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  1. SPOTY 2017

    The bookmakers haven't been wrong in a long time with SPOTY. They hav Joshua at 2/9f. The next closest is Hamilton at 6/1. Farah is 22/1. It's a foregone conclusion and rightly so in my view. What Joshua has done is remarkable.
  2. Boxing thread

    I think Wilder is out of his depth with Joshua. He can swing and he can hit, but Joshua is a completely different animal to anyone he has faced previously. I've yet to see Wilder get caught with a full punch and that's more to do with the quality of his opponents than his skill. I'm not saying he's clueless because he's a very gangly and tricky boxer. However, if Joshua hits him, which he will, I think it is lights out in potentially spectacular style. I think Dillian Whyte could beat Wilder too.
  3. Boxing thread

    The Fight of my Life programme was good, I enjoyed that. I've not seen the Bear Grylls thing you mention. He comes across as a very genuine and honest guy and I'd be surprised if he didn't win SPOTY although boxers don't generally fare well on it. I think Hamilton will win it again and I can't argue against his achievements but would rather Joshua won it this year.
  4. WiFi extension

    I don't know how I'd cope. In fact I wouldn't (see below). That said, we have businesses to run via it too, so it's a necessity more than a luxury. I know what that kind of speed feels like though. I'm currently in the Bahamas and trying to run the aforementioned businesses on this....
  5. WiFi extension

    It's more than that but in principle, yes. The Asus router and software just has a lot more configuration options as well as a far superior strength and spread of signal. The software lets you assign traffic priority, monitor device and software use, even allows for 'beam forming' (the direction of the signal). I found the SuperHub 2 to be far superior to the SuperHub 3 but that is largely irrelevant when you consider what they are - cheap routers. They're never really going to compete with products from other manufacturers that provide software the likes of Virgin and BT never will.
  6. WiFi extension

    We went from Vivid 200 to HomeWorks+ 300. I changed to an excellent Asus router for better WiFi signal and it worked a treat. I then, this week, had network sockets installed in the office so could get every drop of download speed out of the service. I've just ran a few more tests and it is between 326 to 335mb consistently (hasn't dropped below that no matter which server I select for testing). I have plugged a Netgear switch into one of the patch sockets and will be attaching a WiFi Hotspot to that for upstairs, just so we get the maximum speed possible on the upper floor.
  7. Football results today

    To be fair to Oldham, even I'd not be so cruel as to suggest they're as disadvantaged as Scotland. Oldham would beat Scotland in a game of football. And I don't mean Oldham Athletic. I mean any 11 people plucked from the streets of Oldham, regardless of age. That said, they'd probably beat Oldham Athletic too.
  8. WiFi extension

    Over WiFi. That said, I've just (today) had network sockets installed in the office (at home) as part of an electrical project they've been here doing for 2 days. That means I have just registered a speed of 334mb in the office at the back of the house, on the upper floor, over the cable.
  9. I'd pick a Koenigsegg over any Bugatti. They're just gorgeous cars. That braking is quite spectacular too. He must have been having his inards rearranged.
  10. WiFi extension

    Virgin HomeWorks+ 300mb regularly gives us 320-330mbps. Like anyone else, they can have their moments of shitness but generally it has been incredibly reliable and very, very fast. It's that quick that I won't be posting this until 28 minutes into the future but you'll have already read it.
  11. S8 V10 findings after a few weeks of ownership

    You didn't happen to spot a yellow Vauxhall Corsa did you?
  12. Football results today

    Gordon Strachan is available....
  13. CCTV might be getting hacked

    I haven't a clue if you've been hacked. I'm not a fan of your choice of carpets though.
  14. WiFi extension

    Yep, ours power our 3 x Y-Cam's too. They've be flawless.
  15. Football results today

