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  1. Pun-tastic

    I think I might apply to The Sun Jay-Z to invest in Arsenal? « block6gooner
  2. GCab and a few others (myself included) think it is a good idea to have a thread where we can put photos in that we have taken that don't fit in with the competitions. So I have created this thread (and will cross the palms of the mod's with silver to get it made a sticky hopefully) as somewhere to stick them. Either photobucket or flickr would be a good place to host them and link to. Also don't forget the TSN flickr group
  3. Ok I think we have a good number of people who have experienced a different selection of tyres on their GTI. I want us to collate this info so people can use it to help choose tyres for their GTI. I know different tyres behave differently on different makes of car but hopefully people will have broadly similar experiences with their MkV GTI. So can you copy and paste the below text as many times are required for you own tyres and add any comments. Cheers Wheel Size Tyre model Miles Driven Season Would you buy again? Comments
  4. Don't buy this 135i

    2010 BMW 135i M Sport DCT It's might be HPI clear but it WAS stolen and recovered, and did approx 2000 miles during that 2 month period.
  5. Don't buy this 135i

    You have to send the V5 to your insurers to start the claim process.
  6. Don't buy this 135i

    I think you are just the grantee and the DVLA still "owns" it.
  7. Don't buy this 135i

    I didn't take up the "offer" so not sure what the price would have been. Part of me wonders if my car was more obvious with the plate on it, the police do feel that my car had been watched prior to the theft taking place, did the plate make it more obvious?
  8. Don't buy this 135i

    Selling it is fine, but they have to be up front about this. If you go to trade a car that has been stolen recovered the dealers are of course going to sting you for it no question. The sale price is just under what the insurance payout was at the time, so Admiral lost money on the car (assuming the dealer is making a profit on what they paid in the trade).
  9. Don't buy this 135i

    Once the insurers pay out the car becomes their property. If you transfer ownership of a car to someone with a "cherished plate" still attached they then technically own the plate as well. The insurers notify the DVLA that it is stolen, and the owner also has to declare it SORN when it is stolen.
  10. Don't buy this 135i

    When it departed it had 10,005 miles on the clock. I had gone to pick a parcel up that night and passed 10k as I arrived at the parcel place, it's 5 miles from my house so thats how i know what the mileage was at the time. It was stolen on 31st December, and around about the 1st March the police called to say they had recovered it and did I own the contents (which I am yet to get returned but some were missing when they found it) so it has covered 2000 miles in the two months it was in the crooks hands. It was in perfect condition when it left, no marks on alloys etc, but that can all be hidden - as perhaps can a history?
  11. Don't buy this 135i

    Yep that one, if thats not mine then I am amazed that there is one with an identical spec and age out there
  12. Don't buy this 135i

    Wonder if it was due to the fact it was stolen?
  13. Don't buy this 135i

    It's the le mans blue 135 thats £27,750 "cheapest in the UK" says the advert. Will do another search to get a link in a bit
  14. Don't buy this 135i

    Postcode is not an L start so think I am ok, ta anyway. Was thinking about why it might be "HPI clear". It was stolen on a personal plate, which the insurance company took possession of as it was still assigned to the vehicle. (I was given the option of purchasing it off them). I suspect they have removed this and put it on a 10 plate to sell on. Therefore the HPI might not show stolen as it wasn't stolen on that reg? (I suspect it might say that the car was registered under another reg mark at some point).
  15. Don't buy this 135i

    Looks like it was mine, spec identical with the extra bits I added after I bought it. I adjusted the link to remove my postcode and now its broken it
  16. Calling all mountain bikers.......

    With the budget you have how about something from zee Germans? Decent spec for the money, pretty good weight. CUBE BIKES . Mountain Bikes . Roadrace . Trekking Bikes or how about a boardman?
  17. F*ck

    Just got up for work. Couldn't find my car keys. Reason being some cnut has came into our house last night and taken the car.
  18. F*ck

    I don't want it back, I miss it, but it would be a b1tch to sell on. Unless they will let me buy it for £5! But as insurance have paid out then I have no claim on the car.
  19. F*ck

    Nah the guy didn't say much, and I was half asleep, will ask more if he calls back. You would assume it must be on dodgy plates?
  20. F*ck

    Had a call from the police this morning (woke me up, the buggers). Car was found last night in the Hampton area. They need the keys (which are with the insurers) but some of my personal stuff might be in the car still by all accounts. Hope there is plenty of forensic evidence to catch the cnuts.
  21. Thule Aero bars

    A pair of Thule Aero bars for sale. In very good condition. Currently have feet for Audi A4 saloon (b5/b6) but these can be changed and other ones fitted. Ideally collected from Guildford area, but am willing to travel a short distance if required. £75. Cheers
  22. Build date versus delivery date?

    Over the December/Snow period there were massive issues with BMW deliveries. There was a death at the port where they arrive which caused its closure by the HSE whilst that was investigated, then it snowed, then cars kept arriving, then BMW stopped updating the dealer systems with projected delivery dates. It really was pot luck. A december delivery for us also became a mid January delivery. The US builds are "normally" 4 weeks from build finish to arriving in the UK.
  23. Which is faster?

    Sorry I am going to have to say neither, clearly a 306 diesel, turbo charged, on part worns, with extra dials, and an advanced driver at the wheel, will win the caterham academy
  24. So I have signed up for my first XC mountain bike race t-2 and a half weeks