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  1. Ebay oddity / fraud

    Thought it was something like that - they had about 6 pages of adverts on there at one point last night. Shame for the poor sod who has their account hijacked .
  2. Ebay oddity / fraud

    The golf ad has but oddly lots of others are still there from same seller
  3. Ebay oddity / fraud

    A bit of ebay browsing and I end up looking at rather well priced (too good to be true type price) M1 Golf - very much a case of 'if its too good to be true . . . . . Advert wording a bit unusual - selling for a family member, contact John directly . . . . seemed a bit odd. So I checked-out their other items. All are 'new' listings with lots of exotic / rare / unusual cars, boats etc. Every advert is worded the same expect for some variations in price. I'm assuming these are a bunch of fake adverts hoping to punters to pay deposits or the full price to avoid missing a 'bargain' ('66 912 for £4.5k anyone). Surely ebay and it's checks / algorithms should be picking this sort of thing up?
  4. 'unauthorised' itunes app purchases

    45 mins on the phone to Apple last night and a refund is apparently underway .
  5. 'unauthorised' itunes app purchases

    Update: seems trying the 'didn't mean to purchase this item' option for any subscription purchase means the request is automatically rejected. I've tried the 'issue note listed here' option together with a written request but don't expect have much hope .
  6. So I allowed my 11yo to add my debit card details to his iphone to buy the occasional song. Being a sensible, trustworthy kid I thought that would be fine. Unusually, I was checking a bank statement tonight and spotted a £15 transaction and realised this was linked to my son's itunes account. I then discovered the 'reportaproblem' website. Seems he has downloaded several apps that appear to be free but subsequently trigger a subscription (Wallpapers HD & Lockscreens, Tap by Wattpad, Tap Premium, Wallpapers 8 and Photable - Photo Editor & Collage Maker). I'm guessing the subscriptions a quite subtle as he's a clever lad and always ask permission for even a 79p download. I then discovered the 'subscriptions' options on the iphone and cancelled each of the above circa £60 down! Anyone have any experience of the reportaproblem website? Wondering if I should challenge the above via the 'didn't mean to purchase this item' option or is it a waste of time? PS. Suffice to say my card is no longer linked to his account!
  7. WiFi extension

    A big plus for powerline is reliability - it tends to just work even if it isn't the fastest. I use them for our Y-cams and haven't had any need to reset etc. as is often the case with wifi in months.
  8. It was the website reference I meant - had heard about it but thought it was a myth. Familiar with the original trade route reference.
  9. Didn't realise that Silk Road was actually a 'thing' prior to watching this. Great documentary and well worth a watch.
  10. Festival Italia

    A few pics from today's event at Brands. The early 90's F1 cars sounded bonkers along the Brabham Straight - too fast for pics.
  11. Power Over Ethernet Qs

    All up and running now and we have an additional y-cam on the system (managed to cover with 1 rather than 2 new ones). Great pieces of kit these y-cams. Will hopefully help serve as a good deterrent in light of a spate of recent (daytime) burglaries in the area!
  12. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    Pretty sure my 5-series only has an electronic handbrake - presume that's considered mechanical if the above is true?
  13. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    For drifting init Go to 40:00 of the video for why it was fitted. The most pikey RR you will ever see.
  14. So it's a slow night on TV + been a long day and just want something easy to watch hence title thread. A google of Prindville leads to a look at their used car stock and this 'item'. I remember watching this episode a while back and thinking it was an 'interesting' take on a RR . . . but £100k . . plllllease.
  15. Apple Airport Extreme

    Interested. Perhaps a silly question but do you think likely to improve wi-fi signal c/w a standard sky router?