    Why would he support a team fighting for 3rd or 4th place?
  16. WiFi extension

    BT's powerline stuff isn't bad. It doesn't ever get near the rated 200/500mbps speeds they claim but we used them to power 3 x CCTV cameras because the of the ethernet sockets they have in them. They're a very simple and effective solution for that. The powerline options still usually deliver 12-30mb on even poor circuits, so that is more than enough to watch the likes of Netflix in rooms. However, we opted for an Asus router hooked up to our Virgin HomeWorks+ kit (still a SuperHub 3) to spread WiFi throughout the house. The office part of the house is on the upper/back of the house and the router is at the front/lower part. We get 200mb (of the 300mb available) compared to what was half the speed with just the SuperHub 3. We have split the network between 2G/5G and have 28 devices running off it now. The Asus router software is fantastic too. My advice would be to think about what you're going to use it for and not go over the top if you don't need ultra-fast WiFi.
  17. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    All the chatter from cab drivers I've spoken to for months has been about this. By that, I mean those in London or the south in general when I've flown or caught a train there. I have no doubt they'll all be celebrating tonight. I don't think the appeal will be as straight forward or successful as many people seem to think today. I can see the decision being upheld.
  18. Football results today

    I hear Klopp and Koeman were considering taking part in Celebrity Job Swap. Until they realised it would have a shit audience on Merseyside.
  19. F1 2017

    Vettel caused that. Because he's a twat. I laughed. A lot.
  20. Boxing thread

    I forgot to say something else... The person I felt the most for last night was Nicola Adams. To have her fight cancelled at such late notice is absolutely appalling and her opponent should be subject to serious investigation to find out whether she should ever be allowed to box again. A blood discrepancy just before a fight? Hmmm.
  21. Boxing thread

    I do think they're both hyped. However, I'd say GGG is the all round better fighter who can offer more in future than Canelo ever could. I think Brook caused GGG more problems than Canelo did (for as long as his eye socket held up anyway). However, I still think the division is ripe for a real star coming into it and cleaning up. I like GGG as a person because he's clearly a very decent, honest and respectful guy. I'd just like to see him bring a bit more to his style and approach. To be honest, I was disappointed he didn't KO Canelo.
  22. Wheelie To Die For....

    Aye, I do recall a very large 4WD vehicle once scaring the shit out of an old couple in a Vauxhall Astra....
  23. Boxing thread

    That was a farce and an insult to boxing - the result, that is. I had Golovkin winning by 4-5 rounds but I'm afraid I still think he's hyped because of his style. I'm more concerned about an idiot giving it to Canelo by 7 rounds than anything else. The judge who scored it a draw needs a slap too - ideally from Anthony Joshua. Excellent fight, terrible end result and I don't think the fighters or promoters can be blamed. A rematch won't see a different result. It was patently clear that all the swinging of arms in the world from Canelo can't match the cutting down of the ring and sheer persistence of Golovkin. It'd end in a KO or serious injury next time. My view on Canelo changed dramatically when I saw how good a contest Khan gave him for a while. That was a mismatch on paper and, whilst the result was a stoppage, if Canelo couldn't take Khan out early than he was never going to do that to GGG.
  24. Wheelie To Die For....

    I'm with M8CKN on this. Yes he was a dick, but he was also a very unlucky dick. His life is likely to have meant as much to him as any of us. If I go back to my days in my M3 Cab in particular, I can think of multiple occasions when things could have turned out very different to how they did - and I might not be here to reflect on it. At 50 (I will be next year), you'd have hoped he had learned that it just isn't worth it - but how do we know this wasn't a single moment of madness he'd not done in years? Adrenalin. Dangerous stuff. I feel for his family and admire them for letting the footage be used. His death may save a life, perhaps even one of ours.
  25. 10 years ago we lost a legend

    Yep, along with Vatanen and Toivonen, McRae was someone that I thought held a lot of appeal to car enthusiasts and beyond, including me. As Garcon says, it is both tragic and ironic that his driving style pervaded his life to the point of his flying and cost him, and others, their lives. Rest in peace.