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  1. Tesco 99 ron

    I can understand how you can make that mistake Fastlad
  2. Tesco 99 ron

    I didn't realise it had actually gone on sale up here - must go and try a few tanks
  3. MK4 Prices. I might be selling up.

    It is an absolute minefield. The trade in offers are awful – I was recently told (by a family member who works in the trade no less) that in reality, one like mine, an 03 plate with 33k on the clock and basic spec, but full VWSH and new tyres, discs and pads would only fetch between £11.5k and £12.5k … But, VW has 03 plate cars with 30K miles up for £16 - £17k. And that boils my blood. Even if they had to change my clutch (which is still an unknown at the moment) they wouldn’t even have to spend £1k on my car to make it absolutely tip top. I sometimes wonder about selling mine privately – being honest about the problems it has given / is giving and saying £14,750 to the person brave enough!
  4. 30,000 miles service/1st MOT

    Assuming the car is on time and distance, then the 30k service is just an oil change service, so should only be in the region of £150 - £160 I would have thought. The MOT should just be a standard charge. Mine was done in April last year at 23k and the car sailed through – not so sure about this year though!
  5. Used GTI buying advice

    I think they are asking £18999 or there abouts. Someone PM'd me about it! Thing is, I'm not specifically looking for a GTI, I was talking to a relative who works in a VW dealer about possibly changing and this particular car was mentioned - along with a good deal for my R - certainly for more than it's worth (or they say it's worth anyway!) But, I may well go and look at it this weekend, and let Verve talk numbers. What spec was it, and more importantly, how did you run it in / look after it when you owned it
  6. Used GTI buying advice

    Well, I enquired about the reg number today - the car in question is CAR's ex long term car. So I'm thinking I will probably give this one a miss. Although, there is a part of me that thinks it might be kind of cool to own an ex magazine car...
  7. Purple Golf?

    I love that purple
  8. Used GTI buying advice

    Thanks so far guys! It's the oil usage thing that is really giving me the most concern, particularly combined with not knowing how / if the car was run in properly and has been warmed up properly etc. IMO - all cars should have a system whereby the engine can't be revved too highly until the oil is hot - I know the Honda VTEC won't work until it's warm, and the M cars have the row of lights on the rev counter. I am madly researching the reg numbers of all the magazine test cars that were white I'm not entirely convinced that this is the answer for me - but I will go and see/drive the car when it arrives in a couple of weeks and make my mind up then.
  9. Caugth at 118mph - UPDATE

    [ QUOTE ] Which UK roads have been designed to safetly take cars at 140+ mph then? [/ QUOTE ] The M74 south of Glasgow for starters. The M6 toll. Bits of the M40 Basically any wide, modern 3 or 4 lane motorway!
  10. Mk4 R32 Part Ex Value

    Well, today I was told by a VW dealer that I could expect not a lot more than £12.5k against a 55 plate GTI. Mine is an 03 plate with 33k on the clock. I am very surpirsed by how quickly these MK4 R32's have started to lose a lot of money.
  11. Nightmare motorway journey of doom!!

    Absolutely - there isn't a trip where we don't see a couple of major bumps. Even on a quiet day like today there were a couple.
  12. New car??

    Wicked little car DHA - that will be a complete riot I've seen a couple kicking about Glasgow and they look awesome. Have you had a drive yet? I've heard nothing but good reports
  13. New car??

    MINI Works GP? Awesome car - if you get one you had better bring it to LM next year
  14. Nightmare motorway journey of doom!!

    It's never struck me as particularly short and I certainly don't think the engine would go well with a 6 speed box. At 80 on the Road Angel, the speedo is reading just under 90 mph and it's revving at about 3250 rpm. Take it up to 90 odd on the RA and the speedo is over 100 - and the revs are very close to 4k rpm. This car normally returns around 50 mpg - the headwind today was really bad - it was a stuggle to stay in my lane at times, and accelerating was much much harder than usual. Oh - and Atomic - Whatever.
  15. Nightmare motorway journey of doom!!

    Well, I had a great journey down today. Left my house just outside Glasgow at 7.00am and arrived in Canary Wharf at 1.00pm. Almost no traffic problems, and the roads were really quite quiet. Only problem was the wind - it was blowing me all over the place and maintaining an 85 - 90 mph cruise was a bit tricky at times. Only because I was in MrsRossG's Megane though. That wee 1.5 DCi was working so hard it only managed 36 mpg average for the trip Still, if every time I did the trip it could be like that it would be great!
  16. Nightmare motorway journey of doom!!

