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  1. LOL - I think we'd have both been better off holding onto that wee Fabia Sorry to hear about the troubles - not what you want
  2. OH, and it is tomorrow night isn't it?
  3. Drive around the car park till you see a car you think you recognise Aim for the back of the carpark, round the side of the building as it's quiter there and we should all manage to park together. I've been to enough TSN meets in a car park that I'm used to walking up to strange cars Just look out for my R32 - either parked up or wheezing into the car park! Reg ends in RHG
  4. Am i mad? Just booked a test drive...

    Go for it. Seen some very positive reviews and it does look pretty funky. Sometimes, when I look at all the reciepts from my R32, a funky little car, brand new out the box seems pretty appealing
  5. Short Radio Antenna from the US

    Does anyone know if Vindaloo's will fit a MK4 R? If it does then this thread is getting linked to MrsRossG - that would make a great stocking filler at Christmas
  6. R36 (or RSi) latest.

    I'm just playing. I know your not saying it won't... Dosen't mean others aren't absolutely convinced though Oh, and while we are talking about massive engines, how's the understeer on that Bentley
  7. R36 (or RSi) latest.

    I found out last week that the doubters amoungst you may well have egg on your faces... Didn't mention it, as some of you will never ever believe it. Let's hope the TSN 'humour' is alive and well when the cars are sold and driving around the place The Golf R36 will happen. Just like some of us have said for a long long time.
  8. Yeee Haaaaa

    Check this out!! Shame, as it's actually a wicked wicked car...
  9. Another wierd noise...

    I'm begining to agree that's a very very good plan of action. Seriously though, it's trips like this that cars like these are made for. The A9 is stunning - and the ability to overtake with just a flick of the ankle - bam 60 - 100 with huge ease just makes the trip so much more relaxing. Currently, the car is back in my good books. Mind you, just ordered new OE discs and pads from the old ebay - so the credit card's a wee bit hot It's only money. That's what ended up saying to my pal, who couldn't for the life of him work out why we had brought our own, very thirsty car all the way instead of the uber frugal company Megane Some people just don't get it
  10. Another wierd noise...

    After a wee bit of a blast with a 911 at lunchtime today, I'm now aware of another noise on the car... It's a high pitched, intermittant squeakey noise that sounds like an old car with a screechy fan belt. I imagine it's what some people call the hamster wheel noise, but in this case, I'm not so sure as it doesn't change or go away relative to the clutch. Car seems to pulling just fine though - but the hotter the car, the noiser the squeak seems to be. Any ideas...? Cheers all
  11. Another wierd noise...

    For anyone that's interested - I've just got back from a 360 mile trip to visit friends up Inverness way. The car was brilliant. Cruised gently up the A9 at 85 ish, did't even change out of 6th for most overtakes, and had a couple of blasts into the 120+ world. If anything, the noise now seems a wee bit less ovbious - and the suspension isn't clunking half as much either. Only thing is, the brake pad warning light came on. It's going to be an expensive week - new tyres, new discs and new pads - plus a session at the garage to explore the suspension clunk and establish whether it is the broken spring as suggested above. Ah well, when it works, like this weekend, it's sublime. Until the next time... R32 ownership is certainly an emotional roller coaster Let's hope the noise has cured itself
  12. Mk4 mirror housings

    I happened to notice a set on ebay this morning. Sorry, I dont have the link, but a search under VW Golf R32 (all cetgories) should yield them. I think they were just over £100
  13. r32 mk5 with 19" bbs ch anyone?

