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  1. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    Its only in Sportback and 7 speed S-Tronic. Where's the 'shot themselves in the foot' icon? Its like they made Robin's perfect car but didn't think about anyone else RS 3 Sportback < A3 < Models < Audi UK How tacky does this look? Single sided tailpipes - the first time they've broken the RS tradition of having tailpipes on both sides - and it looks like S3 Standard sport seats Buckets RS steering wheel S-tronic Good news is, the engine hasn't been detuned, like a lot of the rumours promised, from the TT-RS so its 340bhp. I'm sure its going to be an amazing car to drive, much like the TT-RS, but they've limited their market by making it Sportback and S-tronic. I know I'm not interested no matter that I couldn't afford the 3 door manual anyway. Welcome the Golf R party Audi. Lets see how many of these you shift......................................... And some extra bad news, its 125kg heavier than the TT-RS at 1575kg. Its also one of the only cars to have wider front tyres than rear (235/35 ZR19 vs 225/35 ZR19). Err, whaaaaaaaat?! But its 4wd, why would you do that? To keep costs down for retooling the rear arches (fronts are lot smaller so cheaper to retool to make wider). But won't that upset the handling?
  2. Saw the damage on another forum Mook. Shame but at least you're [sort of] ok. TTRS is 340bhp standard and the Viper Green one you were chasing has remap and exhaust so think its making 400 ish. Impressive you were keeping that car honest.
  3. Brighton Meet - 18th april

    Weather's perfect for a meet. Car is [relatively] clean. Food is cheap and cheerful. Get yourselves down here....................................
  4. New R - complete lack of interest here

    I've just spoken with my contact at the dealers and the black one Riz posted up for me are for a guys 21st birthday present!! Insane. And there are no rub strips on any MKVI Golfs, even the ones spending all their time in supermarket car parks getting dinged to hell.
  5. New R - complete lack of interest here

    Thief! Cheers Riz, was going to post them up here too but you've saved me a job.
  6. New R - complete lack of interest here

    I heard that VWUK had sold there allocation already. There will always be a market for these sorts of cars. Crazy people spending £35K on a Golf though. If it had the TT-RS turbo 5cyl then I'd be willing to pay that. The problem is, the MKIV has a cult following due in part to its rarity around the world - 10,000 and only 2,000ish in the UK which makes the forums feel more family oriented. The MKV has less of this due to larger numbers sold. But its also down to the fact the MKV didn't move the game on enough. Basically its the same car as the MKIV but in a newer bodyshell and without all the little details that make the MKIV feel special. Plus it was a more mature looking version which would have appealed to different segment of the market, perhaps one who wasn't too fussed about flapper mods, and Millteks. Its perhaps too early to tell whether the MKVI R will have the same forum appeal but I doubt it will. No offence to anyone but its a GTi with a bigger price tag, just because its low volume. Classic marketing rubbish whereby you're fooled into thinking its a better product because its more expensive and rare, when ultimately a GTi with a remap and exhaust is faster and cheaper, albeit without the Haldex. And there's no way a Milltek will make it sound like the V6 or the 5cyl turbo. I went to a rolling road day with a load of S3s and none of them sounded remotely decent. I put my R32 on the rollers and everyone took a step backwards as it is a lot louder, but also more tuneful. Is that important? To me, yes it is. Part of the enjoyment is in the sound a car can make. Even the GTi with a Milltek on sounds too much like a hairdryer to me.
  7. We are planning to meet up on the 18th april at Devils Dyke Pub, Brighton. Everyone welcome. 12pm in car park if the weather is good, 1pm for lunch. Postcode: BN1 8YJ
  8. Supercars at Wilton House 2010

    In my diary too and reckon there will be a few other BIALI boys who will tag along. Cheers Daz.
  9. Sorry for the last minute nature of this but there were unforeseen circumstances that delayed this post. We're planning on trying the pub at the top of Devils Dyke again, which was the original Brighton Meet venue. All are welcome, the car park is big enough for many cars, the pub is child friendly and the menus are standard pub fayre, plus they have a childrens version. 1pm for lunch and 12pm onwards in the car park for chatting if the weather is good. I haven't booked us a table as I doubt it will be a big turnout but if people want to add their names anyway and I can book it if it looks like we'll need a big table. Postcode for the satnavers: BN1 8YJ
  10. New VW Golf "R" not quick enough

    Not when it sounds like this standard.........imagine with Millteks
  11. Sourcing Deep blue pearl ( paint suppliers )

    The new colour Glasurits came up with is much closer to the original colour but as I say, they had trouble blending it on one side, leading us to think the paint was lighter on one side than the other from the factory. Whereabouts are you as might be worth you having a look at my car next to yours to see if there's much difference. PM me if you like. I can probably get hold of the formula Glasurits used as well. The orginal Glasurits code seemed darker and more of a green blue than the OE colour. It was way off. Problem with pearl metallic paint is it can be affected by so many variables: How paint gun is setup - paint to air mix ratio, nozzle orientation How far paint gun is from panel Speed at which gun is passed along panel Humidity All of these things can change the mix of metallic and pearl particles in the paint. They are also heavier in the atmosphere so things like distance to panel will mean they have longer in the air and fall quicker than the paint particles and not hitting the panel at the same time so you can end up with panels looking less metallic (like I did). VW use several paint suppliers at all of their factories and so some cars may have been painted using different paint manufacturers to another similar car. They also use a process similar to powder coating whereby the car has a positive charge applied to it and the paint gun applies a negative charge (or vice versa, I can't remember!) to the paint which attracts the paint to the bodyshell, cutting down on waste and the amount of paint needed to cover the car. This being a different process to spraying with regular gun will also have an affect on how difficult it will be to match the OE paint.
  12. Sourcing Deep blue pearl ( paint suppliers )

    I had all sorts of trouble with DBP matching recently. Car got painted twice and they ended up painting the whole car minus the roof as the blending was not good on one side and so was easier to just do the whole car (I was having done the bonnet, front bumper, N/S from bumper to end of door to remove keyed area, rear bumper and boot). And this is a company who repair Porsches for a living. They used Glasurits who ended up taking a part of the car and doing analysis to update their paint code. I'm surprised about the comment your bodyshop made about waterbased paint. I thought they all had to spray waterbased now for environmental reasons and the VW paint would have been waterbased at the factory. The problem the paint suppliers have is that colours can be made up of many different tints, and they have many versions of each individual tint in their range which if not exactly the same as VW had used, will make the paint not match.
  13. r32 headlight conversion

    Plus coding with vagcom. From what I read before its a massive job as the levelling motors take a feed from sensors on the wheel hubs or somewhere on suspension - something you won't have on the GTTDi. Probably end up costing an absolute fortune. Found this on vortex VWvortex Forums: Golf V GTI OEM Xenon Installation Completed. which might help.
  14. Nr Brighton Xmas Meet - 29th Dec

    Weather looking undecided but doesn't look like we're getting snow and ice again. Table been amended for 13 people but there's likely to be room if anyone wants to pop along.