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  1. M Coupe

    JHT has one. I went to Le Mans 2004 with him in it and it was a truly awesome car Feels a lot more hardcore (as a passenger) than an M3 and its certainly quick. Stunning looking as well IMHO. Fancy one myself TBH
  2. What's the closest shave in a car you've had?

    [ QUOTE ] It was raining extremly hard and my MK2 Golf with no power steering and NO ABS was a right hand full to keep on the staight and narrow [/ QUOTE ] We won't mention the time that that same MK2 Golf came piling into the back of my car will we Spence? Just as my car at the time will still remain a mystery Apparently brakes need bedding in...but I think the attractive woman on the other side of the road had something to do with it Cheers.
  3. X5 ute

    That was a very definite answer John 500 bhp in the Ram and I bet it dosent weigh very much more than a normal car. Mind you, I wouldnt fancy taking any sort of unloaded pickup much over the ton; a Land Cruiser with 2 full tanks of fuel is quite heavy and it's scary biscuits at 100mph plus Been thinking about it...would really fancy an Overfinch 630R. I will never not love SUVs. Must be something to do with learning to drive in them. Cheers.
  4. X5 ute

    I have to say, I have always fancied a Ford F150 SVT Lightning. 2-3 year old examples are extremely good bargains, and the Yankee V8 noise is to die for The best laid plans of mice and men...
  5. EVO Magazine.

    You know me, I will hold the grudge until they fix the problem...or I change my car and the problem no longer applys!!
  6. Time to decide for good.

    Seriously tasty bit of kit So much more subtle and apealing than an M5 of the same age. Dubai plates?
  7. EVO Magazine.

    I have actually stopped buying EVO due to what I percieve as their awful attitude. There are a variety of reasons, but mainly amoungst them is the fact that they won't put my car in the knowledge (Fabia vRS) despite haveing the 1.4 in. I have written to them on several occasions, both to the editor and to the knowledge feedback and been flatly ignored. Roger Green even had the cheek to show up on Briskoda asking people along to an EVOactive event, was asked to give ana nswer to why the Fabia was ignored, said he would reply and never did. I have come to the conclusion that they really truly hate diesel cars, particularly small ones. On closer inspection there is no 206 GTi HDi, Ibiza FR 130pd etc. I just do not think that that is right. This is not the place to go into the good or bad points of these cars, but they do have their very strong benefits. Hilton holloway, on the other hand, is a top bloke. i had reason to interview him when he still worked for CAR and we chatted for over an hour - the interview should have only lasted 30 mins. I enjoy the expensive, high performance focus of EVO and am not one of these "your reader can't afford what you write about" people, but I strongly feel that they think they don't need to try. TBH buyin Autocar each week and CAR each month does me. It also leaves EVO to browse in the shops when the missus is shopping Cheers, Ross.
  8. oh no no no.............

    Wow, I really fancy an R32. But now that I will have to get a used one, Im begining to think they may be slightly more bother than they are worth... Anyway - wedding next year so no new car till after that, maybe something more tempting will have come along!
  9. Newbie says Hello!

    Hey, thanks for all the hellos! Lagoo, I did survive the trip back - beleive it or not I managed to sleep, in an Elise, at 100mph on the autoroute Oh but the only thing... and I feel this should stand as a warning to everyone here... Do not give Smudge the only map in a group of cars when he is the lead car (in a faster car)! The elise crew give up the only map, smudge takes it as he is in front, and he promptly flies off at 150mph We then get lost, with no map in northern France with a ferry to catch Thank goodness the UK registered 911 we found wasn't on the way to his "country pile" All in, it added to the road trip feel - brilliant weekend. Oh yeah, the Saudi thing - went to school there from 83 - 91 and the family have been in the Middle East for just over 20 years. Think of it as a second home... Cheers all.
  10. Newbie says Hello!

    Oh no, I got a far more embarrasing car for my 18th birthday. And no, I will never tell anyone And yes, I do expect anyone who knows the answer to keep it to themselves All I will say is that it was red, had 90bhp, a floppy, floppy, floppy chassis and was an abject lesson in understeer. Oh and Skoda is a positively ice cold brand beside it!!
  11. Im sorry guys

    I keep promising to stop with my clean car obsession, especially now that I have a black car. Just can't, I think it's a pathalogical thing. Ashamed to say that I have had the car cleaned by guys with dirty water or who use the same sponge on the wheels as they do the car,just so that it was "clean" for whatever occaision I was on the way to. Oh boy did I live to regret it Still, a good polish/wax helps to shift the worst swirls. I am never buying a black car agian though. Never. Finacee does 35k a year and the company dosent give them anything other than silver cars. Good move if you ask me Cheers.
  12. Newbie says Hello!

    Thanks, I'll try my best! Known JHT for a LONG time. All sorts of stories to tell Well, probably not.