    Any chance to show off TP Sorry I missed you the other day
  14. Yeee Haaaaa

    My bad. Sorry all.
  15. Yeee Haaaaa

    And he's apparently more worried about his bike
  16. Stevie_D in Islington

    [ QUOTE ] I get some funny look at the gym with my "cameras are for pron not policing" one [/ QUOTE ] One day during the summer I went with Mrs RossG to watch her Mum play in a bowls tournament. Now, the T-shirt got some very funny looks there I think we are due another run of those Molly - mine is getting a bit worn, and has a hole in the armpit
  17. --New Octavia vRS--

  18. Airbags

    [ QUOTE ] It's all too easy to see or hear the ceremonies on 11th November and just think that it affects someone else, but 11th November isn't just about people who lost their lives in WW1 and WW2, it's about everyone, right up to today's utter farce in Iraq. [/ QUOTE ] Absolutely. For me it's the 1st Gulf War. I was 12 years old when I was evacuted (seems like such a silly word - but we were) from Riyadh - but my Dad stayed behind, partly because he was a warden at the embassy and was responsible for helping other people if things went Pete Tong, and partly because his work need him. I will never forget the fear that I didn't know what was going to happen, and if I would ever see him again. I then remembered the soldiers that I met during that autumn and over the Christmas - we had various levels of social involvement, especially over Christmas as the local community rallied round - and thought how much more difficult it must be for them and their families sitting at home. I think we often forget the sacrifices that our armed forces make. Buying a few poppies is the least we can do
  19. Another wierd noise...

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. Mook hits the nail on the head - if I was to cut my losses and get rid, given the fact that it needs brakes and tyres means that the most I will get as a trade in is about £13k That's over £2k less than I paid for it back in January... That's a big hit. Anyway - had the car at Bedrock VW, a local specialist and tuner, who are very highly spoken of and very well regarded. First impressions of their site are a nightmare though, as it's a tiny industrial unit down an incredibly bumpy muddy track, and there are a couple of smashed up Golfs and Leons out front. Get inside though and it is spotless, with lots of interesting wee bits hanging about. The owner had a listen, and the had a listen with a stethoscope. He reckons that the noise is certainly from the water pump / pulley area - but too intermitant at the moment to spend money on looking into it. Diagnosis: probably a water pump issue, but no where near alarming enough to waste money on it. We then went for a wee drive, try and get a feel for the car in general, as I had asked about a few other things. He got my MPG down to 14 mpg so it was quite a drive What I thought sounded like strut tops is actualy a broken spring. Brakes need done, and the system probably needs bled, he didn't like the free travel at the top of the pedal. And a few wee other bits and bobs... So - I have a decision to take. Spend a small fortune on getting the car 'right' and gamble that I will be able to relax and trust it - or - lose a slighly bigger fortune and go see a man about a Skoda... Dinner and a drink at the mo - don't want to make any rash decisions. Cheers all.
  20. Another wierd noise...

    LOL my strut top mounts sound fecked again too! But, the 3/4 mile road leading to my house has been a building site for 8 weeks, so I'm currently chasing the builders for the cash for that - and it's probably not fair to blame the car (this time ) Problem is, as you know, when it's all working right, the car is brilliant. It's just a ballache to keep having to get things fixed Will let you know what I discover
  21. Another wierd noise...

    Sadly, I agree Jimmy. They won't care that cars like ours have been dismantled and put back together time after time... I knew that the engine bay wasn't shiny new, and that therefore not everything was new, so no surpirse there really. I will see if Bedrock VDubs can see me tomorrow - if not will book it into a dealer and hope that nothing goes bang as I use it over the next few days. Supposed to be going to Inverness at the weekend - and that's what really bugs me, the damn car always seems to break before a trip, or weekend away, where I really want 'my' car, not MrsRossGs Megane Everyone cross your fingers please!
  22. Another wierd noise...

    Good point Pincher. When I got the new engine, they mentioned that there was 'no extension to the warranty' - but isn't a certain level of garuntee a statuatoty right? May have to push them a bit on this. Thing is, I'm getting so bored of this. This is the longest period without a trip to the dealer since I got the car - and that's just over a month
  23. --New Octavia vRS--

    And in my experience, the service that you will get from a Skoda dealer will be second to none. I was so happy with my Fabia vRS and the service that I recieved, that I'm thinking of getting rid of my troublesome bloddy R32 and going back! Go for the Octy - it is a lovely car