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  1. WiFi extension

    A big plus for powerline is reliability - it tends to just work even if it isn't the fastest. I use them for our Y-cams and haven't had any need to reset etc. as is often the case with wifi in months.
  2. It was the website reference I meant - had heard about it but thought it was a myth. Familiar with the original trade route reference.
  3. Didn't realise that Silk Road was actually a 'thing' prior to watching this. Great documentary and well worth a watch.
  4. Festival Italia

    A few pics from today's event at Brands. The early 90's F1 cars sounded bonkers along the Brabham Straight - too fast for pics.
  5. Power Over Ethernet Qs

    All up and running now and we have an additional y-cam on the system (managed to cover with 1 rather than 2 new ones). Great pieces of kit these y-cams. Will hopefully help serve as a good deterrent in light of a spate of recent (daytime) burglaries in the area!
  6. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    Pretty sure my 5-series only has an electronic handbrake - presume that's considered mechanical if the above is true?
  7. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    For drifting init Go to 40:00 of the video for why it was fitted. The most pikey RR you will ever see.
  8. So it's a slow night on TV + been a long day and just want something easy to watch hence title thread. A google of Prindville leads to a look at their used car stock and this 'item'. I remember watching this episode a while back and thinking it was an 'interesting' take on a RR . . . but £100k . . plllllease.
  9. Apple Airport Extreme

    Interested. Perhaps a silly question but do you think likely to improve wi-fi signal c/w a standard sky router?
  10. Power Over Ethernet Qs

    Cheers Mac. You've covered it all for me. The cameras draw 3.75w so that switch would be fine.
  11. I want to add a couple of Y-cams to our system using PoE. Current thinking is to use a Ethernet Over Power plug to feed signal to a PoE injector. This would ideally have 2 or more outputs to allow 2 cameras to be connected. Questions are: 1 - Single PoE injectors are circa £20. I've not had much luck finding a double one so do I need a switch thingy ? Sure there is a better name than that . These seem to jump up in price quite a bit. Happily consider a second hand jobby once I know what I need. 2 - Will a Ethernet over Power connection allow 2 x feeds to be provided? This may be the job of the switch thing. The unit i'm using are the older BT comtrend ones. Cheers 'smokers!
  12. Hmmmmm

    I'm no expert on used Porsche values but a quick look at Pistonheads would suggest this is priced way OTT. Nice condition and low mileage but 10 owners! This looks better value
  13. Hmmmmm

    I'm getting an error with the link SK. Was this what the link was to:
  14. Ta Booster. Reduced offer accepted and £2.5k deposit against abortive costs agreed. Solicitor preparing a side agreement for deposit. Here we go again . . .
  15. Good to know + thanks. Did the solicitor(s) sort/agree wording of deposit agreement?