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  1. how well do you know your beer?

    Or they've spelt it wrong - "Guiness" works.
  2. Rad Dwarf - Oh how the mighty have fallen

    No they don't - actors are not real people.
  3. New Priceless offerings

    Why all the mastercard references?
  4. Endless eh? And you stop after two!
  5. Woman Drivers

    Who thought that we needed the red circle on the last one - how unobservant do you think we are?
  6. Chav Ratings

    Once again, what is the problem with Iceland? And secondly, what is wrong with Pay as you go? I don't use my phone as much as others would, and it works out cheaper. I'm not throwing good money away.
  7. Addictive Rubbish

    Go on! Kill 'im!
  8. This is scary, try it out!

    All looks like a big pile o' hoax to me.
  9. Eternal Questions.

    How do you know it fell over? it could just be having a little lie down. It'll get up when you've gone.
  10. Great Truths

    Laughter - the gift of the Gods
  11. Computer gender!

    Neither do computers accept a 3 and a half inch floppy.
  12. The young ventriloquist

    Aah! Thanks!
  13. A Moral Dilemma

    [ QUOTE ] Well I thought it was funny [/ QUOTE ] Did you? MOD!
  14. Spoof Porsche Cayanne Ad