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  1. As title really, has the VW people vanished to another forum? Seemed lots more posts prior to the site upgrade, it could be just me as i don't seem to call in any more
  2. 2001 passat - misfire problem

    Could this be the start of the injector loom wiring failing? Quite easy to replace and not an expensive part. Easier to replace than mess about trying to fix.
  3. Passat spare bits

    All dirty in the pics but should clean up ok, will be smashed up and thrown away in 2 weeks. Also have a standard Gamma head unit if anyone wants it. Was in full working order when i took it out to fit a sat nav
  4. Passat spare bits

    All free for collection or for the postage costs. Engine tray Engine cover Under tray Radio frame Front grill All off a Passat 2001 B5.5. Were taken off as i didn't like them! But someone else might like them Posting quick as it keeps booting me off and i have to start all over again!
  5. Some stuff.

    Mr Nuts! Can you clear your PM inbox, you have important crap trying to get through! **Edited coz ad spelld it rong!!
  6. The Passat is no more!!

    Not sure yet. Was hoping to run the old one a bit longer then buy a 3 year old new shape passat. Do you know what the earliest new shape passat is? Have seen a few on a 55 plate (has to be estate). Would be looking for similar to old one, 3 years old ex company car and around 100k on the clock. Seem to be a good price and plenty of miles left to go, no warrenty issues and a few bits to repair! Thats i good car! Other makes are an option but must be an estate, fairly economical (45k+ miles per year) and man enough to tow a reasonable sized *cough* caravan *cough* Ps. managed to post a picture on first post, can they be incorporated into the text? Where are the emocon thingys on here? Ps2. Really like the new forum, soooooooo much faster
  7. The Passat is no more!!

    My passenger (my dad!) did hurt his neck and had to go to A & E. I blamed it on him being old My neck hurt the next morning and has caused considerable pain since, have been to the doctors and its soft tissue damage and will heal with time. I think i posted about the belt change, it took 2 years off the car (feel of to drive) and the mpg shot up so i was averaging 50+. Look in the picture, 250,000 miles and 54.4 mpg. Not bad really, a bit gutted the cars written off but at least we wern't splattered all over it and dead!
  8. The Passat is no more!!

    Thanks for the reply Chris, would have been happy with 20%. Spoke to my insurance today and they can only sell it for 75% of its pre-accident value! So they want over 2k and leaving £600 or so to rebuild the back end and repair the front. Told them its not worth it and was told thats the best they can do as even with very high milage its considered a "desirable car" to salvage companies and its components will sell quickily! So its being written off and i am looking for a replacement
  9. The Passat is no more!!

    Proudly took this picture the other day! http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=32604&stc=1&d=1207777228 The same day a f**king bus crashed into the back of me knocking me into a car in front . Car has been in for assessment and has been written off as "beyond economic repair", i had decided to keep the car and run it past 300k. Its a 2001 Passat estate with 250k on the clock, is a value of £2700 reasonable? Its more than i expected. My Question. Will there be a "buy back" option on the car and is it worthwhile? Or am i stupid? Repair would be complete new towbar (excluding electrics), new boot door and glass, new rear bumper, inserts and spraying. New front bumper and inserts and spraying. Anyone with insurance knowledge that can advise of "buy back price" and any pitfalls. One worry is someone has told me there is a new test for written off cars and it sounds similar to an SVA (have knowledge of this from kit cars). I think its a VIC for a Cat C and costs £35. Any help appreciated
  10. Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection?....

    Another update. Spent many days and way too much money on this car! Now rebuilt with new suspension, suspension bushes, dash, seats, headlights, full new wiring loom. Engine has megasquirt so has a crank VR sensor, modern injectors and fuel rail, TPS etc etc. Started up on Sunday, still needs tuning after MOT. Runs better at idle untuned than it did with K-Jetronic fitted. Hopefully to a few track days in spring and probably broken for the summer
  11. Brake problem....

    Thanks for the advice, have done the discs, pads and had new tyres on the front all balanced. I cant feel heavy vibration, people in the car cant feel anything. All i know is if i hold the pedal in the same position i can feel something Maybe just me, going to do the fluid when i get chance see if that fixes anything
  12. Brake problem....

    My car had (i think) a warped disk on the front. When braking i could apply slight pressure and make the brakes pulse and the pads come on/off the disk per revolution of the road wheels. I also had a slight vibration transmit into the driveshaft when free wheeling at very slow speeds, again i blamed the disk. Changed the disks and pads and some of the problem has gone, one was definately warped. Sadly the brakes feel to be pulsing (probably just on one wheel). Under hard braking the ABS comes on and the car stops well and in a straight line. There is something not right, could the ABS pump be faulty? Could it be anything else on the brakes to give this type of fault? My feeling is i will have a warped disk again very quickily unless i fix it! I am to change the brake fluid as the first option as its never been done Any help appreciated PS. car is a Passat TDI130 2001 with 248k.
  13. Volkswagen Golf GT TDI

    Way too obvious but worth a mention. Have you checked the fuses? I had a problem with my Passat and VAG COM showed a brake fault, thats when i realised i had been driving around without brake lights! Bought a new switch and fitted it, still not working, thats when i checked the fuses. Wish i had done the odvious first TBH, changing the switch is quiet tricky.
  14. Sounds nasty - any ideas?

    I cant remember the exact price for the part (guessing around £60.00), but its a nice quite easy fit. A bit tight for room to get at the bottom connection. Have you had it near a dealer? My mate hsa a Skoda VRS that had the same problem straight after a service! No matter how i fitted the clip it blew straight off, spotted the clip seemed wrong. Swapped it with the upper clip (one had the twist at the end the other way) and it fitted perfect and hasn't blown off since! Would have been a new turbo etc if it had gone back to Skoda! All under warrenty, but still loads of hastle and making the car look bad just to make a few quid. Crafty gits! Edited to add.... You can't tighten the clip (its not that type), it locates behind tabs to hold it in place
  15. I dont know Golfs very well but i guess they will have ball joints on the end of the rack. These are worth checking, mine caused much concern until i found it!!