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  1. Rattle on start up

    They're all the same mate. It's quite a bag o' spanners until warmed up. Nothing to worry about.
  2. I wish I'd known about.... before I had it Revo'd

    Nothing. My only regret is that I should not have put it off for so long!
  3. Coil pack went (with pics)

    That's disgraceful! It's a half hour job max to diagnose and replace. I know the diagnostics machines cost a few bob but still... I had one go at about 25k miles but fortunately the car didn't give up on me; I managed to drive the 50 miles home on a light throttle.
  4. Pads upgrade

    Still going strong at 30k miles, plenty left on them too. I'm not particularly heavy on brake usage though.
  5. Pads upgrade

    Agreed. Dear though at £100ish.
  6. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Just get your tyre fitter to replace internal part of the valve. That's the part that seals, the rest is basically just a threaded metal tube! VW are taking the p with the price of them.
  7. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    I had the Toyo T1-R on a Civic Type R a few years ago and they were very good all-rounders IMO. They wore down quite quickly though, must be a softish compound. Give 'em a whirl.
  8. Best Fuel for MK V Gti?

    I can never tell any difference between fuel brands. I use mainly Tesco 99 with the odd splash of BP Ultimate or Shell V-Power, they all seem the same to me.
  9. 18" Monza 2 differences

    That description sounds like the replicas I've seen. Shocking enough that they would give you replicas. But then to blatantly lie about it when queried...
  10. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Aint that the truth, sooo much easier to clean than a lot of the designs today. I keep dismissing potential new cars on the basis that the wheels would be a ball-ache to clean!
  11. "Rattly" would be another good description. Regarding the S3, I personally don't think it's distinctive enough. It looks hardly any different to the s-line models; most times I encounter an S3 I don't realise until I see the badge.
  12. Clutch Judder.....

    Actually it's only 260mph. Still, that's faster than a Veyron *and* it will accelerate to 60 faster than top-fuel dragster. Says my mate.
  13. Life after GTI? What next??!

    If I was buying a car today it would be a 123d M-Sport coupe. In white.
  14. Goodyear F1 Asymmetric Tyre Pressure ???

    And do they have the same load index as your old tyres?
  15. Fuel Pressure Sensor Recall?

    Yes mate.