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  1. I've been banned......

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Don't think I've ever got personal or flung insults at anyone on the Internet, not worth it [/ QUOTE ] I think you need to re-read your posts, you seem to have a short memory. Can I join the banned therapy club, I don't think I've really got over it yet. [/ QUOTE ] Just looked back through all my posts on here this year - sorry, can't see anywhere that I get personal, or insulting to fellow TSN memebers. Hey ho though, perception's everything - think what you like, I don't really care [/ QUOTE ] Its in THIS thread you really don't have to look far, bless. [/ QUOTE ] I said that he was acting like a cock - I didn't call him one. There's a subtle difference. But given how poorly you attempt to patronise me, you probably wouldn't have noticed. I can't work out if you are acting like one or not ...
  2. I've been banned......

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Don't think I've ever got personal or flung insults at anyone on the Internet, not worth it [/ QUOTE ] I think you need to re-read your posts, you seem to have a short memory. Can I join the banned therapy club, I don't think I've really got over it yet. [/ QUOTE ] Just looked back through all my posts on here this year - sorry, can't see anywhere that I get personal, or insulting to fellow TSN memebers. Hey ho though, perception's everything - think what you like, I don't really care
  3. I've been banned......

    Don't think I've ever got personal or flung insults at anyone on the Internet, not worth it
  4. I've been banned......

    I'd love to, but I can't be bothered. TTNet has been growing successfully for a year now - despite occasional diversions - some you may know about, some you may not. We'll survive someone getting annoyed at being pulled up for being personally offensive and then coming over here for a moan I do find it amusing that threads or comments on TTNet that are negative about TSN are moderated, but no one on TSN can be bothered to show the same courtesy back. Then again, it's getting that some of your users wouldn't have anything to say if you did that, would they ...
  5. I've been banned......

    But Arch, you acted like a cock and got personal. Wtf did you expect to happen? It always amused me hugely when people come onto TSN and spout nonsense about other forums, when they don't really know half the story they think they do ...
  6. Good night Dad, sleep well.

    I'm so sorry to hear your news Daz. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
  7. Le Mans 2007

    Looks like it was another ace year - good to hear that Gav continues to provide comedy for everyone. That's just his natural state, mind, he doesn't just pull it out for LM Really sorry that I missed it - Lagoo's pickup looks like a riot - did he get the swiming pool into the back for water cannon ammunition afterall!?? And where are the pics guys!!!!
  8. Le Mans 2007

    I actually feel sick. I can't believe I'm not going. Bazza, you must agree, reading this thread is just about the most horrible feeling there is Sam, if you had been on a slightly later ferry on Friday and an ealrier one on Sunday, then I may have considered leaving the office, and stepping straight onto a plane to London - and doing the same back on Sunday night. Sadly, circumstance means I can't. I think missing out on the best weekend of the year is called 'character building' or some BS like that. Anyway all of you, in all of your seperate groups, drive safe, have fun and please please, go to the Drivers Parade and watch some of the race this year I will be back next year
  9. I was wandering around Motorpoint in Glasgow recently, and they had two types of GTI. Basic spec, 17s, no leather, manual etc and very high spec, including leather, DSG and xenons. They were both the same price. I then wandered round to their preperation area, and there were a few of the well specced cars waiting to be cleaned. Well, let me tell you, that after spending years in the Middle East, I know when a car is properly dusty. These cars were, in my opinion, awful - and prime candidates for being in the group of cars outlines above. There was a couple looking at a filth Candy White one and talking to the sales guy. He was not impressed when I started asking why this well specced car cost the same as the basic ones, and why there was a suspiciously Arabic sounding dealer badge on the back - partly obscured by the baked on dust. This kind of thing is exactly what puts you off buying an imported car - it's ridiculous.
  10. 2005 S4 Sprint Blue Saloon

    [ QUOTE ] Where is 'cars in the park'..... [/ QUOTE ] It's a similar meet to the large Virgina Waters ones that take place a couple of times a year down south - mainly PH I believe. It's based in the north of England - tends to have a fairly large turn out - again a lot of PH'rs and a lot of very nice cars. I'm surprised you've not heard of it before, it's been around for a good couple of years now.
  11. Le Mans 2007

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] We have plenty of stickers on the car in preparation too Is there going to be a TSN meet up on Arnage corner on Friday morning. A little gang of TSNers in the melee of Mad Friday?? [/ QUOTE ] The TSN meet is a la tent champagne on Saturday, for which this afternoon I was getting some practice [/ QUOTE ] But it's the Friday morning at Arnage corner when all the nice cars come out to play, essentially it's a PH meet, but it's the chance for the decent cars to be out and about without all the chavvyness of Friday night - and we only ever catch the tail end of each year I would also strongly recommend going into Le Mans town for about 3.30pm on Friday to get a good spot for the drivers parade - as you know, I went on my own to it last year, and the stuff that was paraded through town was awesome. If I was coming this year, I would do the same, but then stay and have a nice meal in town, escape the BBQ for one night It's breaking my heart to not be coming this year - I can barely bring myself to read posts like this, and the PH Le Mans forum is even worse And the race this year will be awesome, the battle between the Pug and Audi diesels will be epic. Damn work, ah well, roll on June 2008
  12. Engine Death Rattle

