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  1. MK Meet - Wed 6 October

    me! in either kennys rocco or the a4... would bring pug but no MOT UGH blumin stupid french pile of poo!
  2. MK Meet - Wed 1 September

    whens next one... been out of touch lately... slightly... cough work cough.
  3. Sunday 16th May

    It's back, and it's going to be even better than 2009. We had over 4,000 people at the last event with 700 rides from 100 or so supercars. This year the event is on Sunday May 16th and we've been given the go ahead to drive for longer which means more rides and more action all day long. Dont forget the rest of the action though, Live bands (including a secret special guest) Helicopter rides (subject to Dunsfold approval) kids rides (including Roary the racing car) Car club displays. Fun Fair Bouncy castles two massive marquees to shelter from the sun Great food loads of stands and stalls to keep you occupied. fire engine demonstrations double decker bus rides more and more will be added as the time gets nearer so check back to see what exciting stuff we have in store for you the cars will include a mix of; Ferraris, Lamborghinis Dodge Vipers, Ariel Atoms KTM Crossbows AC Cobras and a few special guests too entrance is £7 for Adults £3 for children £15 family ticket £20 standard supercar rides (2 high speed passenger laps) blue Ribband cars (Atom/X-bow F40, F50 CGT, Zonda, Enzo etc) will be a standard ticket and upgrade on the day Dad's Day Out tickets - The Children's Trust
  4. My car will be making an appearance - sadly however I will be relaxing on a beach
  5. 2010 F1 Car unveilings

    ermmm think your find Toro Rosso do all there own developments now :D and er think your also notice toro rosso is pretty much our last year car... and wait till race 1 .... oooooh the changes :D
  6. Shark Performance and Cat n Fiddle

    thanks stranger!!
  7. Shark Performance and Cat n Fiddle

    Ahh I am exstatic... I can not recommend Ben highly enough!! and his remap LOL :D Still getting used to it... 100 is far to easy to get to!
  8. Shark Performance and Cat n Fiddle

    Yeah I'd of text but we didn't get there till late so thought maybe you'd have planned other things! was amazing!
  9. Well first things first we made a trip to mansfield for my remap... A considerably wet and foggy day was endured until we climbed to the top of the cat n fiddle where there was just pure sunshine and not a cloud in the sky! It was just breath taking, and definately worth the trip. I drove the S3 with Ben and my Boyfriend Kenny drove his new A4 2.4 V6 with friend Ryan. Just the most amazing day and plan on hitting it again in the summer! There was a lot of waiting around while the car was remapped and road tested unfortunately for the others, but snake pass and the cat n fiddle definately made up for that and then some. The plan now for this year is to discover more of these roads in the UK!! It's got to be done, really didn't believe we were in england when we got to snake pass, France or Belgium maybe! Bring on endless miles and costly petrol!! Anyhow the S3 should now be pushing 330bhp and 490nm of torque - to be proven in march with a rolling road *nudge nudge ben*, but there is a possibility of maybe 500nm of torque, very worth it and would highly recommend shark performance, awesome customer service and an incredible map! Bank balance took a little beating but more in the now hugely improved fuel consumption, sarcasm at its best, 3/4 of a tank reading on my motorway run to ace cafe at 210 on my range. Lovely Jubbley! Look forward to the driver training at millbrook and maybe a few more road trips? And for those non believers I will happily take you for a spin, got to be seen to be believed. Anyway a few pictures over 500 were taken by my friend Ryan aka Piman (thats Pi not Pie):
  10. MK Meet - Wed 3 February

    ooops double booked myself so not sure now xx
  11. MK Meet - Wed 3 February

    Will make an appearance if i'm not on over time xx
  12. Performance Driving Courses

    With a car club... I think its a corporate style day? But someone did mention CAT Driver Training?
  13. Audi S3 Tuning Guide

    My 8P is running a Pipercross Induction Kit and will have a remap as of next weekend... Depends what sort of power increase you want, just power then exhaust, bigger turbo etc... I'm looking to go down the track side of things so am upgrading things like bushes, suspension etc rather going for than max power output
  14. Feb 6th 2010

    yeah thats what i was considering Garcon... scrap Evo Triangle do cat n fiddle and go round the peak district a bit more before dropping back