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  1. A6 Diesel

    Regards the above it does have a pump, 2 in fact - now my head is burstin because I can't fathom how the fuel gets out of the tank. The pipe outlet for the supply to the front is short, with a gauze on the end and is not connected to the pump pipes but submerged in the fuel in the swirl pot type housing. Can anyone shed some light as to whether the pump pumps fuel to the front or mearly operates within the tank to ensure a good supply, i.e is the injection pump sucking fuel from the tank? HELP!!
  2. A6 Diesel

    Quick answer needed if possible, would anyone know if a Vreg A6 2.5 TDi has an electric pump in the fuel tank to supply the Derv to the Injection Pump? Cheers!
  3. A4 quattro

    it's too heavy a noise to be a cv joint - but thanx for advice
  4. A4 quattro

    My 2002 A4 2.5TDI Quattro is making the occasional odd noise from the rear diff area. When you take off from standstill, in 1st accelerating briskly, but not full on at about 10mph there is one rather loud/dull clunk from what appears to be N/S/R ish area. Lift off and reapply and again clunk/thud just once each on off throttle then it stops - never in higher gears only 1st. Now some times if your pulling hard in higher gears say 5th at 60(remember this has big torque) there is almost like a rear tramping, certainly some sort of vibration from the rear. Begininng to think it's only after tight turns - is diff winding up?? Maybe wrong! Stuck!! It's done 24k - been serviced by Audi - once - is now out of warranty and the only time it'll ever see a stealers workshop again, is when it's their's not mine - so that's not an option!! Any ideas anyone - anyone had a similar prob?? Thanx for reading!
  5. Software for BMW options

    Does anyone know if there is software available to "talk" to BM's. Like VAG COM for VW group. If so, where and how much? TA!
  6. Eugghhh

    Just had a closer look - the front one is kerbed to death? The owner probably took off the 18" alloys and fitted golf wheels and the trims to protect his investment (clearly the wife's motor - ouch! I can here the women already!!)
  7. Eugghhh

    They're fab! Where can I get a set? Do you think you can get them in 20" spinner form??
  8. Cab to get 2.0TDi engine

    You guys can't be serious!! I defy you to tell the difference between a petrol or diesel cab from the outside, or from the inside top down when moving. There is no way anyone from the outside could tell which engine as the car approached at anything over 15mph, likewise when moving top down the wind is gonna cover the engine noise. Even roof up at motorway speeds there's too much noise to know what engine is up front! The TDI will give you more smiles per gallon as well as miles - it's the no brainer for anyone who likes a bit of torque and pull in any gear - by the time the petrol punter has stirred his stick looking for some oomph the TDI will be in another county!!!
  9. Cab to get 2.0TDi engine

    Well guys I'm with Kell - if the shoe fits . . . Ye want a cab - fine Ye can only run diesel for various reasons - ok Ye've got a budget - ah! 3.0 is too dear then(and the economy is closer to a petrol) Whoopee - the 2.0TDi is for you - re-mapped So don't say buy second hand petrol - coz ye don't want used or out of warranty probs and remember it's got to be diesel!! And don't say the noise coz anything above 3mph an you won't know what's in it So, again, if the shoe fits ... - if I was to get one it would be the 2.0TDi and thankyou Audi for realising that it's gonna sell in this country - probably be the best-seller of the cabs So there! I've said my bit
  10. There's no rule for clutch's - the best driver in the world will never need a clutch if used properly - on the other hand yer granny could eat her brand new clutch before she's off the forecourt. Saying all that though the pressure plate or bearing could fail at anytime and yer fecked!! So as a guide if the clutch doesn't engage until the pedal is very close to the top then it's probably worn!! It's down to the driver as already stated!
  11. New 3 Series Convertible

    Thanx MrMe, will look into that and share my findings! As far as I can see the Denison ipod cradle charges, anyone know different?
  12. Soot Chucker Must Now Go . . .

    Cheers Mick, will try later!
  13. 320cd Performance Upgrade

    Well did you get it? Did it work? What kind is it? Did you price/compare any others?
  14. New 3 Series Convertible

    Well thats a relief then - just bought an 05 plate on the basis that it would be almost two years till the new one! So, unrelated, but now you're reading, a few questions for those in the know: 1. What is the best tuning chip for 2.0d? Anybody got the t-shirt? 2. Have I heard correctly of an ipod interface for BMW stereos and where from? 3. I think the 5 series 'angel eyes' are mega scary and I want them on the 3, so where do you get them?(No dodgy light rope type things please - good quality replacement lamps) Cheers guys!
  15. Soot Chucker Must Now Go . . .

    Right need help to post pics coz I'm thick! Got photos but can't upload them or attach coz they're too big So how do u do it? reduce, then include - step by step coz me is dumb