    I'm so sorry to hear about yet another R32 with this problem. I had a new engine fitted this time last year for the same thing - covered by VW as the car was 2 days within its warranty when I reported it. Being honest, your list of repairs is about a long as mine was. I also had a few other major biggies brewing according to my local specialist. Eventually, it got that I simply did not trust the car - I never gave it any stick, never drove it that hard, and avoided long journies as I didn't know what would break next. With a broken heart, I got rid of it. Oatz sums it up when he talks of an emotional roller coaster - IMO it just wasn't worth it
  13. MKIV Rear end...............

    [ QUOTE ] Like Fly said..... Its still unknown what its for, even has a nickname on vortex which I can't remember and no one is sure if its there for a reason/wise to remove it. Its a bumper off job to trim it. Someone masked it off and sprayed it black which did a pretty good job of hiding it. [/ QUOTE ] Did the Vortex not nickname it the R32 Dangleberry It drove me nuts, as it's really ovbious on the DBP cars

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Is there likely to be a Buxton meet this year? I've already got my name down for the Rutland meet in May [Not too late to sign up for that one, people! ] [/ QUOTE ] Yes, I'll organise a Buxton meet for late September/early October as that went well last year. Enjoy your road trip! [/ QUOTE ] Well it's certainly a better location for a national meet Lottie? IMO, having a major meet for a forum, right on the extreme south coast is the wrong location - how to alienate every member north of Watford! Unless of course, the forum sees itself primarily as a south of England based one? Of course, there is a more central meet also taking place that weekend too
  15. GATSOED!!!!

    [ QUOTE ] no it wasn't that one. It was the old fashioned type. [/ QUOTE ] I don't think we have any Truvelo's up here Fastlad
  16. Mk4 Engine death

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] This is the most unreliable car (but by far and away the best even with the problems) I’ve ever owned, part of me wants to get rid, the other (the larger part) wants to fix it and enjoy it for the fantastic car it’s been when the goings good. [/ QUOTE ] I know exactly how you feel, i have been through it all with mine, 3 engines, countless flywheels, and cam chains, and the best things are the excuses from VW..."oh thats normal sir" but it will get better for you, just hang in there and when she works its the best feeling ever Hang in there for abit longer and see how things pan out [/ QUOTE ] Yup - I miss mine every single day On the other hand, I do have a noticably healthier bank balance for not having to repair it all the time. I just wish I had been lucky and bought a good one - for every bad one there seems to be loads of good ones that never give any problems. Luck of the draw I guess

    [ QUOTE ] Anyway I'm leaveing this site the bullying caused me to pass out last nught [/ QUOTE ] For real!? Thanks for the wind up - it was brilliant Idiot.
  18. [ QUOTE ] alot of writers cant spell thats why there are ppl in a busssiniss called proof reading its there job to check writers work -alot of famouse writers cant spell we pay proof readers to check our work or publishers pay them to check our work. nothing is perfect in this world I hate perfection and glad i'm not perfect we all have negative points we cant be good at everything! [/ QUOTE ] What a load of bollocks. I write for a living. Frankly, you offend me. Paying a proof reader? I will be amazed if you ever get any work believing that nonsense. You are as much of a writer as I am an Eskimo. I would stop feeding this troll people. You may not be able to spell, but a basic appreciation of structure wouldn't go amiss. I think this is a big fat hoax.
  19. Learning to drive my MkV R32

    I want one back What an awesome weekend - and some awesome driving from everyone. Meets in Scotland - I don't think there's anywhere better for them
  20. Creaking steering

    Was your car in a dealer in the East End of Glasgow? Saw it up on the ramp when I was in at about 3.45. Looked good
  21. Playing with an RS4 today

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Took mine way off the beaten path in search of a tin of beans, yet again I drove back with a big smile on my face and a quarter tank less of Vpower [/ QUOTE ] it's catching, this "drive just for the sake of it" thing [/ QUOTE ] It sure is
  22. R8 Billboards in London

    We have the billboards all over Glasgow too It's a ring tone you recieve
  23. Boxster gone..... but not forgotten

    I feel for you mate
  24. Mk4 Engine death

    That was certainly my experience Oatz - the engines are all refurbs. They are as good as new - but they are not actually new. And the price should reflect that. When mine was changed it was a re-conditioned unit - that the dealer paid £3.5k for. Mind you, there was also several thousand £££ of labour for the job Having said that, the 'new' engine was tight and did need to be run in - and I noticed it improving with miles, particularly in the months before I got rid of it
  25. NE Meet

    I think most of the peeps who normally attend the NE meets will be in Scotland that day