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  1. I completely failed to post a resolution. CV joint was fooked, replaced for a mere £150, since then the GTI has performed magnificently considering she is now 4 years old.
  2. Local non franchised garage solved the problem whilst I was at the Geneva motor show. Off side CV joint replaced at a reasonable £170. Mk6 GTI did not make me wish I had one on order, however, the RS Focus is another matter!
  3. Interesting, I had one boot replaced under warranty last April. Could well account for the problems. Tyre wear has been bad for a while, now I know why! Surprised at the engine mounts, maybe I am just unlucky! I will report back next month post rectification.
  4. Finally got around to obtaining a diagnosis to the problem detailed above. With less than 40,000 miles, just under 4 years old and no modifications to the power I require 2 new CV joints and at least one, if not more, rubber engine mounts!
  5. 05 plate GTI 39,000 miles. It sounds like something is lose. Car handles fine, but strange noises occur when dipping the clutch. Not major sounds, but then again, they can turn to louder noises if left (is my concern). As I dip the clutch, there is a tapping sound, but not exclusively when I dip the clutch and only occurs at low speed (might be doing it at higher speed, but masked by road noise) If I had to guess, gear linkage, but not affecting the gear change?
  6. My GTI has developed a series of noises from the front end. Noticeable at low speed especially when you dip the clutch pedal. Something sounds loose and the car has recently stated making, around the front suspension area, noises when turning. Any clues would be appreciated before I let VW tell me what is wrong.
  7. Pricing my Gti

    Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 Petrol 5-door Hatchback 6 Speed Manual Front Wheel Drive Year: 2005 05 Mileage: 37,000 Part-exchange Price: Excellent condition: £11800 Average condition: £10650 Below average condition: £9480
  8. Having watched 5th Gear last weekend only proves what I have known for 3 years! If I was hankering to change my car, what would I buy. A daft question really!
  9. Almost 3 years old and 36,000 miles. Apart from a glove box squeak, the car has been 100% reliable with no warranty issues. Sadly though (for some) I grin every time I drive it!
  10. Same tyre fitted in Nov 2007. Loads of road noise, but MASSIVE grip! Tyre test is correct, your tyres must be faulty.
  11. Oil usage

    1 addtional litre per 10,000 miles on a 05 manual.
  12. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Goodyear Asymmetric, I have them fitted to the front and having driven on them for 1000 miles,they are no better than the Pilots in fact, they are rather noisy! Road noise has increased, more of a rumbling. F1 GSD's are still my tyre of choice, I wish I had stuck to my original plan. I have GSD's on the rear and when I replaced the Pilot's on this axle, the road noise went down and grip was improved. I am going to swap axle's with them to get the GSD's on the front and lust at the lovely tread pattern!
  13. EVO tyre test 2007

    The stopping distance is a real eye opener, the difference between life and death possibly!
  14. Who Needs A Stinking Diesel?!

    I get around 33 mpg which includes cruising at an indicated 85 mph for long periods. The GTI on an open road has amazing MPG considering its performance.
  15. Child seat in GTI

    Never had a problem with my Britax, you have to push hard into the seat and pull the belt. Fits very tight and no 'play' in the belt. No substitute for ISOFIX though.