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  1. My Audi A3 is not well.

    Hi DQ1, thank for the reply, i have already checked this post and hope its the same issue, buts the problem is intermitent and i guess hard to be diagnosed by the dealer. cheers.
  2. My Audi A3 is not well.

    I have this problem, over the last two weeks during the first 5-10 mins of driving, my nearside Xenon light would flicker if I accelerate and turning a right or break the light would flicker, its getting worse on bumpy roads or flat roads. Yesterday driving out of the car park at work the light flickered and then was no more, the dash reported dipped beam failure, oh no I thought this will be costly, as Audi would prob say the bulbs gone and not covered under warrenty. I turned the lights off and back on the bulb came back to life, is this normal? What my question is when a Xenon bulb goes does it not work at all or does it come back on and off? This morning the light started to flicker again, so its booked in to Audi to have this checked out. list of items to be done. 1.Xenons to be looked at for flickering problem. 2. Two software updates, sorry I cant remember the numbers. 3. Drivers windows, the glass has got a vertical scratch about 2" - 3" wide multiple lines as if something has been rubbing on the glass from whitin the door when it is being used. 4. The engine can sound very loud when cold or when I accelerate cold it sounds loud clanging sounds. 5. I was told by Audi i need them to check the software version on the car to see which type of Cruise control i need fitting, the parts guy said there is two different types the cruise control unit and if they fit the wrong one, it will not work, not sure if this is true any advise? is this normal for a car this age 17K miles? I have searched the Forum and have read other has suffered the Xenon Problems too. any comments are welcome. will update after visit to Dealers on Thurdays
  3. Xenon Flicker....

    Hi All, I have the same problem and will be taking this to Audi on Wednesday.
  4. So which Xenons do the Golf come with as an option ? Thanks
  5. New Keyring & Valve Caps

    [ QUOTE ] Available on E-bay too, seperately, but not quite as cheap as £2.50 ! [/ QUOTE ] look quite nice
  6. congrats on the new car, you will def enjoy it try driving down to wales and take the A44 towards Aberystwyth its a great drive twisty as hell and very to die for views but keep your eyes on the road lol
  7. Black VXR8

    [ QUOTE ] there was a black one parked up at Stoke Park a few weeks back but as it was dark it wasn't worth taking a camera phone pic - not massively keen on the looks myself but no doubting the 'bang per buck' quota is high [/ QUOTE ] I was lucky to have been to the vxr track day and drove the full range of the vxr's and the vxr8 was really good to drive
  8. 3 Gallardo Spiders

    [ QUOTE ] arrrghhhhhhhhhh!! I'm doing the lottery tonight [/ QUOTE ] try digging for oil, it might be quicker lol
  9. Who Needs A Stinking Diesel?!

    [ QUOTE ] Managed 41.9 today in 25 miles on the way to work. Will post a photo later [/ QUOTE ] thats an amazing number, was it all downhill ?
  10. I gave the R a clean....

    never mind the car, the garden looks so lush, really nice..BTW great colour on the car lol
  11. it is great to set it at the same speed as the variable speed camera, then you can be extra carefull
  12. [ QUOTE ] If it was the software update (version 24k6) it probably was the update thats been discussed, as you say, over the last few months. Incidentally if anyone has electric folding mirrors which play up on odd occasions this update seems to have corrected it for me ? The cruise control is great for the average speed camera, just set it and relax Glad you have 'Cruise' back. I would miss having this on a car nowadays as its a useful 'toy' on occasions. [/ QUOTE ]
  13. One more big plus with DSG

    [ QUOTE ] I have just broken the fifth metatarsal in my left foot and have now one of THESE fitted. At least I can still drive the car [/ QUOTE ] sorry to hear about your left leg, but at least you got a dsg to drive around still. and that is some serious piece of kit on your leg
  14. Help me locate a MK5 Golf GTI !!

    [ QUOTE ] I actually test drove a 05 gti with DSG and 18" monzas at Perrys(Vauxhall) Huddersfield. The car was £14K with 42K miles. Misled about condition though, it was rough and abused. Currently checking pistonheads, autotrader and volkswagen twice daily, driving the wife crazy!!!! [/ QUOTE ] Hi, I know what you mean, I searched and searched and searched every day and night, could not find one over a 3 month period, I ended up importing one in. good luck with the search, try autotrader.com its got a lot of gti's mkv on the site and no its not the famous autotrader.co.uk not many dsg though , sorry Good luck you will need it.
  15. New car advice

    [ QUOTE ] Thanks for all the feedback.. going to pop up to garage tomorrow to try a DSG [/ QUOTE ] DSG is the way to go, I ordered a Golf with a dsg. good luck