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  1. 2.0 TDI fuel consumption

    I only get 44mpg on the motorway. Round town or driving quickly I rarely get much more than 36mpg. Only 1600 miles so far. How long before it improves??
  2. Just got my new TDI.Everything about the car is as I expected with the exception of the fuel economy. I'm getting mid 30's around town and just about 40mpg on run. Is this normal? Will it get better as it gets some miles on it or has it got a problem? Surely this can't be as good as it gets!!!
  3. S3 Clutch Slip - Again!!

    Nick , Yes the clutch doesnt seem to slip every time. It happens when the boost kicks in. Sometimes its fine but occasionally the revs climb without the car accelerating much and then it seems to get it together and go. I assume its on its way out and will simply get worse until either I or Audi replace it. Looking at the costs shown on here I will probably go down the MTM clutch route. Presumably this clutch is supposed to be able take the extra go from the chip.
  4. S3 Clutch Slip - Again!!

    My S3 only has 16000 miles on it. Clutch has been slipping now and again since 12000. Assume the 265bhp chip is more than it can handle. Any ideas on the cost of a new one from Audi and MTM?