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  1. Which A6 did I see yesterday?

    Always thought the A6 Avant was a great looking car - that's why i had a 2010 version for a couple of years. Think Le Mans just added different wheels to the standard s-line and bit more poke for the standard 2.0 diesel. Only reason i sold mine was its high miles and wanting an auto. Does look good with the bigger wheels, my 18's were a little lost in the arches!
  2. MacBook Pro advice

    Didn't mean to insult Mac, your livelyhood after all. Just tire of them making out everything is revolutionary, when it clearly isn't. And consumers gobble it up. I did say they were good products! I had an SSD Macbook Pro, and sold it for the SP3. Don't miss it one bit. Having a latptop that seems just as quick, and be used as a tablet and a digital easel is genius. Everybody has an opinon, and mine is based on casual use - not for business like you chaps. Mac - be insterested to know what you think of the Surface Book when you get your hands on one. Don't seem to be advertised on the UK site yet. Watching the MS keynote, they seemed to be trying to out Apple Apple with their performance oneupmanships!!
  3. MacBook Pro advice

    Personally love my Surface Pro3 and would love a play with the new Surface Book and Pro 4, but have no gadget £'s!! Having been an Apple user for years [phones, desktop, mbpro, ipads] - i've totally lost interest in them. Don't get me wrong, good products. Better marketing.
  4. Anyone use a smart heating system?? Easy to install - and seeing any decent benefits? Cheers!
  5. Aston Martin

    Enjoyed it, seems to have a pretty cool gig what with eating cakes and driving AM's on racetracks!!
  6. The TSN photography studio

    I know, let the side down!! Was taken through a window that had endured 2 children's mucky paws if that's any consolation?
  7. The TSN photography studio

    Struggled with the Blood Moon Sunday night. I was half asleep having my alarm wake me at 3.30am, and there was a lot of hazy cloud about. So fired off a few shots and went back to bed!! Took a lot of shadow recovery to get it looking anything like. The full moon at 8pm was a lot easier to take!!
  8. The TSN photography studio

    Couple of shots from a night session at our local MTB tracks. Used some off camera flash to try light up the rider and keep the background dark.
  9. Bentley Bentayga SUV

    Chrome overload [and the trim doesn't even line up in the opening shot!!] Is fugly from the outside, rather nice on the inside [without the cat sick colour scheme...........]
  10. The TSN photography studio

    Friend of mine's new Boston Terrier puppy - cute litte thing!! Boston Terrier by Chris Bell, on Flickr
  11. That is a good looking lump of metal! [or is it plastic??!]
  12. The TSN photography studio

    Nice one, ta!!
  13. The TSN photography studio

    Had my first attempt at night sky photography last week with the hype over the Perseid meteors. Even 20 miles from Leeds and the light pollution was bad enough to make it hard work. Pretty scary sat on Ilkley Moor on my own in pitch black with all sorts of weird noises around me [assuming pheasants]. Taken on my Sony A6000 with an 8mm F2.8 Fisheye at various exposures. Perseid meteor night by Chris Bell, on Flickr Perseid meteor night by Chris Bell, on Flickr Perseid meteor night by Chris Bell, on Flickr