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  1. The Caterham Build

    Teensy moment with that Matt LeBlanc off Top Gear...
  2. The Caterham Build

    It was indeed, E Here's session 1, roughly from 2:15 til 3:00. 4 opportunities to spot Rory Reid in a Rolls Silver Shadow. And the changeover in the video above, from my perspective.
  3. The Caterham Build

    It's all down to the changeovers
  4. The Caterham Build

    We have a habit of entering the Birkett Relay ( a 6 hour team endurance race for between 4 and 6 drivers, held on the Silverstone Classic GP circuit on the last weekend in October each year. The idea is to have an end-of season jolly with as many of us as possible, it's a good laugh, and fun racing because there is such a huge range of machinery there so we get to play with stuff we're not used to. As there is such a range (from sports prototypes to Smart cars, sometimes) it is run on a handicap basis - you submit lap times for all the drivers in the team, in the cars they propose to drive, and your team is allocated a number of handicap laps. So anything can win, even if your cars are not hyper-speed prototypes. With 70 teams, each with 4-6 drivers, it's a massive event. There are always more Caterham teams than you can shake a stick at. We go there for shits & giggles. It really is fun. But we only went and came second in class this year 5th overall, too Oh - you might be able to see a piece about it on telly sometime next year, btw. A certain BBC motoring show was there filming. And taking part, in ridiculously unsuitable cars.
  5. The Caterham Build

    Postscript. I've done it. I've finally done it. I've won a pot
  6. MOTs in older cars

    My Mum bought a new Fiat Panda in the 80s, and it failed its first MOT at 3 years old on tyres, suspension and clutch. Totally due to rubbish Italian handiwork, of course, and nothing to do with me learning to drive in it.
  7. MOTs in older cars

    Actually, it's "Woo-Hoo"
  8. The new TVR Griffith

    2017 has been a quiet and gentle year. Mainly because 2016 very much wasn't.
  9. Post a pic of your car

    No, a lot of swearing came out. Turn the volume up It would have been a good idea to let go, but I was a little pre-occupied with trying to catch it. I agree, though, it was probably beyond catching at that stage
  10. Post a pic of your car

    That's actually something I'm rather pleased with. Watch the video carefully and slowly - you'll see that the opposite lock goes on before the nose moves sideways at all. Clearly I felt something go underneath me* and reacted immediately. Sadly it was a mechanical issue, not a driver issue (this time)... *yes, fnar fnar...
  11. Post a pic of your car

    Well, not all of us...
  12. Post a pic of your car

    Winter tyres, obviously...
  13. Post a pic of your car

    And here's why I needed a new one... this is what happens when your diff mount breaks going through Eau Rouge at 115mph:
  14. Post a pic of your car

    Here's the new car. No. 52, on the left...
  15. The new TVR Griffith

    An authentic TVR touch, I suspect?