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  1. Diesel or petrol

    I traded in the S4 that I bought back in May (now doing lots more miles) for a 2.0tdi 177 A4 Avant and I have to say that I am less than impressed with the fuel economy. I am averaging around 39MPG and this is not with a heavy foot by any means. I'd be surprised that a Q5 TDi would return much more than 33MPG in a 2.0tdi guise. Frankly, this is my last Audi and wish I still had my E61 530D.
  2. Kia Sportage - taking over the UK?

    Am I right in thinking though, that the 7 year warranty is only for the original owner? So as someone buying second (third etc) hand I would not inherit that 7 year warranty? I may be wrong but am sure I have heard caveats around these kind of warranties.
  3. No, they told me that the scratches polished out - they didn't! So, I look forward to getting a courtesy car to rag for a couple of days!
  4. Picked the car up yesterday. Had massive buyers remorse whilst signing all the paperwork and loan agreement etc - that went when I took the car for a blast last night. Now really very happy with my choice. It's going back in next Tuesday as I was not happy with what they did (didn't do) with the rear bumper. Have attached a quick pic - I love the fact that they are so stealthy
  5. Retrofit DAB A4 B8?

    £600?! I am out! I have been using the tunein radio app on my phone via 3G in my 5 series for a while - works perfectly ok, but I hate having the aux cable threaded round the car. Thanks for the replies guys.
  6. Had a bit of a search round on the site and couldn't find anything. Has anyone retrofitted DAB to their B8 A4 Avant? Interested to understand what's involved and potential costs? Thanks
  7. Seems like they polished the scratches out of the roof. Bumper is being resprayed today and the sales guy assures me I will be happy with it, but I'll be the judge of that Just emptied out my old car, a slight tinge of sadness to see the 5 series go.... but I am sure it won't last long!
  8. Got them down to £24,500 in the end - due to collect it Thursday morning
  9. I am going for it! 15k to change and they are going to re-spray where needed and have promised the car will look as it should. All in, I think that's a pretty reasonable deal. Many thanks for everyone's input. Will post some pics when I collect it. Cheers guys
  10. I like that Scotty, is that something you bought through Audi? Think that would look good with the black too. This is the list of options that Audi customer services gave me - not sure which of these are part of the Tech high pack, and what's an additional option: Tech pack high AMI interface, dvd player, mmi nav plus, radio system 4 mmi +, voice dialogue system Heated seats Leather Parking system + Cruise Phone prep, bluetooth I would assume this is a few grands worth of options? Cheers guys
  11. Hi guys Went over to the garage this afternoon and drove the S4 - very nice to drive and pulls like a train. Really trying to avoid thinking too sensibly about this change but I almost have buyers remorse before I've bought it! Seems like the car does not belong to the garage and they are selling on behalf of a guy that bought a 108k Range Rover from them. They have offered 10k for my car and will meet my 15k cost of change, so 25k for the S4. There are also a number of scratches on the bumper by the boot and bizarrely on the roof and they've said they will rectify these ( talking about respraying the bumper). I am a bit worried that because of these scratches, the car has not been well looked after - think I am just paranoid. Any chance Booster could tell me the book price for this car 11 plate s4 avant with tech pack high, leather and 20k on the clock - not sure if having the reg number helps? Interested in any thoughts! Thanks guys
  12. Thanks so much guys for all the responses and for the figures Booster. I am going to try and head into the garage tomorrow afternoon. If they offer sub 10k, will see what movement they have on the S4 to get me to my 15k cost of change. Failing that, may well stick on the bmwland site. If I pay the 15k on finance, they must make a few quid out of the finance? Thanks again
  13. Yes, the 5 is much bigger, but quite honestly I am going to put myself first for once! Also, my 2 kids are 3 and 8, so only little legs at this stage! Oh and having just watched the Chris Harris video, I am more convinced than ever. The pre-map 0-60 was recorded as 4.71s, that's nearly R8 performance in a stealthy estate - what's not to like!!
  14. Thanks for all the responses guys. Dan - I'd seen that one at Bath Audi, it's too expensive for me though I am looking at a cost of change of around 15K. I am going to see if I can do the deal on the black one I saw at Berkshire Land Rover, which is up for £26,950. Can anyone give me a part ex price on a 08 530D M Sport with 85K on the clock, half leather, sat nav, bluetooth - oh, and it's manual, which i think makes it rare, but will probably impact the price.
  15. Hi Guys Looking to swap my 08 530D Estate and seriously considering a B8 S4 Avant. I think I can get my head around the MPG situation, from what I have read 25MPG is about the right number for the 3.0 Supercharged engine - I don't do many self-paid miles, so not a massive issue (I think). Anyone had/have one and what are your thoughts? I currently have my eye on an 11 plate with 20K miles on the clock, for sale at Berkshire Land Rover at £26,950. Not sure I like the standard wheels, but I am having trouble finding many manual examples around, which is a must have for me. What else would you guys consider. Budget 25K, must be an estate. Have had 2 5 series as my last cars and fancy something a bit more exciting. Cheers!