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  1. Apple Watch launch

    I see lots of people wearing them. I sold mine to someone who I know still wears it and rates it very highly. The only reason I did so was because I couldn't get used to wearing a watch again after decades of never doing so. I loved the functionality of it though and wish I could get back into the habit of wearing a watch. I see a lot of my clients wearing them and whilst I agree with Mac (that they've not quite become the 'must have' device), I think they're still very early in their development and we'll see much more of then in future. I also agree with him in respect of London. I think you see a lot more people with them simply because there are a lot more people in a small area, but you do seem to see a huge number of them,
  2. Boxing thread

    I agree, I think this is one of the toughest to call in a long time. GGG eventually took Brook apart with the sheer power of his punches but Brook troubled him beforehand - and Canelo packs a far bigger punch than Brook. Both can take punches, both can trade blows endlessly. I see Canelo as having the far better boxing skills though and something tells me he may win this one on points. Would I bet on it? No chance.
  3. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    I think it is difficult to argue that the 3 series interiors look anything but dated. I still think they're a nice place to be but you only need look at the new 5 and 7 series to see what the 3 series has in store for the next model. They are stunning places to sit and I'm sure the next 3 series will be the same. The Volvo V90 is a lovely place to be and a very accomplished car. I'm slightly biased about them nowadays though, so impressed have I been with the 'temporary' C70 that has now been with us for 14 months - and MrsMe shows little signs of wanting to change it. The problem with the Volvo range is the model variants and how ridiculous they are with some of the things they leave out on supposedly high spec models. They'll have all manner of technology but you'll then find they don't have electric seats! So you'll look for a model that does and you'll then find that variant is missing something else! The S90 is a magnificent car, a truly air-wafting silent thing of epic proportions....but it suffers from the model variant issue too. Get the spec right, check and triple check it, and you might find yourself very surprised.
  4. Cars. France versus Austria

    Some of the nicest and most expensive cars I've ever seen were in Austria, primarily in the Kitzbuhel and Salzberg areas. It is where I watched a Ferrari F40 (and this is way back in 1993/4) gunning it along a Tirol road. I fell in love with the F40 right there and then. It was followed by 5-6 other Ferrari, clearly on a meet run of some kind. I also saw (and heard) a Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary edition going through a tunnel near the Brenner Pass whilst there. Something else that will always live with me as an aural delight.
  5. South Africa

    I watched all of that video and that is unusual. Very interesting and Table Mountain looks stunning. The safari lodge you had also looked superb, I liked that a lot. Robben Island must have been a strange place to visit yet intriguing all the same.
  6. Unusual holiday destinations (picture heavy!)

    Wow. Fantastic photos and a very interesting read. I'm also delighted to see that you managed to fit in the phrase "We even saw one bloke getting a BJ whilst stuck in the traffic."
  7. Football results today

    Citeh fans. Nothing to talk about at Citeh so they talk about United. As usual. Understandable though. I mean, who wants to hear of Citeh? When Pep won everything with Citeh last season, you didn't half rub it in a lot. Oh.
  8. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    I think they're still too expensive. The old model got to £399 within 2 years and I won't budge until the new one hits the same. p.s. I've looked at all manner of cars recently, from the new 5 (too expensive and not enough difference to mine), the E-Class and even a C Class Coupe. None of them have got me interested enough to do anything. It looks like I'll hold onto the 5 for another year because changing now would be for the sake of it and I can't afford to do that with my plans for the next few years.
  9. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    There are some stonking deals on the 4 series at present because used prices have been tumbling rapidly so they're trying to keep new buyers interested. That is a lot of car for the money.
  10. Volvo

    I fully expect other manufacturers to follow suit quickly. I don't think it can come as a surprise to many. We're the last bastion of the combustion engine...
  11. Football results today

    I'm looking forward to their bid for Mbappe. If they even dare submit one, I'll laugh my socks off.
  12. Insurance quote

    Our eldest (25) pays £1,100 on her 5 year old Audi A1 1.4 TFSI S-Line. That's with no claims on it (I mean 6 years no claims bonus). Her first premium on a MINI Cooper was £2,300. However, Lloyds had me laughing my socks off when the renewal on my 78,000 mile, 4 year old, 520d, worth tuppence (maybe £11k) went from £300 to.....£828. I had, admittedly, accumulated a further 3 points (giving me 6), but really?
  13. Hmmmmm

    924 Turbo, yes. Any other 924, no. 944 Turbo or, even better, a 944 Cab, yes. 928, absolutely. I still don't understand who pays the kind of money for 924's that those cars are advertised at, if anyone. You've got to be a real enthusiast of the brand/model or someone with far too much money to spend and not bothered what you blow it on.
  14. School trip dilemma

    There are plenty of holiday destinations I won't even consider right now. Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey being three of them. I just see those as being risks I can avoid without much trouble. However, London on general election day isn't something I'd perceive as more of a risk than, say, Leicester on election day. In many respects, they've shown they'll target anywhere and anything, so London isn't necessarily going to be higher on their list. It could be argued it is now a less likely target due to the increased security measures. Let's be honest, how many of us would have said "It'll be a pop concert in Manchester where the majority are teenage girls". That's the most terrifying thing of all, we could all make decisions based on what we perceive to be targets, but the reality is that nothing appears to be out of bounds for them.
  15. Corbyn

    I think the pollsters have yet again got it terribly wrong. I still expect a Tory landslide.