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  1. Football results today

    Trophyless Pep. Wahahahahahahaha.
  2. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    That bloke (Paul Bohill) is incredible, as is Steve Pinner (the other you refer to). It is also revealing how appallingly badly some councils treat people, particularly single males. He just keeps as cool as a cucumber in some situations where others would feel both scared and tempted to bite back. I'm not too keen on Stewart McCracken, he's a real fecker when it comes to it and I find him quite distant compared to the others. Delroy Anglin is possibly my favourite. He has a way with words that is both funny and charming with some people. Some of the exploits of the debtors is staggering, particularly the business owners. There was one where they confronted an old bloke for some dog equipment company and he called McCracken a thug and a twat but was clearly doing his best to goad him. I'm also surprised how clueless the police seem in some circumstances.
  3. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    I recommend that anyone considering letting a property watches "Can't Pay, We'll Take it Away" on Channel 5. Seasons 3-6 are available to stream on their app and it is an excellent programme. However, some of the properties they evict people from and what they find...ummmm. Just watch it (but you'll never let a single property out again!).
  4. New pants please

    Jesus, that made me jump.
  5. Football results today

    How is your European venture going? If clubs like Celtic and Notts Forest have won the European Cup, how come City with all their zillions haven't? What about WonderPep, isn't he going to bring you the league title this year and global domination too? Hmm. How many league titles again? Hmm. You're correct United needed extra time to beat Anderlecht. Bet you wish you'd gone into extra time against Monaco...
  6. Football results today

    How many times have City won it, or even reached the final, Billy?
  7. Football results today

    The dodgy penalty would only really have been a factor had Atletico not scored last night, but I get the feeling of deflation. They did a superb job of getting to the stage they did though and certainly outshone the other English clubs in the tournament this year. It was a poor, poor year for English clubs in the CL. We just need United to win the Europa Cup....
  8. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    ^ That. Spot on. However, I'll add one more tip... When you buy a commercial property, don't buy it with the intention of working with the local council to restore a Grade II listed building to its former glory before you rent it out on a full repair and insured basis. You will, I assure you, discover that the council is a bunch of w*nkers who should all be fired and made to work 4 hours a week to quadruple their present working week time. Twats, total twats. Do NOT buy a listed building. *unless you want to buy ours, because it is for sale and, to coin a phrase, "I do you deal, special deal".
  9. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    Our eldest had a MINI Cooper for 4 years and loved it. Not a diesel though. I thought it was a brilliant car on windy roads and in City traffic and short trips. On the A1 it was still a very good car, albeit noisy at NSL + ANYTHING mph. £3k is enough to get a reasonable car. Her's booked at £4k when we changed it, with 70k on the clock and FSH, but had enough dents and scratches to keep the entire national franchises of Dent Masters and Chipsaway in business for 5 years. They're colour sensitive on price. Electric blue/white roof = rocking horse shit. Black = a bit of shit. Cream = shit.
  10. Football results today

    I'm still not convinced about Griezmann. I know United are being heavily linked with a huge bid for him if they can't pull off the ludicrous transfer of Neymar. I hope neither of them join. However, that young fella Mbappe that plays for Monaco....what a player he is. There will be an almighty battle for his signature soon and it will be very big money.
  11. Football results today

    Couple of things... 1. Dortmund being made to play tonight was appalling. A bomb hits your bus, a player is injured, and they think 24 hours is sufficient time to postpone it for? Shocking and a further inditement on UEFA. 2. Barcelona shouldn't even be in the competition. PSG would be through had it not been for some quite disgraceful refereeing in the last tie. Don't be surprised to see more on it at the Nou Camp. 3. Leicester City - what do you have to do to get a referee to make a good decision these days? That was never a penalty and was clearly outside the area. I fear Atletico will score away from home and that'll be enough even if Leicester win. I thought City were poor tonight and Atletico clearly know their counter attacking danger and nullified it. That said, as Bob says, they're still in the tie and I wouldn't rule out another amazing result in the return leg!
  12. 720 Wop

    Sam, your Ferrari is growing funny bulges on the bonnet!
  13. The bard's cars?

    Robert Bourne, the property developer, and his wife Sally Greene.
  14. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    They might be long odds from the criminal perspective, but it still isn't right if an individual has their privacy intruded upon illegally. What's to say that someone gets the information and just happens to mention it to a friend and that friend mentions it to one of their other friends? Before you know it, you've got the very reason that data protection law is in place, be it in contract form or not. I must admit I am in favour of the law from the point of view that it protects an individual's privacy. Unfortunately there are people out there with loose tongues, many of which will spread gossip like wildfire, be it right or wrong.
  15. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    It isn't bonkers when you think about it, although I do think there could be a cost-free system or way around it. The risk is as follows... You rent a flat. Someone wants information about you. The flat is offered for sale by the landlord. The person who wants to find out about you puts an offer in and asks for tenant information. Now, imagine if that person was a criminal, a stalker or someone who simply wanted to know of your financial position? They get what they need and withdraw the offer. That is the problem that the law is there to protect tenants from. It is data protection and basic contract law that nobody but an individual taking over a contract can be given personal data. If they've paid a deposit for the rent, there's a formal process for the transfer of that to you too (and that will cost you solicitors fees).