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  1. Nav for cd orsd card without HDD

    Exactly what Tipex said, i am not looking for a specific Audi Nav System just any nav that would work on the Audi A5 display on screen on the dashboard and then use something like the buttons on the centre console to control the nav Pic from: 2012 Audi A5 Radio Interior Photo |
  2. Nav for cd orsd card without HDD

    No there is no sat nav installed. I was wondering is there a way to run simple sat nav software/program from an sd card or cd rom without having to intall the HDD navigation Unit
  3. I have purchased an audi A5 but i did not get the sat nav, instead i opted for the SD card slot as i prefer to listen to music. My question is it possible to purchase a CD or SD card with nav for this so i can switch between music and nav or do you have to have the HDD for any type of nav?