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  1. gallardo duel

    Thought so, before I bought the Conv I checked them out to see if there was anything interesting that might tempt me, but they had bu***r all in. I couldn't have afforded a Gallardo anyway of course!
  2. gallardo duel

    The exact same one! It ain't there anymore is it?
  3. Ari - sincere symapthy to you. I had my old M3 Coupe for a day before I did exactly the same to the passenger rear 19" wheel. Gutted. Haven't scratched the one son my new one yet....
  4. Black or dark blue R32 Wedgewood Road Hitchin

    These are hardly a unique spot are they? I see 3 on my way to work every day! Two dark blue, one a seemingly lighter blue (I think its a custom paint job actually).
  5. gallardo duel

    Saw one of these in Ian Forster Cars at Testo's Roundabount on the A19 nr Tyne Tunnel - I know exactly what you mean too - stunning, and look much better than the photos make you think.
  6. MkV GTi

    I still think the overall point is missing... ..i.e. its competition is cheaper. To get M3 characteristics you have to pay more (please don't throw Impreza's, Evo's or Monaro's into the equation because they're laughable as an overall package as most know and I haven't come across an M3 buyer who considered any of them). I think you've raised some very good points though - but £20k for a GTI? Let me ask you straight - would you?
  7. Northeast England

    No restrictons on whatever you drive - so yes, of course any Beemer or other car is allowed for that matter! Just as long as there are no Burberry caps or Impreza's....
  8. MkV GTi

    Very funny....but are seriously trying to say the M3 Convertible compares to a GTI in terms of value for money? There is no comparison - and you know it!
  9. New Merc ML

    Yuk. Just don't do it for me.
  10. BMW Drop yet another clanger in PR

    And they throw Sabine in I know what Ring they mean....
  11. Seen what BMW have posted under their own News section on the GB site? They haven't quite got the hang of "You don't charge people £250 to drive cars you want them to buy..." Ladies day my a**e. Why couldn't they offer this, FOC, to all M owners and X owners and say "Thanks guys". I hate them at times. 08/12/2004 BMW Ladies day The ideal Christmas present for the faster female. It's back! BMW Ladies Day, the female only driving event based at the BMW Performance Centre in Corby, Northamptonshire, is being held again in 2005 following a highly successful introduction in 2004. For £245 guests will be able to hone their driving skills in a raft of BMW performance cars. The all-new BMW 3 Series Saloon, a selection of the existing M3, M3 CSL, 120i, Z4 and products from the X Series off-road range, as well as several MINIs and a high performance Formula One style single seat race car, will all be on hand. For an additional £50 charge non-driving guests can also attend. There will be two BMW Ladies Days staged in 2005. The first is on Saturday, 19 March, the second is on Sunday, 10 July. To book a place contact 0800 777151 or e-mail [email protected]
  12. BMW Drop yet another clanger in PR

    funny ...but what I meant was they should be giving these days away, never mind charging for them. You can thrash an M round a track for less and have proper fun on something like a red letter day - without a BMW GB official watching that you don't take the M past 5,000rpm... Get applying then xspence - but remember to wax first!
  13. MkV GTi

    In summary - the car looks like everything it should be. The price looks like everything is included - and it ain't.
  14. MkV GTi

    I had an original Golf GTI. Pirelli alloys. But, even if I was in the market for a hot hatch, this wouldn't be it. People move on and the brand has moved on too - VW's problem will be that the price when compared in real terms to the price of the original is now 64% more expensive!!! And, it is still a Golf. Jeremy Clarkson, as much as I like him, committed a cardinal sin on the recent review of the car - he reviewed it as if it was HIM buying one as a FUNDAY car - but in reality - he damn well won't because he wouldn't if it was his only car which is what it will be for most buyers. However, there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel because you can be assured prices will fall because of a lack of initial demand once the "never driven one" suckers have ran out for VW.
  15. Which tyres???

    Thank you! I had partial worries about the Conti's anyway - the fact they're by far the cheapest being one such worry!
  16. Which tyres???

    So, if I follow opinion to date, its Michelin, Pirelli or Dunlop.....ahem....why do I feel not much further forward! Lots more feedback please guys!
  17. Pagini Zonda!!!!!!!!!!

    I have that effect on zip up.
  18. MkV GTi

    All relevant points, but it looks like Honda are going to ruin the GTI party anyway. Anyone who has seen the latest shots of the new Civic Type R with 250bhp on tap will know what I mean. £19k with everything on it - 17" standards and 18" options. Looks nice and I'm not a Civic fan (because all Type R owners seem to think they can beat anything....actually lads by beating the thing in your hands you're closer to the truth...). £20k for a Golf? It's a Golf. Says it all. Not worth the money.
  19. Pagini Zonda!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers DaddyDub.
  20. Pagini Zonda!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it is only right I make a point here: I too wasn't a huge fan of the shape on the Zonda - until I saw it on the road. The sheer prescence of this car is incredible. Wide doesn't even begin to describe it. Quite how he'd manage on the Dunston road he was heading for I don't know - because the ground clearance was minimal. I should also add that I had all windows up, there was a car in front of me, and I heard the Zonda before I saw it coming up the slip road. Then, as it dashed off the next slip road - well - my seats are soiled. The cars to the side all looked. Its the modern day equivalent of the Countach styling when it first came out, though perhaps a touch less radical for the age, but it really does drop your jaw quicker than Lennox Lewis when you've called his mam a fat girl.
  21. Pagini Zonda!!!!!!!!!!

    Ari, so so true!!!! The irony of it...Pagini by the all terrain wanderer...
  22. Pagini Zonda!!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly - why the bodyguards for him? Look I could be wrong, maybe the RR Vogue was just admiring it - but it was within 20 feet of the rear at all times (except when he accelerated off at Dunston!) but it joined at the same slip road and left at the same slip road - and those that know the slip roads will know it was an unusual place to come onto the A1 and then take the next junction off.
  23. Pagini Zonda!!!!!!!!!!

    He was born in Newcastle? You sure about that? It wasn't 1X on the end.....but you got the middle initial! Wow - I wonder...but why the bodyguards!
  24. Pagini Zonda!!!!!!!!!!

    Correct - in Geordieland - right outside the Metro Centre at 7.20am!!!! Awesome sight - first time I've seen it on the road. Can't be Philip Green - he wouldn't fit in it. The more I think of it the more convinced I am the RR Vogue was shadowing it for security. I won't post the full plate but it was R?A ?? - where the ? is a character or number. Rowan Atkinson cross my mind because I know he's a car fanatic?
  25. Quick sat-nav question.....

    My wife no longer drives my car....the refurbs on the wheels on the last one put paid to that.