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  1. The Porsche 944

    My last post was made not by me but by someone who is so hilarious I can hardly bear to think about it. Ha ha ha. The bottom line is, and this is directed purely at the person responsible for this amusing act, is that the Porsche 944 is not any good. You understand nothing about cars or driving because you can not accept that the Lotus Elise, with its bonded chassis and mid engined layout make it a fantastic drive. You don't have a clue. I hope you drive your rancid 944 all the way back to a dingy garage in Germany, next to its relations: the 914, 928, Cayenne etc... I think that if you have nothing better to do than work out my password (which incidently you can't do now: it is more than five letters, meaning you can't spell it) then you don't stand a chance of recognising a good car when you see one. Please, if you fail to see how shoddy your car is and fail to see that it is incomparable to the Elise in every way then just sod off. Thank you very much.
  2. The Porsche 944

    Ok ok you guys! I submit!! I give in. You're all entirely correct! The 944 is the best car ever made. I will go and hide in the corner wearing a dunces hat like the fool that I am. I promise to behave from now on, love all cars (especially 944's) and not try to provoke people by my mindless unjustified waffle and meaningless opinion. I am but an amoeba on the spot that is life. 944's they rule baby yeh! I'm off now to put a FOR SALE sign in my wattle and daub Elise (who let that secret out I'll never know!), I've seen a rather cool 944 turbo that has quite taken my fancy. Brrm brrmm happy motoring y'all!
  3. The Porsche 944

    Chris P, you are EXACTLY right. It lessens other 'proper' Porsche drivers. 94and the like owners have one purely to show off that its a Porsche, and in the meantime have failed to realise that its really not very nice. Too many people with the blinkers on.
  4. The Porsche 944

    No. I haven't been in the business that long.
  5. The Porsche 944

    No. I'm sorry, I don't work for actual artists.
  6. The Porsche 944

    I agree. I am sorry that I have said unjust things. All along I only wanted to discuss my views on the 944, as my first post will prove. As far as my job is concerned I am a popular music songwriter. Thank you.
  7. The Porsche 944

    Bird's Eye: Stop hiding behind this mask of 'I drive an aeroplane' and tell us what you really drive. One more point, relating to your childishness, if I had turned up and said I had a VX220 then you would have said the Elise is better. On a similar note, I think the 747 is quite good. So is the 777. See what I mean? Childish, isn't it?

    What are you all talking about? I only said 'Oh Dear' because the Lupo and Polo are so rubbish. And you, 'depression', thinking Colin Chapman is my real name just shows that you know NOTHING about cars and so are no longer allowed to comment. Idiots.
  9. The Porsche 944

    There is no need subjecting people to the ugliness of the GT3RS on this forum either.
  10. The Porsche 944

    Right, Captain Bird's brain. Once again, as in any men's lavatory, you are well of the mark. I do not hate airline pilots: I hate airline pilots who defend the 944. It is a ridiculous car. VX220 is turbocharged and so lacks the purity of the Elise. Also, its setup is less rewarding and less well balanced than the Lotus's. And it wasn't there first. And it's a Vauxhall. And it looks worse. So sod off, gaylord. You wouldn't understand. Gimp.
  11. Maserati Quattroporte

    Saw a silver Quattroporte outside Bristol a couple of weeks ago. Looked great - silver. Just thought I'd mention it because its the only one I've seen in England so far. What do other people think of it?

    This is the Vauxhall Corsa poll. Please vote. Thank you.
  13. Who buys Corsa's?

    Okay, to end this all I'll set up a poll. Please just vote and leave the comments that defend the Corsa out. Thanks.

    Yes, and I can't believe that was just four years ago. Tit.

    No. You grow up.