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  1. Apple iPad Mini - 4th Gen iPad

    Lord only knows what apple are going to do once they can't make things thinner, lighter or smaller any more. Might have to try being innovative again.
  2. Unlocking iPhones

    I believe it's 'Device Firmware Upgrade' - It's the mode where you can turn the device on and connect to a PC without it loading the ROM.
  3. IPad apps

    No word on whether it will be ported over to ipad, but full Office functionality will be there for Win8 on tablets. It's bloody good, too, from the little play I had with it.
  4. IPad apps

    Dataviz's Docs to Go would be my choice. MS will release a tablet version of Office when Office Win8 comes out. Not 100% that this will be ported to ipad, but i'm pretty sure a mobile version of office is being made. The delay is nothing to do with trying to steal sales AFAIK. It's to do with the fact that the microsoft stack, up until now, didn't play well with ARM.
  5. Anyone got or used a Kindle?

    Just ordered a Kindle Fire HD 16GB. AMAZON! Y U NO SHIP IT ME TODAY????
  6. while this is true, it makes me rather sad. Especially given the quantity of rare-earth metals and other such stuff in there. For my mind, if something can be repaired, it is usually far greener than rip and replace.
  7. It's not an issue for everyone, and not for me either, as I can't ever see myself buying an MBP. It's an interesting one though. Given the price tag I would want to run one of these for at least 3 years, and with no user-servicable parts and likely high repair costs, I would be wary of that.
  8. ifixit seem to think so. MacBook Pro with Retina Display Teardown | iFixit pretty much everything is glued or soldered into place, no quick fixes here. The battery replacement guide is 46 steps. and that's just to get the battery out. Bottom line? If you're getting one of these, for heavens' sake get the applecare on top. Because this thing looks difficult and expensive to repair. I wouldn't want to even attempt it.
  9. McLaren Cartoon

    "The glass on this trophy cabinet is made from recycled vodka bottles from Kimi Raikkonen's standard wednesday afternoon."
  10. McLaren Cartoon

    That second ep. omitted the bit where they can't get one of Lewis' shoes on
  11. It's been a tough week. Dumped my girlfriend as she text me saying she was 'really into Alan', and now i've been diagnosed as dyslexic.
  12. OSX ML - Handy WiFi Diags

    In all seriousness, it's a nice little thing and looks easy to use.
  13. Please all check behind your sofas

    A couple of the security specialists at work have had them - one GT and one GCabrio if memory serves. Sound great, look just as good and are lovely to be in. The cost however is, as MrMe suggests, astronomical. Clutches are considered a consumable, no word of a lie. The guy with the cabrio had it written of by a corsa that jumped a light. deeply unhappy bunny.
  14. Now this is great!

    ' a genuine sound by using MP3 Technology' MP3 Technology??? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!
  15. Could be either a sensor or a software issue. Quick firmware change will give you a proper conclusion. I must admit i'm not a fan of the curve. I love my Bold, and I find it easier to type on than an iphone (for longer messages I make far fewer mistakes), but I can't type on a 9300 for toffee. Keyboard is awful and not particularly ergonomic. New 9900 and 9780 are pretty good, but even as a big BB fan, I wouldn't buy one right now. Waiting to see if QNX works or RIM get consigned to the bin of history. (having said that, there is a HTC wildfire S and a 9300 in my drawer here, I would not pick up the wildfire over the 9300)