    Yes, but that would at least clear the Mways for their intended purpose. And it may in turn encourage people to use their cars less by natural selection, as local roads become ever busier. It's the whole 'I'm okay to use my car but no one else should be' syndrome - and I'm only thinking out loud - but when congestion during a 'holiday'period is worse than many so called peak times, then perhaps it is time to look into what those journies are actually for. Now I'm as bad as anyone else - running around visiting family and collecting my gran to take her for Christmas lunch, and then I'm driving all the way to London tomorrow just to spend New Year with some pals... ...but at least I haven't at any point contributed to the nation's congestion just for the sake of driving to the January sales It's a very tricky definition to make - but surely, as congestion gets worse and worse, there may have to be real consideration to the type of journies that cars are used for Sure, road pricing would cripple the UK economically and socially, and I'm completely opposed to it. But, it does seem that in certain parts of the UK, the traffic volume alone will suffocate itself. Perhaps the proposed new toll M6 to run parallel to the existing one between Manchester and B'ham will help - but it would be very interesting to know why that stretch is always a bottle neck ...
  17. Nightmare motorway journey of doom!!

    [ QUOTE ] Ok so if road pricing were in I could have paid money to sit in the jam, or I could have gone overnight and avoided the traffic and paid less, but I could have done that anyway and avoided the traffic and paid nothing at the moment. What would have been better might have been useful info relating to the busy points and times correlated over the years so a quick check on a web site might have shown it was a bad time to go and then people might have paced themselves out a bit. Certainly if I'd had access to that info I'd have rethought my plans. I don't think people need financial penalties imposing to stop them travelling at peak times, just the information. No one wants to sit in a jam. Ah but then the government wouldn't make money out of it with another stealth tax so that wouldn't work would it? [/ QUOTE ] True, and I did say 'in a weak moment it makes you consider it' But, there are several examples in this thread alone of crazy journey times, and awful levels of congestion. Slowly, I am begining to think, 'are all these journeys really necessary' - particulalry if it is just people off to the sales etc. Perhaps an interesting experiment would be to prevent local traffic from using the motorway system to hop on and hop off a few junctions later. Leave them as a free flowing, long distance conduit. Leave the Mway system for people actually making a journey somewhere. Think how much less congested the M6 would be between Manchester and Birmingham if there was no local traffic popping on and off. And before you all jump up and down, that would seriously afect me - as I'm 11 miles from Glasgow city centre on Mway the whole way - and probably one of the local users who do contribute to greater traffic density on the Mway when there are alternatives. So there And Chri5 - good idea, don't see the wife buying it though! Will try and leave at about 6.00am
  18. Time to get some foreign plates then

    Yeah, but before we all start to jump up and down - let's consider how we drive when abroad... Certainly those of us who drive to Le Mans each year. Thank goodness there isn't a reciprocal agreement in place yet
  19. R32 price?

    [ QUOTE ] I'd also consider putting a damage limitation film on the front lower face, my one short trip to Scotland in the Mk4 R32 resulted in £400's worth of blow over due to stone chips causing automotive acne. [/ QUOTE ] Uh huh! I think sixdegerees told me he had the front resprayed on mine just before he sold it to me as it was having a vandal attack repaired anyway. Nearly a year later and the front is sandblasted again ... If it was new I would be putting that clear 3M stuff all over it
  20. Nightmare motorway journey of doom!!

    My parents got stuck in all that today as well Ari. They left my house outside Glasgow at 7.00am and didn't get to London until well past 5.00pm That's just appalling. It sometimes (in a weak moment) does make you think about congestion charging...) I am fearful about my journey down to London, either tomorrow or Friday morning The last thing I can be arsed with is traffic of doom
  21. Have a good meet guys! I went to Winsdor last year and wanted to manage this year - but I'm not driving down until tomorrow night
  22. Xenon Light Problem

    I was told that the whole unit at the left side was replaced, yes. Just the gubbins though, not the casing or lens or anything.
  23. Xenon Light Problem

    I think my car had a similar problem just before sixdegrees sold it to me. If I remember correctly it was a faulty controller, and VW replaced the entire set up. Not what you want to hear, I know – but the symptoms do sound similar
  24. Question re strut top mounts

    Another random RossG question folks. For a couple of weeks now I have noticed a clunking / clanging noise coming from the front left when sterring at low speeds. I thought it sounded like a broken spring, but the dealers have said it's the strut top. Now, how much should this cost to fix? They have quoted me £150 - and the part is only £17. Is this right? Oh, and is it damaging the car to be driving on it, as I don't really have a choice, and have quite a lot of miles to do next week Thanks in advance guys...