 model had the same prob for over six months before audi fixed it that was at 20k miles it now has 89k and still going.
  5. Open Boot button on fob isn't working..

    What setting have you got the boot on in the MMI??, set it to unlock with doors as its designed to stay closed in certain circumstances to stop theft.
  6. Bumper Colour Match How good is yours ?

    strange you mention this cause ive made them respray mine 6 times til colour was satisfactory! in they end it looks lot better and they gave me £50 to spend on accesories... any ideas?? Oh and even audis stock photo below of my car has poor paint match \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

  8. A4 2.0 TDI Steering wheel not quite centred !

    Nice selection of tyres there mate, obviousy last owner didnt care about matching them up. Side wall percentages and types etc along with pressures will effect the tracking a little - matched pairs will let you know if anything else is wrong.

    oh and while im on a rant, why on full lock does it sound like the CV boots are squeeking?? is this normal?
  10. ESP FAULT and A WHINE?

    Now ive had 2 x A4 avants (B6's) TDI's and 2 x VW Caddy TDI's so strange VAG faults are common for me, but my new b8 avant has the ESP coming on regular and stays on saying ''take me too your dealer'' (not really) but similar. Ive had car 2 weeks and its been in 3 times- quailty motoring. But then i read the post about the alternators causing esp faults, now i thought my turbo sounded more like a electrical whine and no other TDI ive had sounds like this, i thought it was because of the better sound proofing causing me too here turbo whine more, but i put 2 and 2 together and thought that mybees its my alternator im hearing? any comments?? kris
  11. Best way to rinse (pre wash).

    whats the Best place for buckets and grit guards?? i just use the b and q buckets
  12. Snow Foam Vs Car Shampoo

    I bought a superspray a few years back as i dont have a pressure wash but have decent water pressure at new home so where is the best place for snow foam products and accessories at moment?
  13. Are B8 part numbers same?? just fancy this for my new A4 avant

    Still for sale - Need to sell before sat really if poss £50 or £60 posted
  15. Kittens

    Where are you mate??