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  1. what do they call you at work?

    Mangler or Fuzzy....hmm.
  2. somebody actually bought a city rover!!

    Jesus - don't be seen speaking to them! JUST MOVE HOUSE - QUICKLY! Government health warning "Living next door to a City Rover can seriously damage the value of your property..."
  3. Newbie saying hello

    HI Andy - and welcome.
  4. Chrome Mirrors Audi A3 A4 A6 A8 S3 S4 S6 S8

    That has to go down as one of the best "Put your brain into gear before opening your mouth.." quotes I have seen in a long time. Analogy - "Want to buy my car? Its knackered and I have a new one".
  5. DB7 For the Weekend

    I have to agree with xspencex - the two people I know with GT's have it as their main car. One has a Porsche GT3 as a toy car, and the other has 4 or 5 others (including a Murcielago!).
  6. Do you clean in the winter?

    I don't doubt my car skin is thicker now, but Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover definately has to be used with care! The Extra Gloss is the main coating that is added - very good stuff too. Certainly gives one hell of a shine.
  7. BMW Bread Van

    I don't mind them, I must admit. There is a blue one in my local BMW dealership and it looks very nice indeed. Whether I'd pay £20k for one with a half decent spec is another matter! However, I'm told they're all gone for the next 10 months! So someone likes em enough.
  8. MkV GTi

    Just to put this right... The differences between an M3 and even the top normal 3 series (330Ci) are much much greater than the differences between the Golf GTi and its closest stablemate. For a start, those that know the M cars will know all their engineering is done at a completely different factory. There may be interior similarities - but that is where it ends. Look it up on the web if you wish - you'll find I'm correct.
  9. Northeast England

    I might well take a few snaps and forward them to this link...! There's a Fiat Punto in my home town that makes a Countach look tame....and a ****head driving it too.
  10. DB7 For the Weekend

    Well said Ari...but theres another point too.... Do we seriously think someone buying a Conti GT can't afford another car equally as suited to other lifestyles too....because they can! If you can buy one - it isn't your only car and as Ari said, some people just don't get it!
  11. Northeast England

    And you'd be welcome of course wtf01 - i love the link too!
  12. vanquish and db9

    MMmm, nice. I want both, for Christmas. If not, I'll wait a year for both and just have one this year.
  13. Do you clean in the winter?

    Must admit it got worse when I got my first M3 Coupe. Then again, 4 years ago with a 318i SE I was still pretty extreme! I guess my worst trait is that at least twice a year I take the wheels fully off so I can get to every last millimetre of brake dust.... The Convertible has made is worse too - because I can lower the hood to get to every nook and cranny inside without breaking my back or knocking myself out...
  14. BMW Bread Van

    BBC Top Gear Mag have a decent write-up on the pro's and con's of buying a Bread Van M Coupe this month - its quite interesting. I like em. Warburtons love em.
  15. Do you clean in the winter?

    I wouldn't even put an Astra through a car wash... ....I'd put an Astra driver through a car wash though.
  16. MkV GTi

    It was both the build process and the trim quality on the Passat. Honda interiors are generally uninspiring, I'd agree there. But Golf's have never struck me as the work of someone with a limitless budget (far from it, they get the narrow end of the money!). I'll let you know how the test drives goes when I get one. I think the M3 is safe though...
  17. Do you clean in the winter?

    Is this a serious question - of course the car gets cleaned in the Winter! It gets cleaned at LEAST once a week during the full year. Just before winter it always get the third annual coating of Autoglym Resin and finished with Extra Gloss. Then, a 4 hour process every week - wheels, tyres, glass, interior, exhausts polished with Autoglym Metal Polish - under the rin of the boot, bonnet, inner door edges - the whole lot. After winter - it gets the first annual coating of Autoglym Resin Polish and Extra Gloss - then when the flies start to splatter it as the heat grows I spot clean them all and re-apply gloss because the tar/fly remover can remove previous applications.... Call me obsessive...but it damn well shines.... I have been known to take a tupperware container of hot water, a cloth, a sponge, and a leather...out on day whenever we get where we're going to I can clean the crap off it before we head back......
  18. MkV GTi

    Ok, some more valid points made by you there. However, some years ago (3) my wife had a VW Passat 1.8 Turbo (the 20v). Its build was shocking. Its execution in comparison to a Honda Accord I borrowed for a week was poor. Yes I know what you mean about German build - but right now Mercedes build is shocking too. Audi and BMW have it right - perhaps the Audi link means VW have got it right too by now. I guess the only way I'm going to find out IF I was going to spend £20k on a hot hatch is that I'm going to have to get a drive of one of these cars when they come out. I can arrange that I think. Then, and perhaps only then, can I truly let you know what I think. In fact - I promise to drive every hot hatch on the same weekend and then tell you what I'd buy!
  19. gallardo duel

    When i bought my M3 Coupe the dealer did everything they could to get me NOT to buy this colour - which I didn't in the end. They said its resale took a huge hit.
  20. gallardo duel

    Think you've summed up what my position was perfectly - I just couldn't do with the 996 every day. We do have another car but its a 320D and its kept for the long runs rather than day trips out and so on. The S4 Cab just didn't quite have the "lunatic" appeal for the days when the lunatic in me wants to play. The M3 had that but hides it well most days...!
  21. Good deal?

    Smudge - did you go see this car? Any news?
  22. gallardo duel

    I looked at a few 911's before choosing another M3. Practicality of being able to take the wife and 2 kids out on a summers day was probably they key, plus the fact that there wasn't any difference (unless going for a GT which wouldn't have made sense for) in performance in reality. Still love em' though. Not a major Boxster fan mind you, took two of those out a year or so ago and wasn't impressed at all. Then again, I'd driven a few 911's beforehand.
  23. gallardo duel

    I take it you're a Bentley GT fan?
  24. Northeast England

    Well thats 4 of us so far - I'm sure we can get to 10 with any luck!!!!
  25. gallardo duel

    Ah I see. Shame about the tag of "Ian Forster Specialist Cars" then!!!