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  1. Football results today

    He managed Leicester to the Premier League title. The Premier League title. I repeat, the Premier League title. The players have been appalling. His signings might not have been brilliant but Leicester have a net transfer spend of under £20 million this season. He wasn't exactly given a huge amount of money to support their defence of the title or Premier League status. Crystal Palace had a net spend of £32 million. He shouldn't have been sacked. He should have at least been given another 4-5 matches. The comparison to Pearson is there for all to see. He did nothing but cause the club endless disciplinary issues. He may have built the backbone of the squad but do people really think he'd have taken them to the title? Nope. Lineker sums it well perfectly for me. The timing is incredible. What's more, as a club they have gone from being everyone's second team to being the most hated team on the planet right now. Well, apart from the club that can't be named, obviously.
  2. Football results today

    It's not so much fickle as ridiculously nervy for owners. They're massively over-reacted in my view and it is a quite shocking decision, but I wouldn't call it fickle. Mancini is the favourite for the job. Oh, how I'll laugh when he takes them down.
  3. Football results today

    Yes, he's gone. Lunacy. Under Nigel Pearson, Leicester were 7 points adrift at the foot of the table but they allowed him time to turn it around. Most reports from the respected sports journalists now suggest that the players complained directly to the board, refusing to play for him any longer. Nice.
  4. Venice....any inputs?

    Yeah, an internet weirdo you meet for coffee when he's in your neck of the woods.
  5. Venice....any inputs?

    Yep, as was I. It was as dirty as any City I've ever been in, the locals were ignorant and rude, they rely on Mozart-related history and the trams (and the Bond wheel) to an excessive degree in my opinion - but it just wasn't a nice place. I've spoken to other people who have been and loved it. I just didn't get any of that whatsoever. If I was to ever write a list of places I'd never go back to, it'd be one of the first on the list.
  6. Venice....any inputs?

    They're masters of the art of putting your eyes out. The gondoliers could solve the world financial crisis in a heartbeat. Just empty their pockets. I still love the place though. I'm not even sure why. It is a combination of so many things that are largely intangible. It has an atmosphere and feel to it like nowhere else I've ever been. Paris and London come a close second for a weekend break, although they could also occupy weeks of time. London has been tainted a little for me as I now spend so much bloody time there that I'm sick of the sight of it. Cities are such personal preferences though. For years I was told how much I'd love Vienna - and I hated it and everything about it. Dump.
  7. Venice....any inputs?

    I'm pleased Rivieras was a faultless meal and I almost mentioned The Metropole hotel in my very first post! I should have said that everything involving sitting down is expensive in Venice. I'm surprised they don't charge people for taking a crap. Seats outside all the cafes in the square were the subject of much debate back in 1994. I know because we arrived in the middle of it. The cafes got sick of people taking up their seats and spending very little. This was at a time when tourism began to boom there. So, they introduced a minimum seat charge. It was 10,000 lire (I think that would be about €5 when they joined the Euro in 1999). Waiters would approach and take your order. If your order didn't meet 10,000 lire per person (per seat), they'd add the 10,000 lire to your bill. I had read about it the day before I went there and we'd have spent more than that anyway, because as you say there isn't anything that is cheap there. If it is any consolation, on the subject of your €15 cup of tea, I remember paying the equivalent of £6 for a cup of coffee back in 1994. It was good coffee, but not that good. I noticed the increased tourist numbers the last time I was there and it is certainly very different to the first time. The people I had the problems with were French and Spanish, but I think you could have a problem with lots of nationalities where courtesy is very low on their list of priorities. I think there are hotels with stuff for sale outside and gift shops on every corner of every major city nowadays. I was in York yesterday and they shouldn't be worrying about the river flooding next time. They should focus on the flooded streets of coffee shops. It is becoming ridiculous.
  8. San Francisco

    Tour of Twitter HQ? I can probably arrange that for you, depending on the date, if you want something geeky.
  9. Replacement LCD Kitchen TV

    Howdy Tosh, long time no speak! We bought a 26" Toshiba for our kitchen about 3 years ago. It has served us very well, has decent sound (as good as you can expect) and it has a very good picture. It has Freeview etc. I think we paid £240 back then. I could have got cheaper, but this one got the nod for reasons I can't remember. But... Buy a Samsung. They're just a lot better and I wish I had. The Toshiba is slow to start up, very slow, and also slow to establish a connection with our WiFi router (it connects to it for updates and also for movie content I have on 1Tb HDD on the network). It's a nice looking TV and I shouldn't really complain about it. It is on morning and night, and in a very warm kitchen AND above a radiator on the wall! So it has a pretty demanding environment but has never let us down.... ...yet I still can't recommend it! The slow start up of the Toshiba when compared to the swiftness and sheer functionality and quality of the Samsung range at present would get my money every time.
  10. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Has anyone ever actually said that? Probably not. Welcome back 18ME. The S5 is a terrific car and I know someone with one who rates it as the best car they've ever owned.
  11. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    They're not the S63's. They're the CL's. They depreciate even faster.
  12. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    £130k (S63) v £140k (CGT) The big difference is the options. However, at list price, I'd agree on the CGT.
  13. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    Yes, the S65 is even more impressive. The car in my photo is, of course, the S63 AMG Coupe. In that shape, I think it has something very special about it. The shape just works for me. The 6.0 litre V12 doesn't generate as much more power as you might think. 621 hp and 731 lbs ft of torque. Still, earth rotating stuff...
  14. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    Yup, I wouldn't want it to scream "look at me". The engine does that.
  15. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    The car. Stunning machine.