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  1. Undertaking etiquette

    [ QUOTE ] However the idea of every car swerving in and out of the next lane to the left each and every time they pass a car doesn't bear thinking about. Thing is, if you're overtaking a car, and very shortly about to overtake another then should you pull in and back out, especially if in reality the second you do pull in the bloke behind will try and pass, unsuccessfully cos of the car in front of you, and block you pulling out again forcing you to slow to the speed of the car you're trying to pass making it harder and more dangerous to get out and passed? [/ QUOTE ] But cars shouldn't swerve every 2 seconds I think. I mean if you're overtaking a car then you should only pull in if there is no other car to overtake soon. By soon it implies that you have the ability to judge how quickly you'll overtake the next one. Problem is that loads misjudge it or just play the hero and think "hey I am at 70, so you should not go any quicker anyway!!" and take 2miles to oevrtake a 69mph car.... [ QUOTE ] but the sad reality is it just doesn't work on a very busy motorway, even though it should, cos no one else is. [/ QUOTE ] again it's others do bad so I can do bad! Anyway what I tend to do on very busy motorway is keep on the inside lane (as I usdually make as much progress as others on the middle and outside lane) and adapt my speed to the traffic there down to around 60mph. Not below as I think it's too slow for motorway. If it slows down more then I overtake when I can (indicator on and wait for some space but very often someone let me pass) and increase my speed according to the middle lane. The idea being I dont try and impose my speed but rather I follow. Obviously I am far from being the quickest out there but hey I am no brick in that wall and that's priceless for me! (but everyone is different) I have to admit that when I had the audi I was much more frustrated but now with the slug I have (polo sdi) I cant do otherwise than just relax and follow the others as I know I dont have a good enough acceleration to change lane very quickly.
  2. Undertaking etiquette

    to answer the original question: I've never been undertaken (in the way it was described in the first post) as only am I on the outside lane when I overtake so no-one cant/does ever undertake me. So I cant answer the question and anyone answering it, is not driving as they should. Like someone else said: If you're undertaken then you're in the wrong lane [ QUOTE ] However, there is an underlying problem that is that on a heavily trafficed motorway, if you're in lane three and lane two is clear for a short distance and you move over (as you should) then the numpty behind will attempt to pass you even though he can't cos of the car that was in front of you in lane three, and as soon as you catch a slower moving car in lane two (which won't take long) you then cannot move back out into lane three. So you are forced to slow to the speed of the car in front as lane three traffic passes you all determined that you're not moving back out despite the fact that you're sat there with your right indicator on. Once you've done that three times then once back in lane three you tend to stay there cos you know damn well that a (correct) move into lane two if clear will result in you getting stuck there. [/ QUOTE ] Pink floyd : another brick in the wall???? Most of today's problems (slow progress on crowded motorways being one of them) have a clear and definite solution that "only" require us all to do the right thing. But as soon as someone "cheats" it's a matter of "eh, but he's done it so why not me?" well the answer is "he's a c*nt, so dont be one!" Juts to be precise on ARI's example: the car in front of you should go back on the inside lane and so does the car behind. I know it does not happen (ever) but I, for one, dont want to be another brick in the wall of stupidity! I must say that Brits are usually quite good at "mass disciplin" compared to other countries (like no-smoking in the underground or queueing for a bus...) so why is it that bad on motorways??
  3. Just Bought 3.2 A3

    pcd is not 5x100 anymore that's definite i think it's 5x112 but am not 100% sure
  4. Beating the fines

    you're not allowed to have a car on foreign plate for more than 6 months in the UK... but then again how are they gonna check that???
  5. This guy has to be gutted

    i think the plate was actually "1 2 fear". even better!
  6. Cannonball cars seized

    @ bazza
  7. Cannonball cars seized

    well trying to seize ferraris and a mitsu from some petrolheads "rozbif" was braver than usual dont you think they may not have succeded but that was worth a try (no rugby reference please... )
  8. Cannonball cars seized

    new generation, you know. they've been around a bit more and saw the light also there have been the 1998 world cup that showed they could win something without the help of someone else (except luck!). A revelation! they're that brave now that they've even opened the markets for telecoms, planes, electricity....
  9. Cannonball cars seized

    you've been too quick typing M3Me
  10. Cannonball cars seized

    just to clarify I dont say that i respect the speed limit everywhere but i dont do any difference between one country and an other. That's my point. But hey you can carry on hammering the garlic-smelly strike-crazy French, I dont really care. Freedom of speech first!
  11. Cannonball cars seized

    yes you saw right and yes I went over the top as the injury-killing reference was not in line with the offense as it did not happen. but why wait for a disaster to happen to do something? Taking some other country as a big race track is not real clever, is it? as for seizing the car, well if you're French you dont have that choice. it's jail and you cant argue about it so I actually think they got away fairly nicely because they're British! So when I read that the French take it too far, I think it's quite the opposite.
  12. Cannonball cars seized

    that's all real funny!! I mean mad-on-audi drove at 150mph sometime ago and all hell broke loose with "I hope you get arrested you stupid tw@t doing speeds like that!!" and now do it in another country of stinky-breath inhabitant and that is now ok....???? why?? oh yes I know why: let's risk the lives of others and not the ones of your own counrty. Fecking pathetic... And please dont give me that bollocking "yeah but they know how to drive and have cars that can go to that speed safely" that's utter bullsh1t I'd like to see your face if some foreigner would kill or injure a member of your familly because he made a trip to the UK and did not give a damn about the local road rules.
  13. New GTI - Good car......though overpriced

    "New GTI - Good car......though overpriced" agree 100%
  14. The Mrs moved out....

    LHD are no probs in england, I mean you should not have any problem overtaking with any ferrari anyway. Well i didn't with a lhd corsa turbo diesel!!! and as far as "lhd car as you cant afford rhd" is maybe an impression for some but at the end of the day it's a ferrari so who cares? Personnally when I see a lhd exotica, I dont think it's owned by a chav'. It just cant Even if you did not ask but I would go for any 360 over the 355. Finally, I'll bet the lhd red 360 was from Nicolas Anelka who had one when in Paris and could well have taken it here when at Liverpool and then at Man City
  15. A3 3.2V6 S-line - good or not?

    I've written a review of the sport model here: The S-Line chassis is better so yep! it's a pretty good car