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  1. First mountain bike XC race entered

    Entering the Goodwood Spring Challenge too
  2. Arsenal v Barcelona

    Wigan for one Manchester United Wigan are to resurface rutted DW Stadium pitch but there is not enough turf available to do the whole field - News - MirrorFootball.co.uk
  3. First mountain bike XC race entered

    Yeah I suspect at that weight it won't be much of a differential. The endurance is the current issue, but all being well September will be a breeze (and if it's too hard I can stop halfway as it runs past my house!)
  4. First mountain bike XC race entered

    I think my build will be close to 10 as well, but the pedals have to be added to that.
  5. Arsenal v Barcelona

    Ok I present our other lesbian
  6. First mountain bike XC race entered

    Only entering at the "beginner" level so a 5-6k event. Been back riding for about 6 months but enjoy it quite a lot
  7. First mountain bike XC race entered

    Yes And I bought a new toy too but it's carbon fibre so thats ok you see.
  8. MacBook Pro crashed :o

    Pics or it never happened!
  9. Arsenal v Barcelona

    Yeah Samir has the look of a lesbian about him
  10. Arsenal v Barcelona

    In regard to "watching" Cesc, if you get the chance to see him play a game try and watch him for 10 minutes. His running and positional sense are a big part of his game. His passing has not been what it was this season, but it's still not too shabby.
  11. Arsenal v Barcelona

    Was another brilliant game to witness live. Barcelona tore us apart, as they should, they are streets ahead of us. But we got two goals and the result on paper shows us as the winners. I'm not totally confident of getting a result at the nou camp, but you never know. Jack was outstanding tonight, games like this are the making of him. Oh and I have really f*cked my ankle celebrating our second goal.
  12. which tyres to obtain? (and where?)

    Balls, came in here to suggest part worns
  13. How does the above read to you? I.e. what do you think is not covered reading the above line?
  14. Yeah but there is the small issue of the capital outlay
  15. Petrol vs Diesel

    Some of the people I work with were out in Kuwait last week with work. The guy showing them round had a Cayenne Turbo, cost £10 to fill it up!
  16. Yes they have some, black or red sir?
  17. No heather, she likes the auto box you see. Felt the clutch was a bit wooden in other cars
  18. I know where they "borrowed" a car from to see how a automated clutch gearbox can work, then used the basis of the findings for the box in the Macca. Ecurie are trying to get me to re-join, and waving a massive carrot with the words McLaren on it in front of me..........
  19. Yeah it had air temp, water temp, oil temp, rectal temp, cabin temp, outside temp, tyre air temp, tyre air pressure, tyre wear and tyre part worn confirmation gauges
  20. I sold (traded) a car that "belonged" to a dead person once. Wasn't an IAM driver I don't think.
  21. An insurance policy wording

    In advance of me sending a letter today BMW have just called. My interpretation of the policy wording was correct. I did ask had I not questioned the deduction would the money have been paid out, strangely they couldn't answer that one........
  22. Rooney goal

    I can't stand the spud faced idiot, however his bicycle kick goal today was excellent.
  23. Rooney goal

    Yes, was nice to be stood on the north bank (version 2) and celebrate that.
  24. An insurance policy wording

    Cheers Jon will follow that route.