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  1. Corbyn

    I think the pollsters have yet again got it terribly wrong. I still expect a Tory landslide.
  2. School trip dilemma

    The reason I said to let her go ahead was based on the fact we don't know where their next target is. With Manchester being attacked, why is London more likely? It could be Newcastle, Birmingham or Leicester. Do we stop our kids going out altogether?
  3. Football results today

    Banter to the point of bullying? There are 18 players. Increased by 5 since a tosser left. I can't be bothered with another word.
  4. Football results today

    Football is football. You either get the spirit of football related jokes or, well, you don't.
  5. School trip dilemma

    p.s. he wasn't a milkman. He was a photographers assistant and the shot was completely staged.
  6. Football results today

    I wouldn't be worried about missing out on the Champions League, Chris. I mean, it's not as if Arsenal have ever stood a chance of winning it anyway. Make do with winning another Europa League Cup. How many of those do you have already? It's a shame the Cup Winners Cup isn't around these days, you could have added one of those to your collection of, ummm, how many of those? But hey, perhaps another Premier League title as you've obviously won hoards of those in the last 14 years, yes? p.s. I shall be supporting Chelsea and hoping it is an absolute battering for Arsenal.
  7. School trip dilemma

    I don't see any difference to any other day in all honesty. London is London and a general election day is, if anything, going to see even more security. I'd let her go.
  8. Football results today

    *cough* +1 EFL Cup. +1 UEFA Europa League Cup. +1 Champions League qualification. Any Arsenal fans around?
  9. Football results today

    Bradford were bloody awful. What a shame that Millwall fans are now doing what they do best - acting like morons on the pitch. MIllwall deserved to win that, they were the better team by far, but it is soooo disappointing for football because of their fans.
  10. Football results today

    Let's be honest, the only people on earth who aren't supporting Bradford City today - are Millwall fans.
  11. Mental Monster Truck vid

    Interesting that you say that. I find them very, very boring. I can completely understand why the 'once would be enough' would turn out to be true. That video is very impressive towards the end, but prior to that, I find it immensely boring.
  12. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    Well, yes, one could see how another council and another location could do that, but.... The property is 400 yards from his office.
  13. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    Here is one that some of my FB friends are aware of. I have to go to our vacant 3-storey office property to meet a local council official. The office qualifies for being exempt of rates - due to being vacant. However, I have to meet them to prove it is vacant - because they've called to say that when they've visited the property, there has never been anyone in.... FFS.
  14. New pants please

    Part of me wishes that lorry had hit the car to shut that bloody woman up.
  15. Karcher: K2 or K4?

    I bought a K4 just over 6 years ago and it is still going strong today (it'll probably break tomorrow). I also bought the patio cleaning attachment and that is the biggest waste of money ever.