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  1. John could you post the address again, seems i only wrote it down once last time - that was on the envelope!
  2. Windsor Meet 29th January 7pm

    Might be there but i will be late if i do come as i am at work for once on the wednesday!
  3. My wax has gone hard

    Its the block of wax that came with the quik detailing spray stuff. I would go and look at it now but that would mean going outside and opening up the garage!
  4. M3 Residuals

    Sorry for the delay in my spec, not been online for a while. Carbon Black Metallic Black Leather Harmon Kardon with 6CD Changer Sat Nav with TV Arm Rest Rear Window Blind I do miss heated seats but oh well the car more than makes up for that!
  5. Why RWD?

    RWD is lots of fun and much nicer to drive i feel. I have got a good FWD car in the garage too (puma) and it is nice to go for a run in that sometimes. Only problem with RWD and lots of power is that rear tyres only last about 12K and they are wide so cost lots of money
  6. Boxster or Boxster 's'

    Go for the S. I owned an S and had a 2.7 on loan while mine was at the dealer. The S is a far better and more rounded car than the 2.7. However expect small dick jokes if you drive a porsche and people will also want to see that large right arm you will have. Anyway back onto the topic. Are you sure that your insurance will be that high??? Did you have lots of points/ban? My insurance on the S was £1600, i was 21 and had 3 years no claims. When i bought the M3 it went up by £200 but that included a change of postcode (+£50) and adding mrs. DHA as a named driver. Oh as a final thought go for and M3! It will take far longer to get bored of the power
  7. M3 "Sports" button

    The throttle response sharpens a hell of a lot with the sport mode on. I havent used it at all really as pulling away in damp/wet/icy/snow conditions without spinning the wheels in sport mode is damn impossible. Come the dry weather then it will be on all the time!
  8. M3 Residuals

    Not sure about after 3 years but to give you an idea i bought mine for £40,500. It was 18 months old with 13K on the clock and cost £46K new. SO even if it loses another 5.5K in the next 18 months it is still worth a good amount. Go on you know you want to
  9. When i phone my dealer next i will ask!
  10. john did i pay the deposit or the full amount? cheers
  11. There is also bm3w.co.uk seem to be a lot ok good posters on there but im not sure if they would move as it seems a well set up site. Thorney is involved there too.
  12. Specs

    AFN reading were a bit bollocks once they had your money, guy at work uses the chiswick branch and seems to think they are ok.
  13. TVR T350C

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr /> but things from the back are plain UGLY!!!!! [/ QUOTE ] Not what ive heard you say before blue
  14. Specs

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr /> if you're Dave's size (and you ain't ) [/ QUOTE ] ROFLMAO How about Cobalt Blue? Looks very nice. Which dealer are you using?
  15. Wonder wheels alloy cleaner

    I know its not the best stuff, the meguiars it better i am told but out of interest how much is a bottle in halfords? I think its £10 for 500ml, just wondering as i got a good deal on a trade pack at the weekend.
  16. Specs

    Mac, it is 4wd. 5% of power minimum to the front wheels upto a maximum of 40%. Go for sports seats as they have better support. How about the performance pack? Then you will have a Turbo S. Any more questions?
  17. Reliability?

    Lagoo thats scary money, dont think that mrs. dha would appreciate that - or i might have to visit tiffany & co very often!
  18. 2002 M3

    Thorney, it must have been the lack of roof that made it feel un trackable. Nick, i had the option of a cancelled order to my spec which was due for delivery in a month or quite a few used examples. I have an 18month old car which had 14K on the clock for £6K less than list. And oh yes another finance deal of joy
  19. Reliability?

    My only worry is the service costs, my boss had a chimera and the first service was £1500, it was sold soon after. Another guy i work with is on his 3rd tvr, currently a tuscan, and loves them. Oh and lagoo if you do find this thread what tuscan do you have?
  20. Dream car...

  21. 2002 M3

    hehehehe ive got one The 2002 model had spec changes from the original, i can list them if you really want. It was mostly the optional & standard kit changes. Not being biased here but the capabilities of the car are amazing, a few from here are impressed. The car seems to feel quicker when you are a passenger for some reason and im not sure why. I havent had a chance to compare it yet, mostly because people dont try or my girlfriend is in the car with me, a new scoob type UK wanted to play on the M3 (motorway) yesterday but i had passengers who might not have appreciated the M at full chat in the wet
  22. 500bhp M5

    Might be the new model, the new 5 is out soon and the M should be about 6-9 months after i am told. It will need 500horses i think to compete with the '6. But 500 and RWD