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  1. Volvoman - awesome!!!! great project and attention to detail and quality excellent.... well done for posting!
  2. Audi Free MOT 'Con'??

    You can't be done for liebl by naming the dealership that did this. You are merely stating the facts/chain of events. That said, why offer a free MoT if there is no catches? How about just offering good customer service and reasonable prices? And yes aylesbury audi i am still waiting for a response to my email (to two different people) regarding cambelt change cost... I had it changed at an indy 2 months ago now!!
  3. Stealthy RS6

    garcon - LOL!!
  4. My average over 85,000 miles is about 40mpg (worked out the proper way with pencil and paper - although i now have the jazzy iphone app too). If you were expecting 45mpg with every day use you may well be upset...
  5. i had one done on mine after about 85k. the bracket with rubber grommit had gone (iirc) - certainly wasn't £300 though (my car is a B6 not B7 though)
  6. Mine has just started to do this too! looks like I need a new motor! Also the boot open warning light has started coming on imtermittantly - defo an electrical issue - too cold to start pulling it to bits at the moment though!
  7. PS3 Yellow ring of death

    i have one of the original 60gb ones too! and it gets used every day to - still haven't managed to shoot anyone on COD though!! hope isn't doesn't pack up!
  8. Bye Bye Rs.... Hello....

    Well for christmas my audi mysteriously turned into an enzo, f50, f40 and 288gto, how brilliant, so i then traded them all in for a focus RS... what a quality thread loaded with christmas BS! woppum - i'll offer 5p for the maybach - i'm in beaconsfield quite often!! Happy New Year to all fellow TSNers
  9. i was on with some of you guys (in the 'DC' clan) last night (i was in the 'MOFO' clan with some others from work). Have worked out the best way to join up is to join the other person's game session, eventually you all get in.... I think... Cracking game play though
  10. m4ttm4son - deleted your friend request as thought it was a random - but it wasn't!! do send again! pilotdan and hector8 - it is a right nightmare trying to get everyone into a game!
  11. I couldn't connect last night either, nor could a couple of colleagues at work either. perhaps another patch tonight? either way, still an awesome game!
  12. Ariel V8 to cost £120,000

    I went in a 220bhp atom the other weekend, and boy it was amazing, can't compare to anything (having driven a host of performance cars and been passenger in in 911 turbo, rs6 with 600+ horse etc) really apart from a stupidly fats go kart. Only went on a dry road with owner driving (who does numerous trackdays) and it was wow! all i can say is £120k would by a lot of good cars, but to get that type of experience or speed/acceleration and bonkersness, £120k is cheap. Drinks - respect to the 245 atom!!
  13. Is it worth refreshing the PS3 gamer tag link! I remain as Vorsprung RS4 - have quite a few of you on my friends list!
  14. bazza in a GTR...

    as cruiser647 said... (bastard) and i've never met him either! Anyway, looking forward to the write up!