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  1. Thanks all, superb night. Good to meet new faces, great to see the familiar ones again! Same again for Easter?
  2. Scumball cars - what would you buy now?

    Morning benders. Scumball 2006, awesome, new friends made who are still bumming cats together to this day. Scumball 2007, the awkward second album, much too big, spoiled the whole thing. Was a disaster looking for a venue. Scumball 2008, small group, mainly friends. Best of the lot. The Mental Rental adventures I've been lucky enough to join in with over the last 2 years have been at least as much fun, cheaper, laissez faire - and there was never anything more official than everyone "happening" to have the same hastily printed directions to the same hotel we'd all booked after a flurry of email. I'll also stick my neck out and say I've had more fun hounding crap cars through great roads and scenery than I ever had trying to make progress around the Ring whilst constantly watching my mirrors and worrying about stacking it. I'm onboard for a group of mates doing something fun and silly in the spirit of Scumball, but can't see the event coming back as-was. Who's got a plan, then? p.s. The Millenium Falcon and the E30 are both sub-£1000, but I couldn't part with either for sentimental reasons!
  3. Nothing handles like a rental - Stelvio hoon !

    Retouched a few of the snaps from this trip... All from a point/squirt cam, so no NEFs. Hope you enjoy, feel free to ladle praise or comments my way! The Italian Thingumybob...
  4. Mental Rental Adventures - Cheers Motormorph

    It's almost cocking a leg, could be. I need to get out with the camera again. - Where's next?!
  5. Show us your modern classic !

    Pre-decoration, that one... - Only the stripes remain now. They'll be there until I get round to painting it, as I'm sure the lacquer will come off with the graphics!
  6. Show us your modern classic !

    With added 2.8 all-alloy 24v goodness...
  7. Help with Bosch Motronic 1.7

    Speak to Ant at A-Tech... He's been writing maps and flashing EEPROMs for E30s for years and wrote my old M42 1.8 chip, which was Motronic 1.7. A - Tech BMW Tuning Specialist
  8. FS: Benetton B194 1994 F1 race car

    F1 BENETTON B194-05 MICHAEL SCHUMACHER 1994 RACE CAR! on eBay (end time 22-Nov-09 10:44:57 GMT)
  9. E30 325i alloys

    15" factory original BBS are the way to go. 16" Alpina originals are nice, as are Hartge 16" rims. BBS RS Split rims in 15"/16" look the tits but will be worth more than the car. Aftermarket, try and stay with something period. - Mine's on 16" Borbet Cs. 17" looks pimp but rides like shite on E30s. 18" looks stupid. BK171 17" Alpina replicas are cheap, but weigh a metric lot per corner and disintegrate if tapped lightly with a kerb. Weight versus looks versus handling versus availability and price, £100-150 will get you a tidy set of 15" BBS with centrecaps and legal but **** tyres.
  10. Was Barichello's rear torsion bar spring... 800g of metal at maybe 150mph. Testament to F1 safety standards. Interesting that the RTL footage has telemetry. - I presumed he'd taken a moment to react and cadence braked, from the earlier BBC slow-mo. Seeing it at full speed shows it was nothing of the sort. Do the F1 cars have a failsafe in the event of both pedals being pressed full like that or when the helmet G-meter goes off the scale, I wonder? - That kind of spasm or muscle autopilot could reasonably be expected from a head trauma or some other bad circumstances in the cockpit like a seizure. Just seems odd that the car was almost ABSing and downshifting on its way toward the tyre barrier. If there was no computer slowing the car due to presumed incident: With massive stopping power at the front, no steering input and massive power at the back, that car would have span repeatedly with both pedals pressed. Discuss.
  11. WARNING: Graphic content. Do we believe the media hype that he's at death's door, or the press releases that he's had successful surgery and will make a full, but extended, recovery.
  12. Ben is a true hero and has helped me out countless times with no thought to his own inconvenience. - I know that everyone who has met him or used his services will agree that the guy is a dudemeister. Everyone needs a Shark_90.
  13. New Motor...

    I blame Mook/Jon et al for showing me how much fun these were. Seem fairly indestructible too, apart from the engine, but then I'll just drop an STi lump in there as it's an EJ20. I won't say how much I paid, but it was laughably cheap. - Love the looks, practical, quick and reliable. No-where to fall off, and means I can keep the E30 for serious abusing.
  14. M3 Evo Gearbox problems

    If someone comes to look at the car and notes the 6spd is missing, you tell them it's a weak point on that model, yours failed so you replaced it with a stronger, cheaper, lighter 5-gang from a non-Evo. If they know their stuff they'll understand. - If you seem to know your stuff, they'll accept this as the fact it is. - If they can't understand/accept, then you don't sell your motor to a spaz.