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  1. Yeah I agree (not the 6 points bit!) if they limit the squad to 25 players you can pick who you want from that 25, otherwise why have 25 players unless they only did it to limit Citeh buying every player in the world. But if they fine Blackpool they should fine us.
  2. Vivid Dreams

    You want odd dreams? Last night I dreamt I was hanging out with Snoop Dogg, then I was asked to carry out a hit and I shot him in the head....... the post dinner brandy and watching silent witness may have had some bearing on this, but not sure where d o gg came from???
  3. Football Managers Wages

    Which in the current times seems a "paltry" wage for such a player.
  4. Football Managers Wages

    Does make for interesting reading. I wonder how the clubs list in average wages and are they in the same order as the managers?
  5. Three close shaves in a day?

    No further questions your honour.
  6. Thule Aero Bars

    Yeah the spindles tighten the feet (i.e. in the direction along the bars themselves) so that they line up with the feet on the roof.
  7. Someone at work was asking did I know of any companies (surrey area or around) that retro fit parking sensors in the rear bumper and don't make it look like its a home DIY job. Anyone know of any?
  8. Being sensible

    I know where you are coming from, my shortlived 135 was probably going to be my last performance car and I would go for luxobarge after. Coasting along is quite nice, but I am having something reasonably fun for another couple of years. Can we rename the forum pipeandslipperswithgoodmpganddieselsmoke.net
  9. Meeting to agree personal terms by the current press rumours.
  10. The perfect overtake

    Yes my professional train set has far bigger and far more expensive trains
  11. Can't fault Porsche either. As a 20 year old I went to the Reading dealership said I was interested in buying a boxster. Saleswoman showed me round the showroom car then took me for a test drive, I bought one. I have just recalled a service department issue from my old M3, they had messed me about and I hand delivered a letter to the service manager. He read it in front of my eyes then said "if you let your Dad know we will look into it". I replied "why would I let my Dad know?" at this point the penny is starting to drop. "Is it his car?" I was asked. "No" came the response, and then there was possibly the most embarrassed look I have ever seen on anyones face.
  12. The perfect overtake

    Oh and perfect overtake needs a lot of BHP.
  13. The perfect overtake

    Someone I work with is a driver there. We all take the piss out of his toy trainset he drives.
  14. Favourite aftermarket wheel

    Always loved these
  15. No, Barons Farnborough
  16. £10-12K but what to get?

    It was tempting today.......
  17. £10-12K but what to get?

    It's been interesting comparing "lesser" marques with the premium ones and how they treat a prospective customer. In fact when I have 5 minutes I might post about it.
  18. So my insurance has more than doubled due to the theft and loss of no claims, which I can understand. However my girlfriend is just getting quotes for her new car. The premium has risen because I am a named driver with a claim! Why? I don't think I am more of a risk because my car was stolen.
  19. Martin O'Neill's got a new job

    Gold and Sullivan are only there for one reason, money. When they get to sell Upton Park if they get the move to the Olympic stadium. Sp*rs are forcing their local council by saying they will move if they don't get the approval to redevelop shite hart lane, they will get approval to do that and West Ham will get the move to the olympic stadium.
  20. £10-12K but what to get?

    Went looking this afternoon, Skoda Labia was quite good to drive apart from the steering not really being connected to the front wheels. Gearbox was good, engine decent amount of power, but the car reacted rather slowly when you turned the wheel. Shame, oh and there is a 4 month wait on them so that rules them out as they haven't got any used ones. Renault, spent 10 minutes stood in showroom, made eye contact with two salesmen. Nothing happened so I walked out. Will have to find another dealer......
  21. Top Gear Reminder

    Yeah no adverts for this seen, cheers for the heads up
  22. Martin O'Neill's got a new job

    This whole West Ham thing is a complete debacle
  23. £10-12K but what to get?

    Renaultsport Clio?
  24. £10-12K but what to get?

    I would have to goto work in it still, but it would be fun down the runway!!
  25. £10-12K but what to get?

    No, and I suspect Elise will be the next post?