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  1. TSN advice needed

    Yes mate after I posted that I did realise that the only thing to do if they were in an unsafe situation would be to remove them without delay. I hope that isn't the case.
  2. TSN advice needed

    My gut feeling would be to kill him. However it sounds like your ex has taken it seriously. You run the risk of making a bad situation much worse if you go steaming in, so it might be worth holding back and thinking about your options. You need to decide what is best for your kids not what you would like to do. Is it safe for them to remain in the house with him? If not take legal advice about the best thing to do.
  3. Grief / anger / denial

    Just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you. Don't try and move on too quickly give yourself time to grieve.
  4. Advice please

    Get someone on here to recommend a trusted and fair priced VAG specialist in your area (every town has one!) and get a second opinion first off. The mechatronic unit is a very expensive bit of kit but I am certain you can get one cheaper than you have been quoted - there are a couple on eBay for just under £1k, and I'm sure a specialist can source one from a reputable source. It might be worth rolling the dice with a secondhand unit if you don't mind taking a bit of a risk. Likewise the dual mass flywheel is easy to get hold of for under £500. It is unfortunate that the car now won't run as I would say trade it in for something, at somewhere like a car supermarket where they won't check it too closely. At what point you say enough is enough is a hard call, only you know the condition of the car, how long you had hoped to keep it, if you owe money on it, whether it has been reliable up to now, do you like it/loathe it. You could take it down to pure economics of course - how much is the car worth in current state, versus cost of repairs and value post repair which very basically may make it clearer how much you can justifiably throw at a car thats worth, what £4k??
  5. Cat trouble, thoughts ?

    The first thing to establish is, I think, if your cat is in any pain or discomfort and on the brink of death - if so then probably being put to sleep is no doubt the kindest, and most pragmatic, option really for her. On the other hand she could just be old, and her eyesight is going and less mobile - just like an elderly person - but arguably is still enjoying a pretty good quality of life. You then need to make a decision about how much you can tolerate. You said she has missed the litter tray "a few times" - is this genuinely a handful of times of is it a regular thing? If it is something that is an occasional thing then I would say that should be manageable and if you and your wife are vigilant then the risk to your young child shouldn't be much worse than any cat that uses a litter tray indoors. Particularly if you can keep the cat food, cat litter and cat's sleeping location in an area away from the child using a child gate or similar. As for the new house aspect of it, most pets are messy and dirty in reality, and having a young child don't expect anything to remain pristine any any length of time!
  6. Share Image of Your First Car

    This was mine.
  7. Share Image of Your First Car

    Looks like the 900 Ruby Special Edition?? Very sought after.
  8. Volvo V70 T5 - nothing I have had since has been such a good family car
  9. Name the Car

    Excellent, very interesting. The plate on this one shows it was originally a 1972 Austin Mini Pickup, but I had no idea about it other than that. It was parked one street back from Tower Bridge and clearly in regular use. I've never seen another.
  10. Name the Car

    Beautiful I'm sure we would all agree - but any thoughts about what it is?
  11. Valuation Please

    Thanks mate much appreciated! I was thinking about the £5k mark so that's not too far off. There are some optimistically priced similar cars on autotrader!!
  12. Valuation Please

    Please could I kindly ask for a (selling) price please for the following: 2006 (06) BMW 320i SE 4-dr saloon manual, 93,000 miles, good condition in graphite grey. Many thanks in advance!
  13. Car Tyres

    Our resident forum expert is Flynn. If required he can recommend a retailer where you can procure a set of pre-owned tyres with a no-quibble money back 5 minute guarantee. Feel free to Google him at Yashar Makhzani for full details, but don't be alarmed by his personal preferences (Jim fixed it for him once so it's not his fault) his knowledge on the subject is second to none, or in fact better than that, it's none.
  14. Cheapest new car in the UK is ...

    I would be absolutely amazed if the build quality of the Dacia is remotely as good quality as the Focus. I would happily drive 25,000 miles in a Focus and perhaps a Megane but for me the Dacia would only really be suitable for pottering around town as it is almost certainly going to be no fun to drive, unrefined, horrible to be in, flimsy - cheap in every respect in fact. 25,000 miles in one sounds very unpleasant! The only conceivable reason to go for one really would be budget, and the figures would have to be brilliant to sway many people.
  15. Used Estate Cars - ideas?

    Mrs Saab's Mondeo Estate died a few months ago so I went through a similar decision process albeit on a slightly smaller budget. My preference was a V70 or a V50 but I couldn't get a decent newish one for my budget without megamiles. Mrs Saab had dinged the Mondeo a few times so wanted something smaller. I ended going up for a Focus 2.0 Ghia estate and whilst it isn't particularly big and its rather unglamorous so far it has been faultless and a hundred times better than I thought it would be, I've been genuinely impressed. It's not as well built as my BMW but it's not far off. And frankly the local Ford dealer is so much nicer to deal with and dramatically cheaper than the BMW dealer!