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  1. Hmmm, I emailed JE Design last week and still have not heard from them. Time to start hitting the locals.....
  2. Well, I will leave the rear badge since it hides a keyhole and the wheel centers will remain but all else will go. I don't have to do it to be ingognito though, no-one here knows what it is
  3. Thanks for the welcome. The car is awesome! I had to have it in service for a couple minor issues and drove a V8 Touareg with air-ride as a loaner - I felt like I was positively slumming Seriously, as nice as the Touareg is, the Phaeton really is that much nicer. I haven't had any luck finding a supplier for a grill yet. ABT seems to have a placeholder on their site for the Phaeton so maybe I will get lucky there. Else, I can always have something fabricated. At least it's a dead-simple install.
  4. I would really like to find one for my car.