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  1. M2 or Macan

    M2, manual. The M135i feels like it is limited by the open diff, would certainly be interested in trying an M2 to see if it is better.
  2. Post a pic of your car

    Picked up the Vantage yesterday after getting the Performance Pack with titanium exhaust fitted. Takes it up to 595bhp and it is really rather loud now! Need to do a proper recording, but short clip here:
  3. 720 Wop

    They are actually acting as ducts to radiators. Taking the silhouette of a traditional light cluster, installing small light units inside the and then ducts above and below the central bar (DRL?).
  4. 720 Wop

    Talk I went to at the weekend focused a lot on the design of the 720S, really interesting hearing just how much work goes into the aerodynamics, and how integral it is to the whole process. Can't say I love the look of the lights, but make more sense when you understand why they've been designed as they have. Bet you can't wait!
  5. My kind of art exhibition

    I do some work for a local antique showroom (IT support, website, product photography) and they had some flyers for the exhibition. They know I like my cars so pointed them out to me whilst I was there doing some work. Was good value too, £10 per person.
  6. My kind of art exhibition

    I'm not a massive art fan, but the Art of Motion exhibition at Messums Wiltshire in Tisbury definitely gets a (y) from me. Runs until May 29th: Went along for a talk by Mark Roberts of McLaren about the design process behind all of their road cars, from the F1 onwards. Good to hear his daily driver is a supercharged Exige too. Stupidly forgot to take my SLR, so just a few phone shots. Some nice stuff in the car park. Ferrari F1 V8 crankshaft sculture. Yours for just £30k + VAT McLaren F1 XP5 Ferrari 288 GTO McLaren P1 Alfa Muira AC Cobra E-Type Roadster
  7. Post a pic of your car

    It is QUITE LOUD.
  8. Post a pic of your car

    Technically not mine, but I get to play chauffeur as my Dad can't really drive anymore. Aston Martin V12 Vantage S by James Thorburn, on Flickr Aston Martin V12 Vantage S and Dodge Viper by James Thorburn, on Flickr Still have the Elise - over 9 years now: Couple Fiestas for our dailys (2007 Zetec S for me, 2016 ST for the wife) and also use my Dad's BMW M135i pretty regularly.
  9. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    Just redid my office workstation with a trio of BenQ 32" 4K monitors. A little overwhelming initially going from a 30" 2560x1600 main and 2 x 1920x1200 24" displays, but the extra work space and display quality is well worth it. 100% sRGB colour gamut is nice for photo and video editing, and much easier on the eyes than the older panels. Oh, and i can use them for this too:
  10. Haynes motor museum

    One of those was in the Top 5 people's choice at Beaulieu last weekend. I swear people just voted for it just to see if it could make it to the site area and back without breaking down.
  11. 720 Wop

    Very nice.
  12. Haynes motor museum

    Ups and downs, but not bad. How are you?
  13. Haynes motor museum

    Sparkford, just off the A303. I live about 10 miles away from it. They do a breakfast club meet the first Sunday of every month, normally a couple hundred cars in attendance, from hatchbacks to supercars. Food can be a bit variable though - used to be long lines but really good, then they tried to streamline things and the quality went down, not been able to make it for a few months but will try it again soon. Haynes Breakfast Club Meet June 2016 by James Thorburn, on Flickr Nissan Skyline by James Thorburn, on Flickr Haynes Breakfast Club - July 2015 by James Thorburn, on Flickr Haynes Breakfast Club August 2015 by James Thorburn, on Flickr
  14. I fear the end is nigh for Lotus...

    They already have invested £100m apparently and going by the new job postings and this they are hiring for new products internally and anticipating more external consultancy work: Lotus Embarks on Major Recruitment Drive | Lotus Cars Worth remembering the car manufacturing isn't all they do, often when that has run at a loss the group has still been profitable overall. The Elise in many ways was just an advert and to validate the aluminium chassis construction, with Lotus Engineering later using similar techniques in the design of the Aston Martin Vanquish chassis, etc.
  15. I fear the end is nigh for Lotus...

    Rumour mill has been suggesting a new Elise platform in the works and its about time really as looking an Exige V6 you can trace big chunks of the architecture back to my 15 year old S1, even if it does drive very differently. It's a great car, but for some existing owners the similarities makes it hard to justify. DRB-Hicom have also said they're working on a new Evora with a different chassis and engine. Wouldn't be surprised to see both built on variations of the VVA platform (as used in the current Evora), with the Elise around 2015 still a relatively compact car but with easier access and a bit less tight inside and a 4-cylinder, while the next Evora would use a more modern V6 and would also form the basis for a next generation Exige. Might be totally wrong, but just me joining up the dots from various mutterings I keep hearing.