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  1. Torres to Chelsea?

    Suarez and Carroll, what could possibly go wrong........
  2. Torres to Chelsea?

    So how many deals did 'arry try to 'ijack at the last minute? Mad money spent yesterday. Oh and Jack is only just 19 mrme. He is a very very good player already (I know I have red tinted specs)
  3. Spurs go money mad!

    The new stadium (be it shite hart lane or the olympic place) will see them curtail the spending
  4. Torres to Chelsea?

    Carroll is not worth that!
  5. Torres to Chelsea?

    £42.8 million agreed is the current rumour
  6. Spurs go money mad!

    Where do they get their ****ing money?
  7. Cars that you daren't overtake...

    duh duh duh duh duh duh de duh de dah
  8. Cars that you daren't overtake...

    But the gimp is sleeping
  9. Following my recent situation regarding my car I will be looking for something to replace it with, when the insurance companies pay out. My budget is around £10-12k but I'm not sure what to get. I am looking at something small and cheap to run, but still be reasonable to drive (my Astra hire car is terrible, the steering reacts as quickly as that on the Ark Royal). Ideally less than a year old, decent fuel economy, but fun to drive. Is this possible? Fiesta Zetec, Alfa Mito are what I have thought about, new Labia VRS? Any suggestions? Ta
  10. £25,000 fine. I hope they fine Arsenal as well for our 8 changes away to Wigan. Seriously
  11. Hodgson gone

    Roy Hodgson has left Liverpool "by mutual consent"
  12. Cars that you daren't overtake...

    DeLoreans as well, best to avoid even trying it one with one of them. Especially above 88mph* * which is of course illegal in the UK anyway, unless it's a private test track
  13. Cars that you daren't overtake...

    306 diesel, but the turbo version. Wouldn't dare overtake one of those. Wud blow me in da weeds bruv. brap braaapppp
  14. So in the last 6 months I have gone from being a customer of a "prestige" brand (BMW) to considering a normal car. How different the experience is. Yes you do pay for the nice shiny dealership and good coffee when you buy a BMW or similar, and when you goto Skoda, Renault or Ford you can't expect such plush surroundings but the experiences differ so much. When you enter my BMW dealer the reception ladies greet you and will arrange for someone to come and see you if you have not got an appointment. Coffee is offered, and brought to you even if you are yet to be a customer. The showroom is light, airy and there are plenty of cars on display. Yesterday I visited a Skoda and a Renault dealership. They were like used car lots, but just branded. Skoda; the salesman came over to me after a minute or so. I did get a testdrive. Was given a brochure but he didn't take my details. Perhaps he thought I was a test pilot? I was in jeans and a jumper but arrived in the passenger seat of a brand new car. How will he follow up that sale? Renault; 2 cars in the showroom (you could easily have fitted more) I made eye contact with 2 salesmen but after 10 minutes of standing around looking like a spare cock at a lesbian party I left. Yes I might be snobby and want the creature comforts that the more expensive premium brands offer. But why don't sales people at the normal dealerships want to sell? The BMW guys were not hard pressured, they treated me with respect and I did them. They were more than helpful with the queries that I had and looked as if they wanted to sell me a car. The other brands? They came across like they couldn't be arsed. Perhaps I expected too much, perhaps they thought me not good enough? I don't know, but what I know is that I had cash to buy a car yesterday and didn't. Before anyone says my BMW dealer is sh1t, yes I know some are but the one I use is very good.
  15. Top Gear Tonight

    Was interested in the stats the bike has, shame TG didn't let us know what they were. 190bhp, on a bike!!!
  16. Ian Prior the football editor for the Grauniad tweeted "Major - and boy do I mean it - football exclusive coming up on guardian.co.uk sometime around 5.30" Wonder what it is? Hope it's a football story and not some "scandal"
  17. You haven't noticed!!! Then again you don't frequent Arsenal forums I guess!
  18. London Zoo will make a rival bid in the Summer
  19. Poor old Sp*rs, they will have to re-shoot next seasons kit launch
  20. I think so. If he does, Blackpool will go down
  21. And do you REALLY think that Arsenal will be part of a transfer story?
  22. No Stratford Wanderers will have their start from Planet of the Apes being subjected to a "record" bid from Inter
  23. W@nkers, club to make large bid for fashionable player in summer............